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Haus der Natur

Salzburg, Austria
4.8 / 55
A popular entertainment center and museum especially loved by children. The exhibition is located in two buildings on eight floors, includes more than 30 halls and a full-fledged scientific center. In the House of Nature you can learn a lot about the fauna and flora of Austria and other countries of the world, get a lot of useful historical information, take a trip through the human body and look at prehistoric dinosaurs.
Address:Museumsplatz 5, Salzburg
Phone:+43 662 8426530



A really nice Natural History Museum with lots of displays. They also have a floor with interactive displays for kids. Really fun
Drove 2 hours to see this place since it looked unique and fun from the online pictures and reviews. Overall it was disappointing compared to other science centers. Many areas were dark and quite frightening for our younger ones, even 4+. We were s.. Read more »
It was worth spending time there. Prepare for at least 3-4 hours exploring every corner of the museum. Kids can learn a lot there as well as adults. The science labs are also amazing, you can try some fun experiments. There are lockers downstairs, s.. Read more »
Great location. Easy but expensive parking underneath. Reasonably good cafe. That’s about the only positive things one can say about this museum. The lines can be long and just one or two ticket counters that move slooooowly. The museum is sma.. Read more »
Absolutely amazing! Massive museum with aquarium, replites, science center etc. Perfect to enjoy 2-3 hours. I am a 28 year old and still had so much fun
Loved this place, it has a lot to offer not just for kids but for the whole family, it is the perfect activity for a morning or afternoon in Salzburg. We also visited the coffee shop and the service and food were really good. I would definitely visit.. Read more »
Haus der Natur has a diverse range of sea life, birds and science labs. Its perfect for kids to enjoy their day there. Moreover, as we went on Saturday afternoon after 3 pm, we were not asked to buy tickets. Also, we had Salzburg card which covered a.. Read more »
Since it was a rainy day, we went to the Museum, there are a lot of things on gisplay, but we could only find out where we were when we we were there. Fortunately, at least there weren't many people, but the noise was all the greater. At least a.. Read more »
Absolutely amazing! I am a 30 year old and still had so much fun. Yes I am a bit of a kid, but this place is well worth the entry price. If you were to read all the information and try all the hands on experiments, it would take something like 2 days.. Read more »
A great, accessible museum! I already visited this place twice, and it is always a good way to get to know our world a little bit more, so I really recommend coming here! When you go buy tickets, they have combos for groups, student classes, and pare.. Read more »
This museum is absolutely amazing, it has multiple sections dedicated to dinosaurs, wild animals, acquarium, minerals and etc. Maybe too many sections, but overall I reccomend it. The visiting takes at least 2 hours because there are many floors and .. Read more »
It was fascinating. Quite a large museum with interesting expositions. We spent the whole day here. It is possible to have lunch without leaving the building. The restaurant is quite expensive.
This is a fun museum to go to for visitors! Its my first time here in Austria and this attraction is one to go too! They have different exhibits on 4 floors plus new ones soon opening in 2023. The science lab was pretty interesting!
A very children friendly museum. Tons of devices to try out, and the kids can just experience the fun of experiments or engineering programs by themselves. The staff are also very kind and helpful, even fun to talk to. They came to you to help befor.. Read more »
This place is superb! There are so many rooms and floors to explore. We really enjoyed the many interactive activities It was busy on the inside, but there was not a wait when we visited during the afternoon.
Absolutely outstanding and fantastic Museum for all Ages. Every item around the universe has been clearly explained. We have spent more than 4 hours. Knowledge is Divine from this Museum.
Lots of things to look at. It's huge! I lost my husband in here ! But they do student discounts and they have several exhibits worth seeing. Dinosaurs, taxidermy, cultural segments, and a section dedicated to hands on activities. So impressive, .. Read more »
Wonderful museum, lots of interaction, many facts explained. Very interesting part about human body. Kids enjoyed the most engineering lab :)
We enjoyed that very much. Lot of expositions where everyone will find their field of interest. Great for kids not just during rainy days.
Great place to go with kids (not necessarily but kids would enjoy this place a lot). Entrance is cheap taking into consideration how big the place is (from outside it looks smaller than it is).
Brilliant place to wander for a few hours. We could have stayed much longer and will come back again. Very quiet, masses to see and do. Great value.
Very large and informative 5 floors of exhibits to explore. Went twice and still didn't cover everything. Huge rock collection floor. Two nice interactive science areas for kids. Medium size aquarium. Reptile and wildlife area. Space area and mo.. Read more »
Have a nice collection of marine life and reptiles. Also of rare minerals and a gallery for space and human evolution. Especially suitable for children.
Fun museum, especially the science area. We had a great time two parents and our 2.5yo toddler. Would go there again!
Wow wow wow! This science and nature museum is amazing. It has 7 floors for you to explore and we were there for almost 6 hours because we were so mesmerized with all the exhibits. I love how most of the stuff in the museum are interactive and you .. Read more »
It's very interesting for kids and adults for a very good price. If your not a morning person it's to take some lunch with you and ser the museum with no hurries. They have Picnic points for the purpose. It was a very nice morning and the k.. Read more »
Nice place, bigger than expected. Need probably at least 2-3 hours if you want to see all. Great for families with small kids. All indoor. Highlight was shark, snakes, crocodile and turtles, but also the stuffed animals, bears, tigers etc. was cool.
Quite a lot in a small space which is great - but not of the quality of the London museums. Popular in the summer holidays especially when it’s raining - but get the kids thinking a bit. Mostly in German - as expected.