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Glockengieberei Grassmayr

Innsbruck, Austria
4.7 / 68
The exposition of the museum consists of bells collected by the Grassmire family. Representatives of this family have been making bells for 400 years. During this time, the craftsmen have developed a unique ebb technology, which makes it possible to make copies that emit melodic sounds. An integral part of the museum is a foundry, where they are engaged in the restoration of old bells and the creation of new ones.
Address:Leopoldstraße 53, Innsbruck
Phone:+43 512 5941637



alan Hearche
Interesting bell making foundry with the how to and history of bells of all sizes Take the kids and they can enjoy ringing them
Pierre Lomba
Very interesting visit. It would be nice to have all the documents translated to English or else. For once in Innsbruck, most of the documents were translated. I would have appreciated seeing a casting or doing a workshop as the matter is really in.. Read more »
Wouter Ensing
Lovely little museum. Friendly people that love to explain a thing or two about bells and how they are made.
Mike McAuliffe
This is a really nice little hands-on museum that is part of the actual bell factory. Nice displays of bells and glockenspiels with the ability for the visitor to play them. Very nice and helpful staff are there to answer questions and assist.
Matteo Cerfogli
Nice musem and nice shop
Erica T
Small but soooooo interesting. Particularly good for children as there are lots of bells to try out and things which help you ‘feel’ the vibrations of the bells. You could do the whole museum in around 30 mins - we spent 45 though and cou.. Read more »
Asif Gohar
Beautiful place with great collection
amit singh
Good collection of bells
Oana Astalus-Munteanu
Great experience
Gigi R
Absolutely wonderful experience for everyone! Museum with a great collection of bells, including 1000 years old one you can touch! Visit the new factory with work in progress bells casting at different stages. Visit the old factory. Ring the bells as.. Read more »
Beatrice Stella D'Elia
I loved this small but very interesting museum! I learned a lot and I had the opportunity to know about the Grassmayr family! ❤️
Hadrian Augustyn
A young descendant of one of the owners gave us a tremendous insight into the history and current operations of the foundry. Highly recommended for anybody interested in the casting, history, or technology. Feel free to enjoy ringing all the bells yo.. Read more »
Tenshi Hara
It is a very nicely curated place. You can touch most of the bells and make them ring. Hands-on experience museum also suitable for kids. ;-)
Sasha Taylor
Fascinating place with activities (different bells for you to try). Lots of history. Downside is that it is relatively expensive for its size
Ian Rogers
Very interesting museum, informative video about founding bells. Good interactive area where you can play some bells and learn about how they work.
Charley Clarissa
You can purchase bells that have a more poignant sound than any other bell. The tour was very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.
Rhonda Pinkerton
I felt like I was walking back in time! I loved seeing the process of the bell making from the skilled family business for 15 generations.
Lourenço Ovidio
This is a great experience to see how the bells are made, what makes the different sounds and behind the museum there is a real bells factory with centuries of existence!