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Greek Sophia church

Kherson, Ukraine
5 / 5
The Greek Sophia church is the oldest church in the city, built by the Greeks from the island of Chios. From a height and at sunset, it has an unusual and captivating appearance. Inside, it has a nice and cozy atmosphere that creates a peaceful and welcoming ambiance. The church is truly beautiful and has been a location for various occasions, including four funerals that I have unfortunately attended. The hall is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate 40-60 people. One of the highlights of the church is its interesting iconostasis, which showcases intricate elements depicting various scenes from Scripture. The priest is very good and adds to the overall positive experience of visiting the church. Being the oldest temple in Kherson, it is believed to have a special energy, similar to that of the famous Kiev Pechersk Lavra. The church is a truly magnificent and ancient place, making it an ideal venue for weddings or baptisms. It's a must-visit destination, as the interior is just as stunning as its exterior.



The oldest church in the city, built by the Greeks from the island of Chios.
from a height and at sunset, it looks rather unusual
Nice cozy atmosphere.
It's beautiful here
I was here, unfortunately, already for 4 funerals. The hall is large enough for 40-60 people to fit easily. I liked my father.
An interesting iconostasis takes a long time to study all the elements of images from the plots of Scripture
Very good priest)
The oldest temple is Kherson. They say energy, as in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra.
Very beautiful, ancient place. Great for wedding or baptism.
A beautiful church worth seeing inside is also very cool
The magnificent temple of heavenly colors is so bright and elevated and at the same time not quite new to preserve the history of a dozen generations .. Read more »
For me, this is the holiest place in Kherson.
Unrealistically beautiful and wonderful, I recommend to visit
An interesting chamber church, hidden in a residential area.