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Haci Bayram Mosque

Ankara, Turkey
4.8 / 28
Haci Bayram Mosque is a historical mosque dating back to the 15th century. It is located next to the ruins of the Temple of Augustus, which adds to its historical significance. The mosque has a simple interior design, but it offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere, making it a great place for meditation and prayers. However, it is important to note that the surrounding area, Ulus, is known to be a more dangerous area of Ankara. Visitors should be cautious and aware of their surroundings. There have been instances of children begging for money near the mosque, which can become overwhelming and potentially unsafe. It is advised to be careful while in the area. Despite the safety concerns, the area offers some beautiful sights, including the Rocky Mountains and Ankara Castle from afar. The mosque itself is considered the Islamic spiritual heart of Ankara, attracting many visitors to its shrine and associated sites. There are even free evening Islamic concerts and recitations of the holy Qur'an, adding to the spiritual atmosphere of the place. The mosque also provides a peaceful and spiritual ambiance inside, with a beautiful interior. Scarves are available for women to borrow before entering the main area. However, it should be noted that some shops in the area may be overpriced, so visitors should be cautious. Overall, Haci Bayram Mosque is a great destination for religious and historical enthusiasts. It offers a glimpse into Ankara's rich history and provides a serene atmosphere for prayer and meditation. However, visitors should be cautious of their surroundings and avoid any potentially unsafe situations.
Address:Hacı Bayram, Sarıbağ Sokak No:13



Historical mosque from the 15th century. It has been built right next to the ruins of the Temple of Augustus which is also an interesting place to vis.. Read more »
Ulus is typically known to be a more dangerous area of Ankara so definitely be aware of your surroundings. I was approached by a few children begging .. Read more »
The islamic spiritual heart of Ankara, with many coming to visit the sihrine and associated sites.
Loved the atmosphere, very spiritual Free evening islamic concert and recitation of holy Qur'an
This place is perfect for religious destination. The area was in open space as well. But be careful of the shops around, most of them are overpriced.
It’s really a great place. I’ll recommend you to go there
An area of great interest. The ancient Roman temple anointing this mosque is outstanding in its history and importance. The mosque itself is rather lo.. Read more »
Beautiful interior as well as the surroundings, scarves available downstairs for women to borrow before entering the main area.
Haci Bayram is a very Important person but right now the area becoma a money trap . The place full of religion traders
Large and beautiful old mosque, yet felt very modern with escalators and plenty of space. Wudu/WC facilities are free but no paper towels. Roman ruins.. Read more »
Came to visit this mosque and spend the day out with the family on this Sunday. The kids enjoyed the day and had a lot of fun. We were able to pray an.. Read more »
Beautiful place, I really liked it. It's definitely worth visiting.
Good place it worth to visit there . The area around the mosque was beautiful and people were nice
Amazing place beautiful area. Architecture is amazing. The whole area takes you back almost into a setting of Paytihat Abdul Hamid show
The change is remarkable compared to 2007. Such a lovely and peaceful place with lots of attractions around.
A lot of beautiful things sold here and there are also eating placeses. It's worth visiting
Beautiful historical masjid with fantastic views and unique stores nearby to buy Turkish gifts
Haci bayram mosque is a most popular and beautiful mosque in ??.
Beautiful mosque and mausoleum of Hacı Bayram Veli. Mosque and mausoleum is located on top of a small hill. Right next to the mosque some ruins from R.. Read more »
Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque is a mosque in Ankara. Along with Kocatepe Mosque it is one of the best known mosques in Ankara. Hacı Bayram Mosque was built .. Read more »
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It is beautiful and historical mosque and before the entrance gate of the mosque there are shops thay you can buy islamic cultural materials. Really i.. Read more »
The oldest mosque in the city. There is a tomb of Haci bayram next to the mosque. Ruins dating back over 2000 years are also situated within the main .. Read more »
Very beautiful cami. Loved it
Holy place , good place for visit along with family
A must see. Beautiful mosque in a beautiful area of Ankara.
It was my favourite place when i was student there.. to escape from the hectic life of city.. such a historic and nicely restored Mosque.and book sell.. Read more »
very peaceful place. you could spend the whole day there if you like. I love spiritual places so much.
Haci Bayram Mosque is the most spiritual place in Ankara. The mosque and the neighbourhood are beautiful inside and outside, day and night. It is very.. Read more »
Gem of Ankara must visit and experience hospitality and make new friends along the way!
Nice visit if you are into calligraphy and architecture . Augustus built a temple here which they are excavating. Next to it is the mosque. Interestin.. Read more »