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Salzburg, Austria
4.9 / 70
A modern and rather unusual museum, created on the basis of the collection of aircraft of the founder of the energy drink "Red Bull". The museum is located on the territory of Salzburg airport. There are many rare items in Hangar-7: sports aircraft models, light recreational aircraft and much more. The museum has a restaurant with excellent author's cuisine.
Address:Wilhelm-Spazier-Straße 7a, Salzburg
Phone:+43 662 2197



Herman Mak
Unexpectedly got to see Sebastian Vettel's 2008 Monza GP winning Torro Rosso car. Nice little gift shop although most of their stuff can be found in Red Bull world. You can see the flying bulls practicing sometimes. Coolest toilet I've ever.. Read more »
Ken Gross
What a fantastic place to visit. Right at the Salzburg airport. Free parking. We had a wonderful time visiting and seeing all the planes and cars. A must visit when in the area.
Andrew Ian
Red Bull gives you wings? Well here that phrase becomes reality. This is one of the largest collections of historical planes that are actually fully functional. So for instance on the day I visited you could see. A Douglas DC-6 flies over Salzburg an.. Read more »
Marek Rolinčin
Free entry and fun for the whole family. Kids were excited as much as I was. Not big, not small. Lot of planes, helicopters, cars, formulas, bikes and some surprises. Also the architecture of this place is very nice. Ice cream and coffee available. I.. Read more »
Silvija Škala Jurin
Allways something new to see, i am never bored there and of course i would recommend it for all generations to pay them a visit, you have to see this with your own eyes. Amazing! 🤩
Sabine End
If you're a Formula 1 and airplane fan, this is the place to go. Not a huge collection but definitely impressive. There's a restaurant and bar on site, but I didn't go there. Oh, and it's free!!
Minal Varma
This experience is highly recommended dor so many reasons 1. Extremely well curated selection of cars , bikes and memorabilia of the flying bull team. 2. Futuristic with it's seamless integration of art, technology, dining and a food experience .. Read more »
No ticket necessary to view the museum at least that was the case on Saturday when I visited. It is not very big but has a very good collection of planes and F1 original cars and information about them. A small hidden perk is that, it is next to th.. Read more »
S E (Izo)
Worth to visit, restrooms were so clean and beautiful. Unfortunately both times I was there the store was closed and I didn’t buy what I wanted! Hopefully next time! They open at 9 an store opens at 10 am!
kevin vrolijk
Don't expect a very big museum, but it's cool to see this place and entrance is free. The Hangar is easy to reach by bus from the old part of the city. I think it's worth a visit when you are in Salzburg and have some spare time.
Lakshmi Soujanya
Amazing display of Red Bull F1 cars, aircrafts, helicopters. Perfectly located with beautiful mountains in the backdrop. The building looks great both outside and inside. Entry is free of cost and worth a visit. One wing has the collection display an.. Read more »
Pavel Janda
I was here a few years ago and took friends here today on a trip through Salzburg. I am glad that the exposition has changed, even though its main outlines are of course the same. Excellent stop just off the highway. A lot of unique technology in .. Read more »
Tadej Tomc
A very interesting place for all fans of aviation and Formula 1, especially for fans of "The flying bulls" and "Red bull Racing Team". Free entry, an interesting culinary offer, a well-stocked shop with Red Bull souvenirs and extr.. Read more »
Majed El-Soukari
Free entry, so why not :) Pretty small area but with very nice collection of Red Bull planes and F1 cars. Not so much to do but just watching them. The gift shop closes at 6 and has nice variety of branded products
Matthew Robinson
How can you argue with seeing fancy planes and formula 1 cars for free? It's definitely worth a visit, especially for the race cars. They have a fancy bar/restaurant upstairs but that was a bit over the top, pun intended.
Bojan Trajkovski
Great place. There quite a lot of Red Bull formula cars and plane and everything is neatly organized and looking perfect. Also if going there coffee and sweats are must in coffee place in Hangar 7. Free entrance.
Eva Rijn
Supercool experience, and it's free. You can see old F1 cars, airplanes, a jetpack and an art instellation. The restaurants are very high class and you have to book them ahead of your visit
Amazing place like piece of history of Red Bull. Nice samples of flying machines and Red Bull's Formula 1. Amazing bar on the floor. Great to be here
Debra Reader
Really enjoyedthe visit. The cafe was fab too. Apple Strudel and Apricot pancakes were fab as was the hot chocolate. The ladies toilets were best ever. My husband said mens were great too.
Philip Howarth
We had a lovely afternoon here. It was quite educational. There were lots of exhibits to see and was completely free to enter. If your in the area it's well worth a visit.
Pushkar Kanvinde
Owner of Red bull energy drink has put his collection of airplanes, helicopters and formula one racing cars on public display in this steel and glass dome at Salzburg airport. The structure is very well designed with a hanging board room cum bar in .. Read more »
Dmytro Hlotenko
The exposition really lacks the RB16B and AT01. I was expected to see the championship winning car. Anyway, the place is very cool. Be careful, it's very warm inside, I got tired pretty fast since this is a glass dome.
Aave Augjärv
Really big modern hall with Red Bull logo decorated cars, plains and helicopters. Fantastic for fans of beautiful vehicles. Bit hard to find, but close to Salzburg airport, 20 min walk, the bus stop is quite close as well.
Nina Szobel
All in all really great. The exhibition is worth seeing. The coffee and tee in the restaurant is delicious and the staffs are really nice and friendly. Even the entry is free. It's worth a visit.
Rajendra Nirmal
Beutiful experience of the F1 cars. Also has helicopters and small planes. Has a great lit-up ambience. Only thing that the place takes in cash for drinks.
DJ Desi Nitro
Get place to visit with family, no charge to entry. Kids loved it lots to see. You will need a maximum of 1 hour here. Definitely worth seeing if you come to Salzburg
Vladimir Balusik
No idea how to spend some short free time in Salzburg? Do you like F1, motorbikes, plans or helicopter? Are you hungry and looking for some special place for diner? Then you’re at right place. You can find everything in Hangar-7 as a bonus you .. Read more »
Jesus, the little muffin things they gave with coffee were utterly incredible. Sadly you can't buy them separately. We ordered chips here and these to were wonderful. Very pleasantly surprised by the calibre of food here. Was expecting somethi.. Read more »
Suneel Kumar
Access: very nice place near to Salzburg airport .. free parking and free entrance Ambiance: well organized and we'll displayed flight,cara etc.. the painting around walls amazing Best family out time for 2 hours If you want to go high floor vis.. Read more »
Bettoyla Bettoyla
It was amazing! A must to see of a town!!! The children (and the big ones) will love it. I totally recommend it!
Max Heinrich
Amazing place for anyone and a great experience for all ages and genders. Be it historic airplanes, helicopters, bikes or the famous RedBull F1 car collection. All that mixed with great modern artworks, sculptures, great architecture, fine dining and.. Read more »
Giota Karpathiotaki
One of my Lovely places! I always come back! The best Cappuccino and breakfast and Club Sandwich!
Kambi Kambi
This place is a must seen. When you are around you must visit it. A lot of interesting things to see. And lots of history to hear. There everything is set - you have enough parking places. You have coffee shop with ice cream and refreshments. And als.. Read more »
Bas Jansen
The stuff on display is really great but the information or historical context is absent. Only info plates with specs. A shame, I want to learn more about it all.
maxx Rou
If you like the attitude of Red Bull you will enjoy Hangar-7. You will see all different kinds of vehicles like motorcycle, sports car, helicopter, planes, and jets. There is also the possibility to eat there... having a breakfast or have a fancy d.. Read more »
Rudi Bernik
Interesting place to visit while travelling to Germany. Spotlessly clean exhibition of vintage airplanes.
Craig Boyle
Great day out. Restaurant is great and they make you feel very welcome. Been to Salzburg twice and went to Hangar-7 on both occasions and will be heading again on my next visit.