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Berlin, Germany
4.7 / 36
One of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. The main architectural ensemble consists of three buildings: the German and French cathedrals and a concert hall located in the middle. All three buildings are maintained in the tones of a strict classical style. In December, a Christmas tree is installed on the Gendarmenmarkt and the fair starts. Festive lighting is lit on the facades of the cathedrals and the Concert Hall.
Address:Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin



Rob Ortlieb
In both my trips to Berlin I have visited here, once to just say I went here and a second trip to understand the significance of this region of the city and what takes place here throughout the year (e.g. Christmas festival in winter) Make note that.. Read more »
kira lloyd
Such a beautiful square. Definitely worth visiting when in Berlin, I would highly recommend getting a free walking tour so you get to know more about the history.
Loukas Kontis
Perhaps the most beautiful square in Berlin. It is worth visiting. Of course, at this time they are renovating the buildings and the surrounding area, so you don't have a good picture at the moment!
V2 Travel
It has a 1 euro entrance fee, but its quite good to be here to taste different wines and local foods. Many stores are widely selling random stuffs like souvenirs and home decorations. A good place to hang out after strolling around the centre.
Jyoti Sinha
Well it is under construction, so not lucky enough to roam around.I have recently visited in mid March 2023, and unable to enter due to the construction but one can enjoy the weather and roam around here and still able to click pictures from temporar.. Read more »
Ollie Groth
€1 entry fee with no queue to enter. The location had changed to Babelplatz (I think that’s the name) due to construction in the original area, but I found it easily enough. The vibe was great, very authentic and German. A bit pricey, but .. Read more »
Natalia Ferber
Lovely historical square in Central Berlin. There are a few bars and cafes with searing area in it. In December there's a Xmas Market, you have to pay entry fee after 2 pm and is free in the morning. I visit it last year a few times as due to th.. Read more »
This is a very nice square with some beautiful, big buildings like the concert hall, churches... It is also a nice place to come and sit on a bench. Or with children because there is a lot of place for them to safely run around.
Girl On A Hunt
Beautiful peaceful place at night. Not much to do as an activity but the square is big and safe. It’s very calm. A very nice place for a date or leisurely walk.
Tilman Benecke
this is where the rascals from the villages come to play the game of cops and robbers with the municipal tasks. it's a big place that's great for hiding because there are no trees at all. Even the pretty fountain offers little privacy. i.. Read more »
Anna Rohde
It was a normal day, but it has something breathtaking within! I really love looking at this airy place! A lot of space, a lot of beautiful architecture. I can feel the calm there simultaniously feeling the seriousness of the history that happened th.. Read more »
Gregory Wlodarczyk
A year-round attraction and an important landmark in the city that takes on a unique character in the winter. One of the prettiest Christmas markets. Very wide culinary offer that provides everything you expect from a German market. Beautiful surroun.. Read more »
Neil Darler
Came here to see the square however the Christmas market fills it. It is the biggest Christmas market I have been to in Berlin and has lots to eat,drink and buy. It is a great setting and I can see why it’s popular. I think the best time person.. Read more »
Mark Mellema
Impressive architecture that is worth a visit. Especially in the evening when the buildings are illuminated. In winter the Christmas market is a great place to go to!
Linh Phan
This is one of my favorite Christmas market in Berlin and in Germany. I like the whole set up and decoration of the stalls. There is also live music performance which I enjoyed very much. Because of Covid they asked for your vaccination pass. Also pr.. Read more »
Francesco Bianchi (Talies
Lovely atmosphere, not too busy (but it was a Monday evening though...). 1 € to enter, also need to show a valid vaccine certification or test. Good food, good drinks!
Jack Wen Jui LIU
One of the most beautiful Christmas market in Berlin. You can defintely get quality food and decorations here! There are also performance on the stage. If you are traveling in Berlin around the Christmas time, make sure you give it a visit! Downsid.. Read more »
Mikey Kroeger
So much fun. This was the best market I went to! Plenty of shopping in warmth and food options. Make sure to get there early to avoid the lines getting in.
Alessandro Pinto
Definitely one of the best Christmas markets in Berlin. Filled with good places to sit and eat good food and drinks. It's better to go in the afternoon, before getting dark. I've just missed a place to take kids to play, but there's pl.. Read more »
Kevin Jennings
Really nice Christmas market. Broad selection of well-made products and great food. The only reason I didn't give 5 is the annoyance of people standing in groups clogging the pathways when there was plenty of room on the sides, in corners, and .. Read more »
Tatiany Pontes
The Christmas Market here is amazing. Worth a visit. Enjoy the gluhwein and food there. Also all the beautiful products for Christmas decorations for your home in a lovely way. ?
Praveen Mehrotra
An open square with three historical monuments. The main in center houses a museum also. Very popular among locals and tourists. I have passed through this place several time and am always fascinated by the shear magic of this place.
I loved it here. I spent the day sitting on the steps, drinking coffee, having lunch, watching people walk by, and sketching. Great place to relax and take in a bit of he city.
Saar DM
I find it one of the most beautiful places in Berlin. It reminds visitors of the great history and culture of the city. Interesting!
Shubhankar Valegaonkar
One of the most memorable places I've been to in Berlin, the culture and atmosphere (in spite of the pandemic and strict regulations) has a charm like no other. I came across a socially distanced Opera performance and Violin performance on the s.. Read more »
Tolga Öztürk
It's a square, very spacious, open and wide. Don't meet people here late at night, it's hard to find each other. Although if you are specific then it's a great place, you can even have some privacy
Concepcien España
This is an emblematic Christmas market in Berlin and well worth a visit. The atmosphere is enchanting: the music, the way people are dressed up and in a festive mood, and the various foods and beverages on offer. A great place to buy some articles yo.. Read more »
David Tuffley
Love the ambience of Gendarmenmarkt - its stately buildings with their noble proportions delight the eye every time. I walked past here everyday on my way to Humboldt University where I was studying and this beautiful square was a highlight. The Hilt.. Read more »
Nathan Eddy
One of the nicest squares in Berlin, dominated by the majestic ensemble of twin domes and Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Konzerthaus, it’s also home to a lovely Christmas market and ringed by the seriously unimpressive contributions of Germany.. Read more »
Manuel Rodriguez
....Such beautiful and energetic place, in my opinion a great place to pass the afternoon-night gathering with friends for a drink, delicious dinner or just to sit down and relax enjoying the view of the domes “identical structures on each side.. Read more »
Jay Donner
A very nice place when the weather is warm, worth a visit if you like history...
Foppe Wobbes
A very nice square, one of the better ones in Berlin I think.
Nice square with some cute coffee shops. Lively during the day but pretty dead in the evening.
Its good place to visit, but there is no events to do.
Vana Mavrakana
One of the most beautiful - if not the most beautiful - squares in Berlin. I love taking my pictures there every time I have the time. The coffes around it are simply great.
Donika Lilova
One of my favourite sites in Berlin. If you stand in the middle of the square facing the Concert Hall, you can see the German Church to the left and the French Church to your right. There are numerous restaurants and bars in the viconity.
Bendix Catch
Beautiful. A bit dead at night, a little touristy in summer. The Schiller memorial should have been a fountain. If you enjoy classical music as well as modern classic - without the fuzz opera tends to earn - the Konzerthaus is definitely a must.