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Half House

Toronto, Canada
3.8 / 5
"Half House" is a unique and interesting sight located in downtown Toronto. While there isn't much to see inside, it is still worth a quick visit if you are in the area. The building's history is not readily available to visitors, so it is recommended to learn about it beforehand. It is a fun and quirky attraction to walk by, especially if you are nearby. Although it may not be considered a masterpiece of architecture, it stands out among other buildings and is worth watching. Parking might be a bit challenging, but you won't need much time to appreciate this half-house as it can be observed from the outside. Additionally, there are shops on Queen Street West, just a block away, which you can explore after your visit.
Address:54 Saint Patrick Street, Toronto



Actually, you can just look from outside. Their no introduction or any other similar stuff for the visitors to know the history of this building. Not worth going unless you have learned enough about it.
Not a lot to see but fun to walk by only if you are close.
It’s worth watching this place as you may or may not will see any masterpiece of architecture like this ever.
It's a normal walk visit place. One can see it while passing down in downtown.
A fun, quick stop to see in Toronto if you are in the area! It truly is half of a house. Parking can be a bit tricky, but you won’t need long to check it out (as it’s just something you can see from the outside). You can always take a st.. Read more »