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Heritage Center

Nice, France
4.5 / 6
The Heritage Center in Nice is a great place for both children and adults to explore and learn about the city's architecture. With interactive games and a beautiful exhibition, children can have a fun and educational experience. The tours provided by the center are excellent, and the guides like Nadia are knowledgeable, engaging, and make the experience enjoyable for everyone. They provide historical explanations as well as fun and interesting anecdotes. The guide's willingness to go beyond the scheduled time shows their dedication and passion for sharing the city's heritage. The visit organized by the Heritage Center is comprehensive and fascinating, thanks to the highly competent and passionate guides. The center also deserves recognition for making such visits affordable. The center is housed in the former Senate, with a beautifully restored interior. While the facade may still need renovation, the exhibits and guided tours inside are worth a visit. Visitors can also purchase tickets and city maps at the center. Non-francophone visitors can still enjoy the experience with some support, but it is recommended to bring a device with a translation app for a deeper understanding. Overall, the Heritage Center is a must-visit destination in Nice, offering an enriching and enjoyable experience for all.
Address:14 Rue Jules Gilly, Nice
Phone:+33 4 92 00 41 90



Great place where the children had the chance to discover the architecture of Nice through games and a beautiful exhibition!
Great tour of the old city, with a wonderful guide! In fact, Nadia accompanied us and showed us a lot of things, with historical explanations but also with fun and interesting anecdotes! It was a very pleasant tour for the kids too, never boring and .. Read more »
A visit to Old Nice organized by the Heritage Center, this August 16, 2022 at 2:30 p.m., extremely extensive and very interesting in the company of a hyper competent and passionate guide, this last point being particularly appreciable. Thank you to h.. Read more »
The cultural heritage center is now housed in the former Senate. The interior has been beautifully restored while the facade is still in need of renovation. Visits, guided tours and exhibitions are suggested and tickets are sold there. There is a sma.. Read more »
Worth a stop if open. Always learn something new. Some support for non francophones, but bring your device with Google translator app for deeper knowledge