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Friedhof Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria
4.9 / 66
The cemetery is located next to St. Peter's Abbey in the historic center of Salzburg. This place has long become a unique and priceless historical heritage of the city and is included in the list of the most popular attractions. The remains of many famous townspeople are buried here. The first graves, according to research, appeared in the first centuries of our era. Now in the cemetery you can find the surviving burials of the 12th century.
Address:Sankt-Peter-Bezirk 1, Salzburg
Phone:+43 662 8445760



Bogdan Marcelan
The cemetery of St. Peter's Abbey in Salzburg is among the most beautiful and oldest cemeteries in the world. Cemetery of St. Petra, next to the cemetery in the Nonnberg Abbey, is the oldest Christian burial ground in Salzburg. There are catacom.. Read more »
Budeanu Alexandru
A must see. You get a different perspective of the castle on top of the hill. There are some interesting symbols on graveyards. You can also access the "catacombs" for 2 euro. You get a top view of this cemetery only if you go to these cata.. Read more »
Andrea Nori
Definitely the most beautiful and interesting part of the entire abbey! Believe me that it's not just about the tombs, that actually only those are wonderful, but the place itself is fantastic, also because you can also see some interesting glim.. Read more »
william bossom
Grave marker is cooler than the full size statue. Very picturesque cemetery.
Borza G. Judit
It is strange to review a cemetery, but it in an emblematic medieval cemetery with catacombs in front of Hohensalzburg. Despite the hustle and bustle of visitors, it is captivating place with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It is stunning with beauti.. Read more »
You can a take a little tour that cost €2 but only takes around 10-15 min and very stretchy stairs. By the way only pay with cash they don’t accept card.
This is the highlight of my trip to salzburg! This cemetery is so gorgeous and breathtaking! It gives death a sweet feeling and a good vibe that the dead are resting in peace and harmony with nature! I loved it! I am usually not interested in visitin.. Read more »
Merry Go Round (サトウ)
We don't normally visit cemeteries but this is one of the exception. ❤️❤️❤️They are beautiful even though it's an old cemetery and Church there is certainly peaceful to walking around with beautiful flowers and different mausoleums that da.. Read more »
Brian Saylor
Interesting cemetery attached to The Franciscan Friary. Many interesting tombstones and a quaint little chapel that should be looked at.
Ian Yates
Beautiful architecture and plantings combine to make the graveyard and catacombs a place of wonderment.
Sara Montebrusco
It seems weird to rate a cemetery, but this spot was so beautiful and the view to the fortress was so nice from here, that I had to give it 5 stars. Very well-maintained cemetery: green and full of flowers. Maybe one of my favourite spots in the city.. Read more »
Paul Parzyszek
Attractive cemetery with well maintained and compact graves. Colorful plants and scultpure make this one of the most 'artistic' cemeteries I've seen. The catacombs in the cliff offer nice views of the cemetery, but aren't very imp.. Read more »
Flynn Surion
Incredible and unique place. A must see in Salzburg for all fans of History and dark stuff. Very easy to find and it doesn't take long to visit it entirely. Plus it's free, except for the catacombs.
Angelo Baaklini
Nice and calm church with a pretty garden and cemetery place
Kristy Thibodeau
A beautiful crypt and cemetery that has a mix of history and serenity. A beautiful place to walk through.
Adrian Hajduk
One of the most stunning and original burial sites in Europe. Great Opportunity to visit while sightseeing fortess and old town of Salzburg
Really beautiful but don’t bother with the catacombs.
Seb Lamb
Beautiful - and even idyllic - place to spent a couple of minutes.
kuma zuki
The catacombs are the highlight. Very old and pretty creepy.