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Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk

Rotterdam, Netherlands
4.6 / 60
The temple belongs to the Protestant community and is the only medieval building in Rotterdam. It was built in the 15th-16th centuries. From the outside, the church looks quite traditional, but from the inside it looks more like a modern art gallery. There is a cafe, an original installation of mirrors, and a whole wall of electric lamps, which seem to symbolize candles.
Address:Grotekerkplein 27, Rotterdam
Phone:+31 10 413 1494



Alice Goss
This is a huge church and worth a visit, if only to see the large organ. €3 entrance fee
The most important church in Rotterdam. It survived the fire of the 2nd world war in some parts, the others underwent restoration. It’s interesting that you can see that few walls are pending visibly. We visited it during an organ concert, th.. Read more »
fatmanur Barcın
The church is near by market hall and cube house. Itwas built between 1449 and 1525. In 1621 a wooden spire was added to the tower, designed by Hendrick Keyser
Claudine Cu
Passed by the church and went in. There was an entrance fee of around €3.50 and €7.50 to climb the tower Based on Google photos, the interiors aren’t magnificent. And felt like a top view of Rotterdam isn’t rewarding. So opted .. Read more »
Irina Prisacariu
Pro: the view is amazing, you only have to climb 300 steps (aproximativ 10 min) to get on top, the guide that is waiting for you on the top of the church is amazing (Willem is the best ever), the tickets are cheap (3€ to visit the church and 7,5.. Read more »
Miroslav Dedinský
Beautiful historical place, an old church renewed after WWII, now operated like a museum and used for many social events.
Nabi Kambiz
Great acoustic behavior for live music. The organ sounds great how it's set up, it's the focal point of the church. Also the local organist is a legend.
Pallab Mukherjee
Nice,,,, But I couldn't go in even after 5 days it felt so bad,,,,
shubham manekar
Beautiful Church with strong history is interesting for history/archeological enthusiasts to visit especially in the evening with lights on. There is a ticketed entry with free to roam tour inside the Church.
Masayo Nomura
Unlike the heat outside, the inside of the church is cool and comfortable. I think it's good to take a break and take a look.
MC de Lange
Although the exterior of the church was in good condition, on the inside they were busy setting up for an event. The outside coffee shop really takes away from the aesthetics of the church. With a 3Euro entrance fee, I would expect more.
Grote Kerk is an interesting stop to me. Though it still operates as a place of worship on Sundays, the art and interior make it feel more like a secular setting than most churches. It’s what I image a cathedral might look like if it were built.. Read more »
Beth Davies
Lovely church, beautiful. Very inclusive of all faiths, and welcoming and interesting building.
Gui Rego
Very well kept building! There is an entrance fee of 3€ but worth it! Shame i couldn't stay for a lunch time pipe organ concert, but i bought music CDs from local Organist and choir
Kremena Ivanova
Great and incredibly beautiful .... amazing place, with the biggest fence I've ever seen ...... I enjoyed the acoustics of the music - it's indescribable. 
Stephane Belley
Amazing cathedral from the medieval period(1449-1525). Was only able to tour around the exterior as there was a wedding going on inside but still very beautiful to see none the less ?
Esther Olofsson
The Laurenskerk, the oldest building of Rotterdam always brings me a lot of inspiration. ? Check my Instagram post:
Ishanka Hasaranga
A magnificent church with historical importance. It is now partly converted to a museum as well. Worth visiting when you are in Rotterdam.
Anne van Rossum
It's nice that they have all kinds of concerts and events in this church. It can become quite cold, so come prepared!
Tao Wu
You can have a look of the city on the top of the tower. Not bad!
ivan bogdanov
very beatiful church super nice pastor easy to find location
Danyil Yalovenko
Great, also recommend to visit tower, it cost 6€, but you will have one of the best view in Rotterdam
Beautiful church! Especially notable, some part are very modern, extremely open-minded and international. This is due to parts of the church which are dedicated to other religions. That is what the christian religion is about, humanity and acceptance.. Read more »
Josep Puente
Excellently preserved both from outside and inside. We enjoyed watching inside a photo exhibition, very interesting.