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Gonio Apsaros Fortress

Batumi, Georgia
4.5 / 41
Gonio Apsaros Fortress is an incredible ancient fortress located near Batumi, Georgia. The fortress dates back to the Roman period and offers visitors a chance to step back in time and experience the atmosphere of a knight's citadel. Despite the museum being closed during our visit, we thoroughly enjoyed walking through the well-preserved fortress walls. The fortress has a small archaeological museum that showcases its interesting history, including the creation of hidden stashes for storing gold. Although there is no gold left, the museum provides informative pamphlets in English. The fortress is believed to be the burial site of Saint Mathew. The grounds are well-maintained and clean, and there is a mock-up Roman barrack, tents, cutlery, weapons, and armor that are truly amazing to see. The entrance fee for adults during the summer is only GEL 8. The toilet facilities are acceptably clean as well. If you are interested in history and archaeology, a visit to Gonio Apsaros Fortress is a must. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the region's rich past and provides breathtaking panoramic views from the top of the fortress. We highly recommend visiting this historical landmark and immersing yourself in Georgia's cultural heritage.



Amazing ancient fortress! Thanks to the tour guide for the excursion. Pity that the museum was closed that day.
It's really pleasant to walk through the fortress and feel like you're in a knight's citadel.
Beautifully preserved fortress with small archeological museum about the fortresses interesting history. Th different occupiers created stashes to s.. Read more »
Well maintained and clean. The mock-up Roman barrack, tents, cutlery, weapons, armor were amazing. Entrance is only GEL 8 for adult during summer. T.. Read more »
Gonio Fortress is a historic site located near Batumi, Georgia. It dates back to the Roman period and was an important strategic location throughout h.. Read more »
Gonio Fortress is a fascinating historical landmark that offers a glimpse into the rich past of the region. The ancient walls and structures of the fo.. Read more »
You can just feel the grass and enjoy the fresh air of old castle. It has only walls and small museum in it.
Beautiful fortress. Walls were built by Romans. There are some interesting plants here also including some huge kiwi vines. The surroundings that you.. Read more »
Great outdoor museum! My partner and I, both historians and archaeologists, had a great Christmas Day exploring the Gonio Fortress. I would highly rec.. Read more »
What an amazing piece of history! Georgia's oldest fortress is a Roman structure. It's a marshrutka trip from Batumi centre in the number 88 van headi.. Read more »
So glad we stopped to visit as it wasn't on our list of places to see on Batumi. I found the fortress to be a very interesting and educational. They h.. Read more »
A beautiful historical place, but I would like to see more different museums and exhibitions telling about the history of this place inside.
Pretty underwhelming. If you only have a few days in Batumi, I’d skip and do something else. If you have more time, then I guess maybe stop by, but t.. Read more »
Enjoyed the grounds and shortwalk if your touring. well maintained. 5 gel entry fee. more signage history would be ideal
Without the guided tour a little bit pointless. Small place ~30 to min to walk through on your own
Huge and impressive. Also well maintained. Don't let small kids scale the ramparts- they looked quite dangerous to me.
This historical fortress is just 4 KM away from Georgia Turkish border. We'll preserved & beautifully maintained attraction in Batumi. Must visit plac.. Read more »
Nice historical place with the best views ?. If you visit it you ask to go up the view from up is very grat. The garden is full flowers.
If you are interested in history and archeology, this is the right place to visit. Good for kids to explore big, open area of the fort, its towers.
Nice place to go and see. But without a guide it will not be interesting. there is no possibility to eat inside and nearby too. Only water and cook.. Read more »
Great historical location with cheap entrance ticket and translated informational stand near each excavation site
Good but go in summer. YouTube search: Born Traveller
We Found the fortress to be interesting, the outer walls are in very good shape and worth while seeing, there is no much to see literally inside the c.. Read more »
It's just a wall now . I visited few years back home which it was better then now .
Too much fix (( but interesting. Take your swimming suits, bc after it you must visit sea. It will be stones but after is sand.
Nice place to visit. Nice plants growing inside of fortress
It’s nice place, but it’s need to but somethings there for example coffee shops
perfect place for enjoy, for family, friends and e.t. ^^ must to see
Nice place? there are still archeological works so not everything is described yet. Also, look out for Police ? they like to fine tourist there ?
Good place, potential for good exhibition.
Wanderful place it was buld AD.77 Good to see ??
Nice place to walk around, only 15 min drive from Batumi... Extremely ancient almost 2500 years old
Only walls , no buildings inside the fortstree
For anyone interested in history this is great. The Romans were here, so far from home
?Gonio Fortress? ⚫ It's a historical Fortress in Adjara, seaside resort Gonio , Georgia. ⚫The oldest reference to the fortress is by Pliny the Elder i.. Read more »
Very nice place ??
Very nice place
Surpised to find this historycal place well manteined and still in progress to be better and better. To not be missed.
Built in the 1st century AD by Romans, the Gonio-Apsaros Fortress had unique strategic importance: it protected the entrances of the Chorokhi and Adja.. Read more »
Gonio is an impressive ancient fortress.
Great place to learn the history and see Kiwi trees
Nice place. Many tourist come to this place in the summer months. I heard that nearby beaches are considered to be cleaner than others in Batumi.
Reasonably developed historical site with various levels of archeology and reconstruction. Once three groups of us came in, the lady at the front gate.. Read more »