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Graz Cathedral

Graz, Austria
4.8 / 37
The main Catholic church in Graz, an architectural monument of the 15th century. The construction of the church began simultaneously with the construction of a castle for Emperor Frederick III. In the 16th century, the temple became the property of the Jesuit order. The church has been serving as a cathedral in Graz since the 18th century. In the 20th century, the restoration of the interior was carried out under the direction of K.R. Lorenz.
Address:Bürgergasse 1, Graz
Phone:+43 316 821683



Andrea Nori
It is the most important place of worship so it is definitely worth seeing. It is free of charge
Aleksander Macełko
Beautiful church, a great piece od history and art.
Imposing, ornate church in old town. Architecturally impressive, spiritually difficult. Sadly, reminds one of the great cost, which undoubtedly the poor paid for in one way or the other. Area historical interests are within walking distance.
Gini Smoja
It's a cool place, architecture-wise.
Anna Amanda Stolere
Powerfull and impressive cathedral with automatic doors. Calm contrast to the humming Graz city centre. Worth to visit. Cathedral is rising money for complete renovation.
Klaus Wanderer
Going back to the 15th century, the cathedral is built in Gothic style while the interior is decorated later in baroque style. The entrance is free and there is a lot to discover inside, very many intricate works of art, ornate and colorful altars, w.. Read more »
Very beautiful, would visit again
Shane Dunne
Usually a cathedral takes centre stage in the heart of the city - this is a little to the side but still worth the visit
Helga D.
What can I say about a cathedral? It’s monumental and baroque. Good to be here
Small but beautiful structure.. Do not forget to see the fresco about siege of Vienna in the rear of the building..
Stefan Matzer
Amazing gothic architecture with breathtaking baroque interieur. Recently renovated main hall with renovations in presbyterium ongoing. Great new lighting concept (albeit questinable choice of lamp-design) that shows you the interieurs timeless art f.. Read more »
Asiyah Noemi Koso
The cathedral (Domkirche) in Graz is magnificent. The Cathedral is a mix of Gothic and Baroque style. It was built at the time Graz was the seat of Emperor Frederick III, in the 15th century. Graz Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Giles. It is the seat.. Read more »
yanaa Baan
It was impressive and beautiful
This is, no doubt, an amazing cathedral. Beautiful on the inside. But I can never get over the fact that for millennia man is constructed these enormous palaces at an unconscionable expense.
Matteo Zambon
The exterior of the church isn't too attractive, but the inside is very beautiful. It is worth to take a look, and next the church you can also visit the Mausoleum.
Vincent Oliver
An imposing cathedral with a very ornate interior. Take your time to admire the details of the sculptures and the smaller side alters. Entrance is free but a donation is appreciated. Also don’t miss the frescoe outside behind the glass, albeit .. Read more »