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Golden Roof

Innsbruck, Austria
4.6 / 56
House-residence of the Tyrolean kings, built in the 15th century. It got such a poetic name thanks to the gold-colored tiles that cover the roof of the large external balcony on the front façade. The roof tiles have survived to this day; for more than five centuries, the coating has undergone only minor reconstructions. Today, the residence houses a museum, where personal belongings of emperors, court costumes, furniture and household items are exhibited.
Address:Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 15, Innsbruck
Phone:+43 512 53601441



Imran Z
One of the popular attractions in the old town of Innsbruck. Its an old, historical building structure, the facade. The old town in Innsbruck is a very nice and beautiful place to walk around.
Bibhash Sarma
Nice building with golden roof. Near to it, there is a very old hotel in the bank of river Inn. The English word "inn" for small hotel must have come from this hotel.
Vindya Naidu
Pretty place to visit walk around was good too. Lots of nice places around the streets to sit n have a drink too.
Shahid Hussain
The Golden Roof  is a famous landmark in Innsbruck, Austria. The Golden Roof is a three-story balcony structure located in the heart of Innsbruck's Old Town. It was built in the early 15th century by Archduke Friedrich IV as a symbol of his.. Read more »
shadi halabi
Nice view of the city and the mountains, the way up and down Is separated so it's very convenient. Was a little crowded up the tower when we went but still a nice place to visit while in Innsbruck.
Jacquie Montgomery
Innsbruck is a beautiful, clean city. The Golden Roof is in the heart of old Town and is an amazing sight! Highly recommend visiting this clean air city!
Ana Chirila
I enjoyed the Innsbruck city centre, very beautiful with the mountains behind! The Golden Roof is interesting to see, but that is about it :) we only stopped by, so we may have not gotten the most out of this attraction.
Nandita V
The Golden roof really does stand out from the other buildings around it. Even when you walk farther away, you will still be able to admire it. It was quite late in the summer evening so we didn't get to see it shine in the sun. We didn't .. Read more »
Bhalchandra Autade
A lively place and with the legend about the marriage of a pretty woman 👩 can only be viewed from the outside With its 2,657 gilded copper shingles and rich fresco and relief decoration, the oriel in the middle of Innsbruck's old town was an ey.. Read more »
Animesh Patra
Enchanting old town, and right at the end you get to see this golden roof balcony that is distinctively different from the rest of the building. Filled with rich history and apparently is converted to a museum now. The golden roof glitters when the s.. Read more »
Annette Larcombe
Easily one of the most visited sites in the old centre of Innsbruck, at the same time you can see all of the old buildings and medieval architecture of the original parts of the city. The golden roof glitters when the sun is out, however the site wit.. Read more »
Snigdha Bhattacharyya Bas
The Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) is a landmark structure located in the Old Town (Altstadt). It is well worth taking a look up close. The Town area which I thought was very charming and walkable. Get your picture and then find a good place to eat or .. Read more »
Faisal Imdad
Beautiful old town, all places you need to visit in Innsbruck old town are around this area. Right at the end you get to see this golden roof balcony that is distinctively different from the rest of the building. There are many other colorful buildin.. Read more »
Shreya Shanbhag
Very pretty landmark building situated in an amazing town square. Did not go inside but would like to someday. Highly recommend chill afternoon in and around this little Innsbruck area. Lots to do nearby. Food, shopping, grocery, souvenirs (quite exp.. Read more »
Jeremy Koh
Very quaint and easy to stroll small old town. Right at the end you get to see this golden roof balcony that is distinctive different from the rest of the building. Filled with rich history and apparently is converted to a museum now
Yashodhan Bhadsawale
Great Historical Place. You will feel you have entered in the year 1890. Great architectural work. You can take hundreds of photos. Good place to do shopping.You can buy Fashionable cloths fashion accessories and many more. Spend atleast two hours to.. Read more »
Nice view from outside. We didn't go inside the museum as we had seen the reviews suggesting it's better to see from outside. We took some photos standing in the front.
Jalal Hindieh
Very beautiful place surrounded by a lot of cafes and restaurants you can really enjoy the view while enjoying your meal or cafe
Jacek Kocyba
Just another place to visit in Innsbruck. Nothing particularly special. Rather nice accent as you don't see golden roofs on many houses.
Petar Matić
Extremely beautiful place that has kept its authentic look, at least a century ago. It captivates with its appearance, architecture, a relaxed atmosphere that relaxes. Not only is the roof golden, everything around is "warm and golden". It .. Read more »
SS Mooi
Very well maintained museum and artifacts. But bear in mind that if you are in Innsbruck just for its nature, ski, outdoor activities, you might wanna just skip this as it might bore you much. It really depends on what you like.
Daniel Lee
A good place to buy stuffs from that famous crystal brand. After that, you should walk along this river and enjoy the beauty and elegance in this city
Giulio Marchesi
One of the most famous tourist attractions of Innsbruck. Nice to see, when you walk in the main street.
JeanClaude VanDarnItAll
Very beautiful but there wasn't a lot of information about the roof at the spot itself. In the museums around it you learn some interesting Facts about this beautiful monument. The roof is a real eyecatcher, no matter the weather.
Denis Afzal
The famous golden roof of Innsbruck was truly beautiful as it can be seen right when you turn to this street) a number of cafes and bars surround this small area in the Old city of Innsbruck (Altstadt). There are a few other attractions nearby worth .. Read more »
Tim Van Laere
Good for taking pictures, the bars and restaurants are quite nice. If you are more into nature, take the cable cart up and have a hike.
M. K.
Loved it. Even if the area is small you get an historic feeling (if you know what I mean) a feeling of the past with some local or native music and clothes that some people are wearing. The small restaurants are a nice plus to this area.
Old and vibrant. The overall area has a charm. Not a must but you will stimble upon it when you are in Innsbruck.
Rohit P V
Visited during the Christmas week. Awesome place. Bustling with people. great ambience.