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Galata Tower

Istanbul, Turkey
4.7 / 114
Galata Tower is a popular attraction in Istanbul that offers stunning views of the historic district. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city, especially during sunset. However, it is important to note that there are often long queues, with two separate lines for the ticket booth and the tower itself. The ticket price is around 650 TRY. While the interior of the tower may not offer much to see, the views from the top are worth it. The lifts only operate when going up, so visitors must be prepared to walk down the stairs. Despite some drawbacks, the breathtaking view from the top and the surrounding lively neighborhood make Galata Tower a must-visit location in Istanbul.
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Beautiful place. Romantic road. I very love this place. My friend suggest should be go there at 5-6pm. It's the best time
Light house in ancient times, but now is a museum. A great look from Asia to Europe and from Europe to Asia. Unfortunately at my visit, it was closed for visitors due to restoration work. But it's a must visit when you are in Istanbul. Market ar.. Read more »
This ancient watchtower is a good spot to give you a birds-eye view of the estuary and the old Istanbul city. The views are absolutely amazing. There is a steep set of stairs to go up, but it's worth it. There are many cafes around the tower as .. Read more »
It has nice architecture and atmosphere is cool. If you are going there don’t forget to have a cai from nearby restaurant and feel the atmosphere while relaxing. Streets are very nice and walk to there is a walk to remember.
I don’t really recommend unless you REALLY want to go. Prices differ if you’re a resident (30-60TL) or a tourist (650TL). Personally, I don’t think it was worth the money especially since they are doing construction on the top/outdo.. Read more »
Place with great views of historic district of Istanbul. Note that there are actually two lines. One to the ticket booth and the other to the tower. I went there on a sunset and it was epic. The ticket costs around 650 TRY (2.09.2023)
Overrated, nothing to see inside but the views are great. Lifts work only while going up, you have to walk on your way down Long queues - the place is in a big rush, museum pass works here, but you can’t skip the line which is annoying. Apart.. Read more »
Unbelievable view wow! I recommend to everyone visiting Istanbul to take the time and come here when the sun goes down, it simply is breathtaking and worth every single penny! For two you will pay 45€ ish they have an elevator up but if you want.. Read more »
Stunning architecture. Great up close and can be seen from a far. Personally I would not wait in line to go up, it’s always extremely busy. However it is probably worth while if you are in a shorter trip and want to see great views of Istanbul... Read more »
Amazing experience as I can claim that This is literally the most beautiful and most inspiring part of Istanbul in my humble opinion as This tower has magic in its looks and height, the shape and the position. You could certainly see the whole city o.. Read more »
350 lira to go inside and 30 minute wait in the cold. The walk towards the tower is quite nice, full of old buildings. Watching the sunset at the Tower was pleasant, although there were very many people. It was difficult to move. The view from the to.. Read more »
A must do attraction in Istanbul. The views are amazing both in the day and at nighttime. The place is very popular. Hence, the crowd can be overwhelming. Reservation is highly recommended. When we visited the tower was projected with live football .. Read more »
This is literally the most beautiful part of Istanbul in my opinion. This tower has magic in its height, shape and position. You could see the whole Istanbul from the top of it. The top of the tower contains a 360 degree balcony that gives access to .. Read more »
Great view, tickets are available outside. If you go early (9 or 10) you don't have to wait in line. But by the time we left (about an hour later), there was a short line outside. Once you go in, the elevator takes you to the top floor. You have.. Read more »
Really nice. Went while it rained which I liked. The misses thought it would be taller ??. Was really nice and cost 175TL (ticket only) per person which is an okay price. But the views were really nice with free binoculars stands to really enjoy the .. Read more »
I tried getting tickets online; multiple fails. The line for tickets was long, but moved pretty swiftly. Some people tried jumping the line - much to their credit, the ticket counter sent them to the back of the line. They control entry well so it do.. Read more »
If you are visiting Istanbul, then you just have to go here! It is a place of great historical value, inside of the tower there are the little museums on each floor explaining more of it's History... But when you are outside, you get the most be.. Read more »
Lovely landmark building, preserved to a fine standard. Amazing 360* views of Istanbul in its glory. The waiting queue can be quite long. But I’d definitely worth the wait. There is a fee to go inside. There is also a lift which unfortunately f.. Read more »
so many lovely spots to enjoy a drink/meal or a coffee. This attraction is always buzzing with a crowd. it was most enjoyable at night with the light projection on the tower. the tower has a great view from it and I recommend doing it. This attractio.. Read more »
Absolutely a must see. It's an iconic landmark and the view from the top is breathtaking. You can walk all around the tower and see the entirety of this gorgeous city. It seems this landmark is also where people take their significant other when.. Read more »
I would suggest visiting Galata tower on a weekday or weekend morning - it's less crowded. You will absolutely enjoy it on a sunny day when Istanbul at its best and you can see as far as the Princess islands or even bluish mountains of Bursa. T.. Read more »
A very well maintained monument. Every thing from buying ticket to visit the top of the tower was smooth. There is an elevator in the tower, but its better if you take the stairs on the way down. On every floor, they have different entertaining thing.. Read more »
It is a great place to visit. Amazing view of Istanbul opens up from the top floor, you can even go outside and take beautiful pictures. Beware of the wind! But for those who are scared, there are binoculars available inside. An audio guide can be he.. Read more »
One of the most popular and must-visit attractions in Istanbul. Beautiful 360 views of the city. I went there last evening and took some beautiful golden hour and night shots of the city. You can visit anytime but I would suggest visiting at last ev.. Read more »
An impressive construction of the tower won’t leave you calm. It is so nicely done, decorated and preserved. Conveniently located in one of the most popular parts of the city. Other then having a great city overview, you can learn some histor.. Read more »
I don’t normally review famous tourist sites but this one was amazing. 100 TL per person was a bargain (in my opinion) to get a breathtaking view of Istanbul. Caught the sunset there and took some nice shots on my camera too! definitely recomme.. Read more »
If you ever go to see Galata Tower, make sure you buy a ticket to go up! The experience won’t be complete without it. Up there you will see a 360 degree view of the whole Istanbul, including European side. It’s a pity I came here only at .. Read more »
One of the most happening places in Istanbul.. Tons of cafes around and you have many places to shop in the vicinity. Crowded well beyond the wee hours, the tower is great any time of the day. Also happens to be one of the oldest towers in the world .. Read more »
A very nice experience located in the middle of Istanbul. We took an elevator all the way to the top were you can see a 360 view of Istanbul. We took the stairs down to enjoy each of the levels at the tower. Some had history exhibits, lookout points,.. Read more »
I love this place. As a matter of fact, this is a very important structure for our country. It has a height of 70 meters. It has a restaurant with a great view. There is also a helicopter simulator inside. When you come to Istanbul on your vacation, .. Read more »
The whole area is very nice. Many shops and restaurants around. The view on the top is unbeatable! If you wanna get a whole view of Istanbul, this is the place to be. We even witness a proposal there. I guess it's also onw of the hottest sp.. Read more »
Built in 500 A.D., Galata Tower is one of the dominating landmarks of Istanbul. It was used as a watchtower to help defend the city. Old tower near the Golden Horn. Can be seen easily from around the city. Does cost to enter, but is neat just to see.. Read more »
It's beautiful, but authentic only outside. Everything made up pretty modern inside. View is really cool, but the price is quite big right now - 100 liras for tourists (one person). And month ago it was only 30. You should be in the mask inside .. Read more »
I was lucky that I attended when it was not so crowded. The view was amazing. Luckily, I have chosen the right time between day and evening, so I could see the beauty of daylight Istanbul and Nightlights. So, I strongly recommend you guys to just cho.. Read more »
In my opinion, it's not a must if you don't care much about the 360° view. The tower has an elevator going up and alternative stairs to come down with. Up there you go and enjoy the view or taking a picture and learn more about the towe.. Read more »
Very awesome place with great panoramic view on Istanbul. We were lucky to get there by the late evening and the view were magnificent with all the mosques in beautiful lights. The exhibition is somewhat lacking, but still cute. You can use lift to g.. Read more »
Perfect view point of the city! Photo location ? All the roads, bridges and Bosporus is on the hand. Use the elevator to get on the top and go down by stairs. There are Senegal nice floors with a miniature of the city, small cinema and a museum. Is .. Read more »
So beautiful at night!! The flip side is that I went in the evening and the place was full of tourists and locals so that made it difficult to take pictures. There are lot of coffee shops around the Tower and there is an amazing ambience. It'.. Read more »
The Galata tower is one Istanbul landmarks and highlights to visit. It's also a great orientation landmark for those not familiar with the city, as it's visible from almost everywhere, standing on the European side north from the Golden Hor.. Read more »
Great and interesting place to visit for history lovers! Located in city center, easy to reach from both sides, 20 min by foot from Taksim square ! There are elevators for people inside tower which make process to visit upper floor very easy ! Amazin.. Read more »
First day in Istanbul we visited this tower. It gives a great view! However it's very crowded, with a bit of patience it's very easy to get around the whole tower. Pro tip: Check the time that sunset will be and enjoy the beautiful colors!
Worth visiting, although the queue was little long but we made in perfect time at the time of dawn, the best time would be 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm in summer. You can observe the city view in both daylight and night. Have a look at pictures taken in daylig.. Read more »
Great and interesting place to visit for history lovers! Located in city center, easy to reach from both sides, 20 min by foot from Taksim square ! There are elevators for people inside tower which make process to visit upper floor very easy ! Amazin.. Read more »
Narrow old streets around Galata tower offer you Souvenirs and local custom made textile. Some accept card but make sure to take some cash. Slowly the streets bring you to the İstiklal street and the TAKSİM Square.
I love this place, around the Galata Tower you can find nice and cool spots, unfortunately it was closed due restoration and mantain, an afternoon walk and beer is a must around this nice neighborhood. Travelers, Istanbul is just magic Was very nice.. Read more »
This tower is historic and you can enjoy the scene of Galata towers from everywhere in Istanbul city. I recommend you buy a ticket and view the old town. You have to see the narrow streets around Galata.
Galata Tower is currently closed for restoration works. From the exterior it looks amazing and while closed, the story of the Tower is depicted on the hoardings surrounding it and on the information stand outside. Almost 500 years old - well kind o.. Read more »