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Galata Bridge

Istanbul, Turkey
4.7 / 92
Galata Bridge in Istanbul is a unique and bustling attraction that offers a variety of experiences. It serves as a connection between the Faith side and the European side, but its potential goes beyond that. The bridge is pedestrian-friendly, with walkways underneath on both sides that allow visitors to enjoy a leisurely stroll close to the water, away from the traffic. However, keep in mind that there are steps to navigate to reach the roadway halfway across. During the day, you'll find people fishing from the bridge, adding a charming and lively element to the atmosphere. The bridge also boasts a range of eateries on the lower level, offering a chance to indulge in local cuisine while enjoying a great view of the water. At night, the bridge transforms into a stunning vantage point to admire the illuminated cityscape, including the beautiful mosques. It is a popular spot for tourists, although some may find the restaurants on the walkways a bit too touristy and persistent in grabbing attention. Walking across Galata Bridge is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Istanbul. It is not a long bridge, making it easy to cross, and the views it provides are breathtaking. You can observe people fishing, enjoy the proximity to the tram station, and on a clear day, relish in a pleasant walk across the bridge. One of the highlights of the bridge is watching the fishermen in action. They are often seen catching small fish, such as sprats, and pulling up multiple fish at a time. Be aware of their fishing lines and try to find a spot where you can sit and enjoy the passing boats without getting tangled. What makes Galata Bridge truly special is its cultural significance. Walking on the bridge, especially in the afternoon, allows you to witness the fishermen enjoying music and dancing while fishing. The bridge offers panoramic views of the city, including the Galata Tower, mosques, boats, and other bridges. It is a truly unique experience. However, be cautious of the touristy restaurants on the lower level, as they can be quite insistent and may try to overcharge you. The bridge provides nice views and a colorful atmosphere. You can witness people fishing, take in the sight of the Galata Tower on one side, and the Sofia church on the other. The lower part of the bridge is home to various restaurants, adding to the vibrant ambiance. If you are exploring Istanbul on foot, crossing Galata Bridge is a must. It provides a vibrant and energetic glimpse into the city's spirit. The stunning views from all sides of the bridge offer a wide-angle representation of Istanbul, capturing iconic landmarks such as the mosques. Don't miss the opportunity to take panoramic photos from this conveniently located spot. Visiting Galata Bridge is an essential part of your Istanbul experience. This local attraction is interesting and easy to access. It stands out from other bridges with its unique design, featuring two levels. As you walk across the bridge, you'll witness numerous fishermen catching fish right from the bridge itself. The chaotic yet controlled operation of shops, boats, and taxis in close proximity is a sight to behold, as they navigate with mere inches between them. To enhance your experience, consider arriving at the bridge via boat. The affordable boat ride, costing less than 1 Euro, provides a different perspective of the city. Despite the bustling crowds and tourist activity, the overall experience of Galata Bridge is truly worth it. In summary, Galata Bridge offers a must-visit, one-of-a-kind experience in Istanbul. It provides spectacular views, opportunities to witness local fishing traditions, and a unique blend of cultural and culinary offerings. Whether you choose to stroll across the bridge, enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants, or capture panoramic photos, Galata Bridge is an essential stop for any visitor to Istanbul.
Address:Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Galata Köprüsü
Phone:+90 4440160



I don't think I've seen a singular bridge be used to this much potential. Not only does it connect the Faith side to the European side, there's a whole bunch of eateries on the underbelly and you'll also find people fishing during.. Read more »
Nice pedestrian-friendly bridge between Galata and Cagaloglu. There are pedestrian walkways underneath on either side, to walk close to the water and away from traffic, although you have to climb up and down some steps to the roadway halfway across. .. Read more »
This bridge is very famous and a must visit for anyone. It isn’t that long and one can cross it easily. You will find a lot of people fishing from the bridge. There are also a lot of fish restaurants on the lower level of the bridge. Be careful.. Read more »
Great views. See people fishing , great spot near the tram station as well. On a good weathered day, nice to walk across the bridge
Lovely to walk across this bridge and watch the fishermen - they fish for small sprat sized fish which they pull up normally at least 2 or 3 at a time. Under the bridge is a whole load of restaurants all with a great view over the water. There is a s.. Read more »
Very nice bridge because of how cultural it is, when you walk especially in the afternoon you can see the fishermen listening to music and dancing while fishing, you can see the mosques, the Galata tower, the boats, the other bridges, really a very u.. Read more »
Nice views, you can see many people fishing, also the view from the bridge towards the Galata tower and on the other side the Sofia church, there are restaurants in the lower part of the bridge, the place is very colorful.
If you are visiting the city by foot, crossing Galata Bridge is a must. You will get a feel of how vibrant Istanbul is! The views from all sides of the bridge are stunning and will provide wide-angle representation of the city. Very convenient locati.. Read more »
Interesting and easy to access local attraction. It has its own unique style as unlike most bridges, it has two levels and as you walk across the bridge you will see many fishermen catching fish right from the bridge. Great foe watching all the shops.. Read more »
*** A Must-Visit Spectacular View, Coupled with an Affordable Scenic Boat Ride *** The bridge in Istanbul is a must-see. Crossing it offers views of the city's picturesque scenery. However, be prepared for a crowd; the entire area can be hectic.. Read more »
I had the pleasure of walking across the iconic Galata Bridge during my recent trip to Istanbul, and it was an experience that I'll never forget. The view of the city skyline from the middle of the bridge is simply breathtaking, and watching the.. Read more »
While this bridge is not the most beautiful within the city, it is the most vibrant. There are so many restaurants below it, wonderful views around it and a lot of fisherman trying their luck on top of it. I originally planned to just walk across the.. Read more »
The bridge has walkways at street level on both sides from where you can view Istanbul's skyline, watch the boats and fishermen fishing off the bridge. Below street level are also walkways and many restaurants. I found a good restaurant to sit d.. Read more »
Yeah when you look at the bridge by night, it’s very beautiful, and to walk a cross it is interesting, you can take pictures near the boats passing under the bridge. You can find also good restaurants there with a awesome view but the prices a.. Read more »
Bridge have a very nice view for mosque and Galata Tower. Under the bridge you can find sidewalks with restaurants where you can buy and eat fresh fishes which are coming from the canal. Roads and sidewalks needs renovation but anyway nice to visit.
Excellent spot to feel the spirit of Istanbul. Busy, connecting two sides of the city, with fishermen on the top and restaurants running under the bridge, never stoping. Good place to enjoy traditional fish sandwich and look at the busy maritime traf.. Read more »
Tremendous views over the city. Lots of restaurants with different price tag. In one I saw french fries for 6 euros and in another one you can get a soup and a meal for this money. Fishermen, dirt all around the bridge, stairs to climb, all exotic s.. Read more »
This place was spectacular the view was so beautiful. You get a nice view of the Asian side, especially if you use the binoculars/ telescope cost just 1 TL. There was many nice restaurants on the lower part of the bridge would make a good evening mea.. Read more »
We were going to get the ferry across from Sultanahmet to Galata but it looked a bit chaotic so we walked instead. We stayed on the lower level where we could but in the middle section you have to use the upper level. The lower level is pedestrian .. Read more »
Raw view of the expanse of the city. Straddle the two continents amongst the bait fishermen who sell you their catch on the spot. The views are insane and just so beautiful spot to admire this luxurious city
Lovely bridge with a pleasant view. Spend half the walk on water level (no need to sit in the restaurants eager to pull you in - classic tourist trap), and then the rest on the actual bridge, where you can see the long row of men fishing.
Friendly fisherman’s on this area and nice view. The sad part is that they are spending whole day at that bridge just to earn 100 lira and even less because it’s like 50 people fishing in that area. apparently if you buy this kind of fish.. Read more »
Beautiful bridge, even though it’s really crowded. But it has kinda 2 floors, so I recommend you to go downstairs and walk there. There are many cafes, so you might grab some food and chill there. Spectacular views on both side of the bridge.
Istanbul is such a lovely city at the junction of the west and east. The city has rich culture and vibrant life. Hanging out and just sitting on the coast overlooking the Gelata bridge was such a delight. It is a city I have been twice and experience.. Read more »
I enjoyed a walk on Galata Bridge watching locals fishing and kids playing round and touring ships moving around with tourists on it. The weather was so nice. I liked the place and I eat fish sandwich on the other side of the bridge .
A bridge is a bridge... But what surrounds is certainly worth discovering/living. And for sure street food on the docks is great, especially the fish roll. But beauty wise this bridge has nothing special. Still you have the first deck full with resta.. Read more »
Visited here in March, 2018. This bridge as well as its surrounding square are the place of relief for local people and also one of the hottest destinations in Turkey for tourists. That's why this area is so crowded, hectic, and extremely exciti.. Read more »
The bridge spans the Golden Horn Bay. It has two levels: the top has wonderful panoramic views, and on the lower level there are many seafood restaurants. Fishermen are the bridge's calling card. The fresh catch is served right there in the rest.. Read more »
It ha a great location. Can you imagine one upon a time there use to be a chain instead of the bridge. There are a lot of nice fish restaurant in the bridge. You able to see lots of fishherman hanging their fishing rod. When you are here you should d.. Read more »
It is a small part of local life, culture and people! The view from the bridge is breath taking. You can see most of museums, palaces, mosques and so on. And you will always meet fishermen in bridge no matter it is winter or summer!
When I went there, it was full of people fishing. You can see in the attached photos; it's amazing ? From the bridge, you could many prominent and beautiful buildings in Istanbul, notably Galata Tower! The golden horn is extremely beautiful, f.. Read more »
Very beautiful and very romantic place especially during sunset. On the upper deck you can join fisher men with a great fishing experience, and at the lower deck there are too many restaurants but here you must be very careful about prices (prices ar.. Read more »
The tower is situated at the top of the hill which offers a good view. However as of today it is under construction and one can not visit the tower to the top from the inside. There are many cafés near by to sit and enjoy the ambience.
Galata Bridge or the Fisherman's Bridge. This bridge is famous for two things: fishing on the upper deck and seafood restaurants at the sea level. The restaurants are great and a must try for the people visiting Istanbul from other countries.the.. Read more »
One off my best night in Istanbul into galata Bridge eating four different fishies
The views from the bridge are for 5, but the bridge it self puts it to 4. You need to cross it during the night and day to feel that Istambulu
The view is splendid but staff working at restaurants downstairs are a bit intrusive sometimes to the point of being rude so I'd recommend taking the upstairs route if the weather permits.
A bit crowded most of the time but the view from it looks amazing
Lovely Galata bridge! You can sit there and watch amazing sunset and beautiful Seagulls and order delicious food. There are lots of restaurants with live music and wonderful seafood. You can have enjoyable evening here.