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Holova Chatskoho

Zhytomyr, Ukraine
4.8 / 73
“Chatsky’s Head” is a naturally formed piece, as can be found in the town of Zhitomir. This marvelous place impresses with its beauty and allows you to admire your soul. To see the “Chatsky’s Head” itself, you need to climb to a special guarded platform, or walk up the cliff. Regardless of the place, the place still impresses with its beauty - you can see the river with small rocks on both banks. There is plenty of space for tents and picnics. There aren’t a lot of people here in the spring; It's easy to miss a turn - the street looks like the entrance to someone's police station. If there is water, it may be windy, so be prepared for that. This is a wonderful place for a picnic and has a beautiful view of the river and rocks. “Chatsky’s Head” is not a specially created sculptural work of mysticism. This molding, created by nature, is richer than the very place of Zhytomyr. There have been a lot of legends associated with the name of Chatsky. One of them was the Cossack Chatsky, who was followed by the Polish soldiers, without hope of redress, being cut off at once by the Teteriv River and dying. It is very important to know the route to "Chatsky's Head" without a local guide. Without seeing the mighty Spravzhny canyon near Zhytomyr. We drove to Zhitomir through the same place. Although we didn’t admire the “Head” itself (it looks like you can only admire it from the water or from the long shore), the beauty of nature impressed us. Clean up the barriers a little more and add more barriers so that tourists aren’t afraid to fall down... It’s a peaceful and quiet place. From the heights there is a marvelous view of the river, steep cliffs and dense forest. The sound of the waterfall encourages you to come closer and appreciate it. A beautiful view and the opportunity to have a snack and sit. A place for a fire pit.
Address:2-y Kryvyi Lane, Zhytomyr



natural vibes
Nice location ?
Very picturesque place. Teteriv in the area of ​​Zhytomyr resembles the Carpathian mountain fleeting river. The only downside is garbage that people can't take with them.
picturesque, pine meadow on a granite rock, nothing special. It is difficult to pass without a navigator, the turn from a city street is imperceptible
We went to Zhitomir just for this place. Although the head itself was not seen (it seems that it can be seen either from the water or from the other side), the beauty of nature impressed. I would like to refine it a little and add at least a railing .. Read more »
Nice and cozy place. An amazing view of the river, sheer cliffs and dense forest opens up from above. The noise of the waterfall attracts you to come closer and appreciate this power of the falling water.
Heard a lot about this rock and finally got out. I was driving a car, the Google maps navigator brought me exactly to the desired location. The road here goes through the private sector. There is no asphalt. It is normal in dry weather. The very roc.. Read more »
Chatsky's Head Rock is not a specially made sculptural composition. This is a creation of nature, which was formed as a result of the weathering of granite rocks. It has existed for much more years, even millennia, than the city of Zhitomir itse.. Read more »
Awesomely beautiful place, the landscape at sunset is bombic. But there is a bit of garbage around Chatsky's head, bottles are scattered here and there from beer and checks, but the problem of savages is relevant everywhere, alas. and the loka i.. Read more »
Wonderful place! We stopped by a team from the tour company # Tarusa_Tour. Winter landscapes are simply magnificent, and the rocky monument of Chatsky's Head was also interesting to see! The location is not big, but worth seeing! ??❤️??
The place is beautiful, at any time of year (well, except that it was not in winter), but I never looked my head ..)))
It is very important that visitors to this place maintain cleanliness and clean up after themselves. The place is really incredible
A beautiful canyon, thanks to the kind people for the orange dots - marks on the road to the Head. The head itself is cool, but not "wow that's cool." Especially for her sake, you should not go to Zhitomir. There are many broken bottle.. Read more »
The head itself is visible only if you swim, but even from the land there is a very beautiful view. I do not recommend to go purposefully, but if possible it is worth visiting.
Actually, it is not so easy to see the Head from here, it is at a certain distance from this descent. A place with extremely strong energy, it's cool that there are such not far from the city center. Put on sports shoes. I was very upset by the .. Read more »
Buildings everywhere... Why? How?
Amazing place to visit
Amazing creature of nature!