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Hill of Glory

Rivne, Ukraine
4.3 / 29
"Hill of Glory" is a beautiful park that offers breathtaking views and plenty of seating areas for visitors to relax and enjoy the surroundings. It is an ideal location for active recreation, such as going for a walk or engaging in outdoor activities. The park is well-maintained, with clean and attractive pathways that are regularly mowed. The beauty of the park is particularly stunning in spring, when the marigolds bloom, or in autumn, when the trees turn into vibrant shades of orange. The left side of the stairs offers a stunning view of the city. The park is quite spacious and clean, with designated seating areas and waste bins. Visitors can even have a barbecue in the park or exercise on the playground. There is also an exhibition showcasing war equipment on the hill of glory. While more trees would provide additional shade in the summer, the park is still considered cool. It is a perfect spot to relax, reminisce, and enjoy the greenery on a pleasant day. Additionally, the park offers amenities such as a dry toilet, a coffee and tea shop, and parking facilities. It is a family-friendly location where visitors can indulge in various activities together. The park also features a wonderful monument of victory, and an opportunity to see tanks while strolling through the park, which can be both interesting and melancholic. Despite being potentially overlooked by the city hall and slightly overgrown with nettles, the Hill of Glory has the potential to be a great place for visitors to explore and enjoy.
Address:33004, Rivne



Beautiful views. Many places to sit and relax. Suitable for active recreation.
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Good place for a walk. Clean, attractive, mowed.
Great place to relax. Probably the best beauty is discovered in spring, because marigolds bloom, or in autumn, when all the trees become bright hot or.. Read more »
If you go to the left of the stairs there is a beautiful view of the city
Quite a spacious and clean park. There are seats, there are dumps. You can fry meat in the park, you can go to work out on the playground or with chil.. Read more »
A nice place to reminisce and sit in the greenery in nice weather
A good place to relax, there is a place to walk. There is a dry closet, a shop with coffee and tea. There is parking. You can relax with the whole fam.. Read more »
A wonderful monument of victory, there is a beautiful view of the city. Walking through the park, you can see many tanks, it is both interesting and s.. Read more »
Completely forgotten by the city hall. Overgrown with nettles is a potentially good place.
I adore this place) Rivne is an amazing city: only here in 30 minutes walk from the center can grow wild strawberries) behind the Hill of Fame rages w.. Read more »
Quiet, peaceful place to relax. Large area for a walk, there is a museum of military equipment, a monument to an unknown soldier.
Here is a beautiful view of the city, a good walk in warm weather.
Reminds of terrible times, but it would be better if a little put in order the exhibits. Still a memory.
Beautiful nature. I often walk there with children. One thing is sad. The road to the stairs and the steps themselves.
A typical post-Soviet park in a slightly abandoned state. Good place for walking, running. There is a sports ground for classes.
As a park, a good place to relax with the family, and as a historical monument - better covered and not disgraced, although the lawn was sown and diff.. Read more »
Very cool place for active recreation, it is a pity that the authorities sneeze at what it looks like.
Good place for walks. But I would like them to repair the road, because it is not very good to go around the pits, especially when with a wheelchair.
A place in an abandoned state. Slabs on the road are broken, there are not enough paving elements. The city authorities do not care at all about impro.. Read more »
Very nice beautiful park :)
A place in an abandoned state. Slabs on the road are broken, there are not enough paving elements. The city authorities do not care at all about impro.. Read more »
It is very lacking in the toilet. And so wonderful nature and landscape of the city.
It is good that this majestic technique can be shown to children ...
Grand monument on top of a hill overlooking a residential part of the city. Tanks and guns complete the memorial ensemble, in this large wooded and ca.. Read more »
It used to be much more interesting, there were also airplanes, but now everything is slowly being dismantled for spare parts or for scrap metal.
A very interesting place. A little military equipment is worth it. In the evenings it is very pleasant to go for a walk. The kids liked it, especially.. Read more »
A good place to relax, there are many different trees to walk on, there is also a playground and outdoor exercise equipment.
Anyone who visit this part of Ukraina, and like WW2 and tanks, must come to see this monument. There are few tanks from WW2 in great shape, and museum.. Read more »