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Munich, Germany
4.6 / 98
Museum of Ancient Sculpture, which contains works of Roman and Greek masters from the XVII century BC. according to the V century. Here are exhibited both originals and copies of statues, bas-reliefs, busts that have not survived to our time. The exposition is located in 13 rooms. Here you can see the statues of the mythical Hephaestus, Daedalus, Pericles and other characters. Most of the collection was collected by King Ludwig I.
Address:Konigsplatz 3, München
Phone:+49 89 286100



nisha kumari
A good museum to go back to in the era of Roman and Greek architecture . Visit on Sundays as the ticket is only for 1 euro, the cheapest you can ever get.
Dem Drys
Wonderful museum which hosts the masterpieces of the temple of Aphaea in the greek island of Aegina. Relaxed atmosphere, plenty of places to sit, quite often you ll find art students drawing. Must visit in Munich
Alberto Serrano Monferrer
A unique experience for any lover of art and ancient classical culture! The Glyptothek is nothing less than the oldest museum in the city of Munich. Its content is also exceptional: it is dedicated solely to ancient sculpture, from the archaic Greek .. Read more »
Not too big but nice museum with Greek and Roman sculptures. They offer plenty of explanation in every room. It isn’t expensive at all and they do offer students discount.
Hira Khan
Included in the ‘1 Euro ticket on Sundays’ program. The exhibit and architectural are both inspiring, and the textual statements next to the works are bilingual which help a lot. Lovely to visit on a sunny day since the courtyard cafe and.. Read more »
Melanie Görner
Went on museum Sunday (reduced prices) and it is a great exhibition. Well structured, informative and takes you through the evolution of Greek and Roman sculptures.
Omg it's awesome place for sculpture. Especially, the route for exhibition is very clear and no confused! And the material is so nice!
david antoun
It is a museum full of Greek and roman sculptures and divided in halls for worshiping, arts, war and hunting. each sculpture has a number with audio in English/German to know more about it. if you want just to see the halls and take some photos would.. Read more »
Andrea Calvano
A wonderful temple where you can enjoy ancient Roman and Greek sculpture. Well displayed, well organized, in a unique setting. Even just after 2 weeks of full immersion in Rome still found in this Glyptothek alone enough to justify my trip to Munich.
Bill T
Amazing collection of Greek antiquities with a wealth of background information and a fantastic cafe. What's not to like? And we went on one Euro Sunday. Amazing deal.
Well, if you have an hour to spend looking at some very decent, partial-sculptures, then this is the place for you. If you're looking for famous works, you're unlikely to find it. There are a few very interesting displays, especially the m.. Read more »
Harry's Wanderlust
A great collection of ancient statues, sculptures and more. Definitely worth a visit and even if I sometimes get the feelings that these artworks should return home it is a great way that people over here, that can't travel to all the places and.. Read more »
Mayur Alaspure
Historic museum with Greek and Roman sculptures. I love how this place is maintained. And also bonus tip: Visit this on Sundays they have only 1€ ticket.
Tereza Klimešová
Beautiful collection of antique art. Worth a stroll on a Sunday morning when the ticket is only 1 €. There's even a café inside. But one must be very careful with small children so they won't knock anything down.
Marco Ermini
It’s clearly not the Louvre or Vatican Museums, but it costs only 1€ on Sundays. Nice visit after your bunch at Park Café! ?
Benjamin Kleber (Benizn)
A very great place to be. Much better than Berlin. It is nice to relax and to think about all the poor people who have to live in Berlin. Glyptothek is really a building that makes me thankful for being in Munich and not in Berlin.
Luna Bobicova
Nice Collection of antique statutes. Someone wrote in a review that they don't accept credit cards. That was not true for today. Payed with card without problems. The Collection itself is not too big. But if you like art/skulptures worth a visi.. Read more »
Ali Altaf Salemwala
Loved it! Just wish it was bigger and had everything in English as well as German
Marko Djordjic
This could be one of my most favorite museums in Munich. Very carefull arrangement of the artefacts enhances spectators experience.
super pretty museum with an amazing collection of art. loved the visit, and the cafe inside is super pretty as well!
Gina Fobbe
The only antique statue museum in the world. Generous halls of whitewashed bricks and enormous windows. All antique epochs are shown here. A delightful cafe is in the courtyard.
Aleksander Łapaj
Top notch museum with beautiful, ancient sculptures. Huge space creates the expirience even more enjoyable. Very nice and helpful crew works there. In the patio there is located a cafe spot. Place worth recomending! Going to go again one day for sure.. Read more »
Isia Bet
Charming, lovely, outstanding, never been done before, well organized.
Hassene Ben Salem
A nice collection of Roman and Greek sculptures, enriched by modern replicas. The museum doesn't accept credit cards and you can only buy your tickets using cash. The texts are mostly in both German end English.
Lavinia Basarab
Very nice and very well put together exhibition. Could follow it historically. Thumbs up for all the background work!
Nestoras Krystalidis
Sculptures from the temple of Aphaion in Aigina island are collected in the museum
Batuhan Canlıtürk
+ Nice exhibition on Roman sculptures. + Natural light in every room because of the building architecture. That makes viewing more natural as it was originally intended back then. + Cafe in the middle of the building is pretty nice, although it needs.. Read more »
Odysseas Paschos
After ~3 years been closed for renovations the Glypthotek has finally reopened for the public. Really beautiful place with a great constellation allowing you to walk amongst statues. Some newer than the others but overall a great experience
Juan Antonio Estrada Herr
Grea exhibition, it's an ideal place to just relax while enjoying some classic sculptures and the beauty of art Currently the only covid-19 requirement it's to cover you mouth all the time in the building.
James Gardiner
Very nice place to visit and for sketching as well
Novan Firmansyah
Beautiful old museum. Long story of Bavarian
Nasir Masud
Out of several Land Marks in Munich, nice view during city tour
Stefan Gehring
Absolutely great, yes, but still closed for renovation until October 13, 2020.
David Y
Great sculpture museum. The layout is very beautiful as well as the artwork itself
Nicholas Lambert
Closed until October 2020. Sister museum is okay if you like amphora and other pottery. Only 1 euro on Sundays.
Cavanha Capoeira
I can't understand how the works of the museum are being handled. There is a lack of information both in the website and in the museum itself. We were informed by workers.
Feliciano Fernandez
We wanted to visit this Museum to enjoy fine ancient art. But unfortunately, one of the two buildings is being refurbished and it is closed. It turns out that the one that is closed is the one with the main ancient sculpture exhibits!. So I do not fe.. Read more »