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Hofgarten Park

Munich, Germany
4.7 / 75
A landscaped park with a layout in strict geometric proportions. It was laid under Maximilian I at the beginning of the XVII century, but during the Second World War it was completely destroyed. The park was carefully and meticulously restored according to old drawings and sketches, while elements of 19th century English park art were added. Hofgarten is a realm of neat alleys, flower beds, manicured lawns and picturesque fountains.
Address:Hofgartenstraße 1, München



Kursad Terzi
Wonderful park for a walk, a cold drink(no need to mention the kind here:) ), reading and relaxing! If you go on a Friday night, just follow the music and you’ll end up watching people dancing! One of my favorites in Munich, day&night!
win task
Beautiful place especially during the spring and summer time because of colorful flowers that you can find in the gardens. There is a path leading to the English Garden. I recommend take the route from Odeon Platz through hofgarten till Englischgarte.. Read more »
Balkrishna Shroff
This beautiful and peaceful garden is located right in the middle of Munich. A very good place for a relaxed walk.
Marin “SayanMk” Kolev
Not very impressive in the cold days, but I can't criticize based on the lack of greenery. Seems like a nice park, and I did take a walk. Has a lot of benches. The arc in the middle is nothing fancy, you can easily skip this attraction and go in.. Read more »
Aggie Wang
It’s an absolutely beautiful garden near the old town. There are large green spaces and manicured trees. There is an interesting pavilion in the center. I believe there are some fountains. But during the time I visited they were turned off. It&.. Read more »
Patricia Moss
All the gardens in Munich are very well kept. Clean and well maintained. It was a pleasure to visit
Tung Phung
I wouldn't say this is a must-see in Munich. The garden is so so. It is quite relaxing, but not much more. There is a man playing live music here, he is good.
Praneet Raj
Stopped by this garden on a rainy day. Overall not really impressed with the flowers, all were same color - red. Seen a lot prettier gardens in Europe. I won’t recommend adding this to your list unless you are already close by.
Alan Czajkowski
Very simple yet still beautiful park ?️. Walk through the colonnades to see dozens of stunningly beautiful frescos of Bavarian history on display. ?️ Very nice gate with Roman-style statuettes at the four corners. Go into the central circular gazebo .. Read more »
Annie W
Get a Starbucks and go for a stroll here. The Garden can be used to escape the busy city center. From here you can head to the English Garden or to visit the city center.
One of my favorite places in Munich. Currently beautiful and very modern gardening concept. Must see. PS: A perfect place for my mummy dearest ?
Beautiful place! especially during the spring. At this time ot the year, there are a lot of colorful flowers that you can find in the gardens. There is a path leading to the English Garden and I would recommend to enter the English Gardens through th.. Read more »
Bronson Kurtz
Love it here and has been a meaningful part of our family for years. Great place to walk especially in summertime with all the roses in bloom. There is a path to the English Gardens.
Juliana Hocsis
Good place to wander around and appreciate some sightseeing. Right now is very snowy and the floor is really slippery, but not even that can get into the way for those who appreciate jogs.
vArvara _A
The garbed is magnificent! It’s perfect for walk and coffee, it will make you relax!! In love with garden, in the heart of München!!
Nailah Aljasmi
Pretty place to walk around, not much to see. But nature and traditional buildings. Worth a visit!
De Wet Kruger
Excellent space to take a walk or relax in the city centre with a fabulous view. The garden are always neat and pretty to take photos with the beautiful structure. At certain times there’s also musicians performing.
Mrinal Kanti Halder
Nice place in the center of Munich city. It is good place for walking and taking rest. This place is also surrounded by some restaurants and beer gardens.
Graciela Dias
One of my favorite places to enjoy the sun here in Munich. It’s always very well taken care of and very beautiful. I have a tip for you, it’s a very nice place to enjoy the sun in winter, on the opposite side of the residence there ia a l.. Read more »
Ravi Katariya
We went there in Mar it was too wind make sure you wear proper winter cloths to protect yourself for cold wind , garten is very nice to have a chill time with friends and family. There is no place to have sole food but if you walk little but you will.. Read more »
Yewei Zhang
One of my favorite place in munich. Always so relaxing and chilling. Sometimes there are musicians and salsa dancing group there. The performances are usually quite good. And they change the flowers according to the season I guess, always so bea.. Read more »
Paola Evelina
Beautiful, romantic garden, often with classical live music played in the central structure which works as a sound amplifier… Quiet benches to read, perfectly groomed flowers, birds singing and an overall sense of peace will be waiting for you
Jens H. Daessler
the place which tourist don't see while checking nearby attractions. worth while a stop. enjoy a drink, sit down, breathe… and watch them play boule…
Beautiful fountain and Residenz house besides. Enjoy the little peaceful in the city. Good location for a small walk.
Giorgi111 Че
I just love this city) In Munich, some kind of charm is concentrated, which actually affects everyone, these are children, and adults, and men, and women, and retirees ... And ... and ... and ... In the very in the park, be sure to try to catch the g.. Read more »
gülşah üstelci
a nice open area in the middle of Munich. It is possible to see some nice street musicians on the entrance.
Kevin MB
Fun little park to visit at no charge, but honestly not too exciting either. Not worth a detour in my opinion, but worth a quick visit if you're nearby. If you're a Pokemon Go player, this place is great though :)
Razan Wibowo
This place offers me tranquility. In the middle of hustle and bustle I still could find my inner peace by just hearing street musicians play their instruments or the water dropping sounds from the fountain. The best time to visit this place is imo in.. Read more »
Razan Wibowo
This place offers me tranquility. In the middle of hustle and bustle I still could find my inner peace by just hearing street musicians play their instruments or the water dropping sounds from the fountain.
Yu Hs
Big, organized garden. Feel cozy to take a slow walk or sit in the sunshine nearby the lake! It’s worth a half day to wander while in Munich.
Ankit Srivastava
Small but beautiful. Autumn colours in full display from the trees
Alex Jackson
Nice gardens to walk around. It’s all really flat so easy enough for all. So much litter around... empty beer bottles everywhere and bins overflowing with rubbish on the floor... I know no one works on a Sunday in Germany ? But someone might wa.. Read more »
Juliana F P
Beautiful and calm. Sometimes on Diana's Tempel in the middle of the garden there is somebody playing music or dancing. Always fun experience and very close to Odeonplatz.
Edward van Hazendonk
Nice place with centralised seats for watching and resting
Bülent Paradiso
One of the most beautiful place in Munich.
Juvelyne Lenatz
Very lovely place to chill and be with beautiful flowers in the garden.
Jason Bridges
Make sure you go to the rear left corner, under the ruins of the great hallway. There is a pumping equipment room that has been in operation running the fountains since the 1870s. Great, free, nerdy break from the summer heat. Open until 4pm during.. Read more »
Visit the outside of the building at night. It is just romantic. If you track the stars , you can spot Jupiter and Saturn (in July 2020) Also don't forget to see the soldier downstairs..
Nansubuga Martha
Wawooo... visited it when salsa dancing was going on. They were so many people to dance with. Interesting place.
A small, green oasis in the middle of the city. People come here to sing, dance, relax, stroll around the greenery, sit in a nearby café or play French Boule. It's a historic, well-kept place. Always nice to sit down and watch the crowd a.. Read more »
Benedict Uy
We came by the Odeonplatz so we saw the entrance from there. We had a break in the Starbucks nearby which happened to have a door that led here. The garden is quite large with a few ornaments around the edges. The biggest thing of interest is the pag.. Read more »