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Holy Cross Church

Warsaw, Poland
4.8 / 64
The church of the XVI century, which also could not escape the fate of being destroyed during the Second World War. In the middle of the 19th century, a statue of the cross carrying Jesus stood in front of the temple. The church is notable for the fact that in one of its walls there is an urn with the ashes of Frederic Chopin. In the XX century, the temple was completely rebuilt, but work on the external and internal decoration continued into the 21st century.
Address:Krakowskie Przedmieście 3, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 826 89 10



Izzy Creative247
A beautiful building with rich culture and style. The art and quality of the church were incredibly and it was stunning to visit. Free to enter, donations were appreciated and a small donation requested if lighting a candle
Joe Macpherson
Breathtaking church that's a must see. Magnificent altars and decoration. Chopin's heart is inside one of the pillars. It's free entry and is just outside of old town.
Willy Dinata
Steeped in history, this Baroque masterpiece captivates with its ornate facade and serene interior. The final resting place of Frederic Chopin's heart adds an extra layer of significance to this sacred site. For travelers seeking solace and cult.. Read more »
Keri Beal
I'm not religious in the slightest but these buildings are always spectacular inside and this one definitely doesn't disappoint!
Nice church, and Chopin’s heart is here too.
Arty Sirdowski
As there was a mass going on at the time I didn't want to walked all over the church and disrupt the solemnity. But I saw the column where Chopins heart is interred, and said a few prayers in a back pew.
Anya Nura
It’s a large Catholic church, beautiful inside and outside. It was founded in 1679, later destroyed in WWII and reconstructed in 1950s. In one of the columns of this church Frederic Chopin’s heart is buried.
Orestis -
In 1882 an urn containing the heart of Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849) was immured in a pillar of the church. In 1889 the external staircase leading to the main entrance was reconstructed and a sculpture of Christ Bearing His Cross was adde.. Read more »
Nora Laurinaityte
Beautiful calm church where the hear of Chopin rests. Enjoyed Saturday evening Mass. Felt welcomed.
Nathalie Petrova
Nice place on Warsaw! The heart of Chopin is there, inside the wall.
Joy NK
Wow, that place looks absolutely stunning! The Holy Cross Church, also known as the Church of the Holy Cross, is a Catholic church located in Warsaw, Poland. The church was originally built in the 17th century and underwent several renovations and r.. Read more »
Big church like a cathedral. Nice spectacular statues and engravings . There is also Jana Pawla statue in it.
R John
Beautiful church with Chopin’s heart
Cedric Roels
Very beautiful church.. The priest is flexible to arrange a mass. Very beautiful choir. The organ player speaks German but no English. He is a great connaisseur of music.
Anna Adamiak
Beautiful church, where Chopin's heart is buried in one of the columns. They offer a number of services /holy mass and they have fantastic organ player.
Fenya Kompatsiari
Chopin's heart rests according to his wish to be brought back to Poland. The story says that his wife brought it after his death in a jar of vodka under her dress all the way from Paris.
Adam Nowak
Special Place for Warsaw, special Place for me. Sit calm, have at least 15 minutes together. 30 ? No problem,.even better.
Douglas Q
A lovely church on the main street in Warsaw. A special church as this is where Frederick Chopin's heart is. It is not far from a room that the Chopin's rented when they lived in Warsaw.
Striking architecture, worth visiting just to stand next to the pillar that contains Chopin's heart.
Bartosz Wiśniewski
History and faith. Amazing.
Emirhan Yolsal
Daniel Haman
Beautiful church in Warsaw's centre. Place of burial of Frédéric Chopin's heart.
Muhammad Mahfuzur Rahman
This is a very important Roman Catholic Church in Warsaw. It is situated opposite to some establishment of the University of Warsaw, and close to Copernicus Institute. The interior is simple but neat, clean and very well maintained. It contains sever.. Read more »
duncan fox
Great decor and Chopin,s heart is in here.
Love Josefsson
A really beautiful church. But if you come here as a tourist you really should respect the fact that people are there to do their Christian thing and pray or what ever Christian people do.
Edwar Makhoul
I really love this Church the Roman Catholic Church in Warsaw Poland; Very beautiful and I like to go there and be there - it's close to the University of Warsaw
Louie Farhat
The Church of the Holy Cross (Polish: Bazylika Świętego Krzyża) is a Roman Catholic house of worship in Warsaw, Poland. Located on Krakowskie Przedmieście opposite the main Warsaw University camp.. Read more »
Oliver 111
Where Chopin's heart rests. The church was destroyed during the war and subsequently reconstructed, however the interior still retains its beauty and grandeur.
Natalie Daz
This Roman Catholic house of worship in Warsaw, it is one of the most notable Baroque churches in Poland's capital and in 1882 an urn containing the heart of Frédéric Chopin was immured in a pillar. If you like churches, it'.. Read more »
nazif JT
It was an amazing experience to be able to view the interior. Don't let the huge number of visitors stop you from entering the Church. It is worth it.
biji varughese
Lovely 18th century chruch, interiors is beautiful, filled with paintings & art work, side alters are just too good with huge pictures dominating the walls. Highly recommended..
Tsung Ming C
Beautiful interior and we'll maintained. Main attraction here is to view the column where the heart of Chopin is kept upon his death and his wish to come back to Poland.
Manuel Fernández López
Awesome building, but you should be respectful with the prayers. The most remarkable fact of the church is that you can find Chopin's heart. Although the heart is not visible per se, there is a plaque in one of the columns at the left of the alt.. Read more »
Interesting Cathedral in the center of city. Interior is very beautiful outside and wonderful inside. Huge building, that you can't not notice, walking in city. Atmosphere is very warm, quiet and religion. It will be interesting for visiting a.. Read more »