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Hofkirche mit Silberner Kapelle

Innsbruck, Austria
4.8 / 48
The temple is located in the historic center of Innsbruck in the immediate vicinity of the Hofburg Palace. It was built in memory of Emperor Maximilian I. The building was erected in accordance with the canons of the Renaissance style. The interior space is dominated by baroque features. The basilica contains a memorial ketonath (sarcophagus free) of Maximilian I made of black marble.
Address:Universitätsstraße 2, Innsbruck
Phone:+43 512 59489514



Chris Dent
The 'black men' statues are great and an interesting story about why they shouldn't be there. Worth visiting. We got the joint ticket for the Tirol museum next door (where you enter the church and buy the tickets) - free with the essen.. Read more »
Barbara Hopkins
Do the multimedia presentation it's offered in English. It explains Court Church and tomb of Maximilian 1559. Tickets with Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is a great value.
Dale Chapman
Really impressive tomb, statues, and carvings. Not very big, so I would not recommend buying a ticket just for this. I would buy either a museum pass or the Innsbruck card which entitles you access to more places, to make this worthwhile
Ilknur Nigl
A nice gothic church in Innsbruck city! The statues are worth seeing!!!
Terrence Au
The Hofkirche, also called, Court Church is a Gothic church located in the Altstadt (Old Town) section of Innsbruck, Austria. Required tickets to go in and let you take pictures without flash.
Suchir Kumar
As you see the most interesting part are the iron carving statues. If you look closely, every statue has its own theme and story. The detailed carvings and detailed work is impressive. Imagine doing this on Iron casting. The rest of the church is als.. Read more »
Nima Pouya
The church and its statues are a must-see in Innsbruck. There is a surprisingly creative show, which starts on the southeast side of the courtyard. It's in English and will give you some insight into Maximilian I. If you'd like to see museu.. Read more »
Rosie Free
Stunning church, a must see in Innsbruck. From the outside you would never know what ws inside! One museum ticket gives you access to lots of places, all for €12. Once in the courtyard we got a little confused how to enter the church, as the doo.. Read more »
Katethip Varanyuwatana
Love all the bronze sculpture in this palace. Very appreciated all the fine detail that's goes into the bronze crafts. Besides the bronze work, the church and the museum next to the main hall is also a must and not to be missed. Make sure to lea.. Read more »
Bruce Lewis
Wonderful church with some truly incredible artifacts. You can visit for a small entrance fee, stow your stuff in a locker for a refundable one euro cost, and visit the small gift shop afterward. Worth visiting.
Catherine Hofmann
The craftsmanship! the artistry! The most amazing and self-congratulatory testament to one’s own life!!
Oksana Pudlyk
Great place to visit in Innsbruck, I liked it place, would like to be here again, maybe in wintertime
Wolfgang Laun
The roomy hall church is dominated by the beautiful cenotaph of Emperor Maximilian I with its 28 bronze statues, larger than life. The 24 beautifully carved white marble reliefs depict scenes from Maximilian's life, on which one can spend a lot .. Read more »
Ioana Scaesteanu
Come for the beautiful church, stay for the lovely garden.
KOJAK Mohammad
interesting place to visit.
Eric Kunze
Beautiful and breathtaking chapel right next to the Residenz. No charge for admission, but you can't get to it from the tour in the Residenz.
Ahmad Ardalan
Beautiful church with a wonderful tomb of Maximillian. Also the multimedia interaction was amazing.
Lowee Cripps
Wonderful church! Magnificent Statues of Emperor's and royalty.
Samantha Gordon - Formerl
If you like highly ornate churches, you'll enjoy this one. Huge painted ceiling frescoes and a beautiful dome. Extremely grand, ornate organ pipes over the entrance if you look back from the alter end of the aisle. The whole alter area is just.. Read more »
Dan Alldridge
Beautiful church attached to the Tyrolean Museum. The tomb for Maximilian is really cool with all the the life size status surrounding it. While I was there a gentleman was playing the organ in the small hall on the second floor
There's a statue of King Arthur here. Would also recommend the audio guide; otherwise I would have missed out on King Arthur. It's also one of the more unique churches I've seen; it's part of the museum and there's literally .. Read more »
Ivan Yosifov
Its a must go destination in Innsbruck. the ticket for all the museums is just €11 and it takes at least one day to enjoy them all. special one is the the church which is one of a kind. not people at all and its warm there is coffee, too.