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"Holy Mother Eleusa" Church

Nessebar, Bulgaria
5 / 5
"Holy Mother Eleusa" Church is a historical monument located in the old city of Nessebar. Although it is now in ruins, this once majestic Byzantine basilica still holds an air of beauty and charm. Visitors can admire the remaining foundations and arches, which serve as a reminder of the church's former grandeur. The church is situated in a picturesque area, offering a stunning view of the surrounding scenery. If you find yourself in Nessebar, this is definitely a place you should not miss. Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply looking for a captivating experience, a visit to "Holy Mother Eleusa" Church will leave you in awe of its rich heritage.
Address:ulitsa "Krajbrezhna", Nessebur



Nice old city place in Nessebar you have to visit if you stay near the city
So sad to see the ruins of once majestic Byzantine basilica. It is still possible to admire the foundations and arches today.
A beautiful historical monument. One of the many must see places in Nessebar.
I love this place, nessebar is really worth to see. The holy mother church is close so you can make pics only from outside, small remains..with in fr.. Read more »
Incredible view! If you are near, you must visit the old town of Nesebar. It's really captivating.