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State Department Store

Moscow, Russia
4.7 / 73
It is located on Red Square and is one of its main attractions. The history of the building began in the 19th century with the opening of a shopping arcade. Over the course of the 20th century, GUM is gradually becoming the main and most coveted store in the country - all business travelers seek to get into it in order to purchase scarce goods. Nowadays GUM is the territory of expensive boutiques, historical shops and author's showrooms.
Address:Krasnaya ploshad, 3, Moskva
Phone:+7 495 788-43-43



It is an amazing place with great atmosphere. The shopping experience was great, the variety of the different boutiques makes the shopping experience easier and enjoyable. You have to try their famous ice cream and gelato that can be found all over t.. Read more »
The worst shopping experience in my life! First, the restroom located only on the first and second floor. And it is cost $1! Can you imagine that the restroom in the middle of Moscow, Red square is paid! It’s insane! They also saved on the esca.. Read more »
GUM mall is one of the luxurious and branded mall near to Red Square. You can find many international brand for shopping. No doubt it definitely leads to premium price. One thing to try is ice cream, which is very famous. Even there is a sber bank AT.. Read more »
By the red square, a very unique and totally different mall where you can find whatever you want, the most famous world brands and the great Russian products available at this magic crowded place, delicious food and perfect services.
A must to visit if you are visiting Moscow! What a great shopping mall is this ! All the expense brands are located here like Rolex, Cartier, Salvatore Ferragano, Hermes, basically all the expensive watch brands etc etc. Maybe a weird advice but al.. Read more »
The place is at the heart of Red Square. It's good place to visit. Many shops with local and international brands are available with beautiful decorations all around. Not many restaurants are available inside the mall but you can still find a ni.. Read more »
Located in the heart of the Red Square, this shopping mall offers luxury clothing/lifestyle brands. It also has a movie theatre and a ice skating ring if you need some recreational timeout! The mall itself is a very pleasant walk as the ceiling is a .. Read more »
Has a very risch history. Once a plcae for common man, it now houses luxury brands. There are a few iconic restaurants such as Stolovaya 57 inside the mall.
One of my favourite shopping mall is GUM department shopping mall store red square . Just amazing n lovely brands with great hospitality people's of our awesome russians country . Whatever I say is very less . But infact I love russia very much .. Read more »
Some call it the epitome of Russian Shopping experience, some describe it as a fairytale. The GUM department store is located in the center of Moscow, directly on Red Square. It is a department store with over 100 years of tradition, which is now kno.. Read more »
Gum is my favourite shopping mall in Moscow. It’s very beautiful and has many brand stores from expensive to most luxurious. It’s some of the best places to spend time and click some beautiful pictures. You can visit this place after 8pm .. Read more »
It is an amazing place with great atmosphere. The shopping experience was great, the variety of the different boutiques makes the shopping experience easier and enjoyable. You have to try their famous ice cream and gelato that can be found all over t.. Read more »
This architecture building so wonderful its classy im in love with gum. Its very classical building so many tenants in here. Inside the mall the have fountain in every corner they have chair that you can sit down and eat some famous ice cream gum. Th.. Read more »
Well, one can spend a week In GUM and always want to get back. First of all you go to GUM because you have all high end brands there. Second you go there because it is an architectural masterpiece, third you go there because of it’s location. I.. Read more »
Gum is epitome of luxury in Moscow. It is magnificent, opulent and massive. There are top clothing brands, top perfumery and highbrow restaurants and other top places. The interior is magical, extremely beautiful. The crossing bridge and the transpar.. Read more »
This 242-meter-long department store was built between 1890 and 1893. After the Russian Revolution in 1917, the business was nationalized and in 1928 the premises were used as offices. In 1953, an extensive renovation was carried out and the departme.. Read more »
The last thing I enjoy is shopping but felt we had to visit GUM. Fabulous historic building in Red Square it is really a shopping arcade rather than a department store and has all the usual designer shops we are used to in Europe plus many places to .. Read more »
An upscale shopping mall located in Red Square. I really like the shape and architecture of the building, unique and antique. The shops there are quite complete even though I only bought ice cream due to the limited visit time. Around the mall there .. Read more »
This is an upscale shopping mall with high prices. It's definitely worth the visit because the building is beautiful, and you can find pretty much anything, from designer clothes to groceries. It is always very beautifully decorated according to.. Read more »
Moscow Central mega mall on Red Square. Quite a posh place. A must visit. Historical, iconic building.
GUM is not just a store where you can buy almost everything. It is a shopping block where there is a pharmacy, bank branch, and flower shop ... It is a monument of architecture. It is a comfortable lounge area with restaurants and cafes. It is an art.. Read more »
Love this place for the ambiance. It’s truly a unique shopping experience there with the Soviet styled decor and the architecture of the place. Yes the prices of designer brands is WAY higher than in Europe but you will find every kind of good .. Read more »
One side of Red Square is taken up nearly in its entirety by GUM (ГУМ), the fabulous shopping mall. GUM was built in 1893 and features a stunning glass roof. The department stores inside are generally outside the price ranges of tourists, yet it&rsqu.. Read more »
This is a kind of gallery Lafayette on The Red Square. Very impressive high end shopping mall. Once you have passed through security, you are faced with an amazing choice of shops. You will find all posh fashion brands here. The ones which melt the .. Read more »
Nice place to visit. The famous ice-cream available in many entrance. Don't need queue up just only at the main one and actually the taste is so so. Toilets are difficult to find.
It's the largest mall and everything inside it it is really expensive. But you need to try the ice-cream inside it's superb. And also you need to pay 100-200 rub to take a leak inside the mall. It's located on the red square. Visit red.. Read more »
Beautiful and luxurious shopping mall with the best ambiance possible. Long floors with all the top brands at your disposal, GUM is a must visit. The cafe’s are well designed and compliment the mall. The stunning cherry blossom trees and founta.. Read more »