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Frederik's Church

Copenhagen, Denmark
4.9 / 81
The temple began to be built in the XVIII century in a pompous Baroque style, but the work dragged on for almost 150 years due to lack of funds. At the end of the 19th century, it was possible to find the necessary amount and finish the construction, but they had to abandon expensive Norwegian marble and use cheaper limestone. The church is crowned by a huge dome with a diameter of 31 meters. The temple is named after King Frederick V, since the monarch himself laid the first stone in its foundation.
Address:Frederiksgade 4, København
Phone:+45 33 91 27 06



Mike Aoun
Amazing church, it is smaller from the inside than what it looks like from the outside, but i loved the details ! Free entrance so you can expect some crowd there, but i loved the architecture and interior.
Didi Annandale
Beautiful building (sometimes called the marble church) It's one of the most beautiful churches I've been to in Copenhagen. The church opened 145 years after the foundation stone was laid. The ceiling has an intricate design with the disci.. Read more »
SebCeleste M
Marvellous architectural gem in the heart of Copenhagen and not to be missed. The entrance is free. There is a sign to be aware of pickpockets. The dome of Frederik’s church is spectacular too and the church is right next to the Monarch’s.. Read more »
Chandra Kanth Reddy
The view is great if you can come around sunrise or sunset. Its also not crowded on the streets
Finailla Hackwood
Just stunning! I would love to have attended a service here, the acoustics and surroundings would have made it feel very special. It was busy with visitors but thankfully quiet and peaceful. The leaflet gave so much information but we only saw them o.. Read more »
Veronika Wilčkova
Beautiful church from the outside and inside. It is also well visible from the water when you go on a sightseeing cruise or rent your own boat. There are lines of tourists, but it goes quickly. Admission is free. Please note that they are open after .. Read more »
Lily Chan
Very beautiful Frederik's Church (Danish: Frederiks Kirke), popularly known as The Marble Church (Marmorkirken) for its rococo architecture, is an Evangelical Lutheran church in Copenhagen, Denmark. The church forms the focal point of the Freder.. Read more »
F. Stewart
A Beautiful marble church. Surrounded by statues of men from Copenhagen church society and saints. A place to contemplate. Beautiful inside. Free to enter. Across the road from Christiansborg palace and on the hop on hop off red bus route.
Toni Sterling
This church is a marvelous sight to see! Wonderful detail inside and out. There was information about the church available in multiple languages, including English.
Sergio Martínez
A very big and very beautiful church with an amazing painted ceiling with religious images. The outside facade it’s delightfull, specially with its cupola/dome at the top making it visible from really far away and an authentic architectural mas.. Read more »
Omar Gomez
One of the most amazing buildings I have seen so far. Spectacular! Both the inside and outside of it is something to behold. You can enter free of charge.
Marin “SayanMk” Kolev
Like most big buildings in Copenhagen, this one is also superb on the outside and not so impressive on the inside. Basically over a metro station, it's easily accessible. The most impressive part are the statues outside though.
Tina Fisher
Beautiful! The craftsmanship is beyond words. We took time to sit inside and reflect. Take time to walk around the church as well.
SvetLana Podorozhko
Incredible architecture! There is a very pleasant atmosphere inside the cathedral! So beautiful! You can go inside, sit on a bench, look at the incredible wall paintings and feel the peace!
Ilan Kader
Beautiful church with a large green dome. Stunning architecture outside and inside. Close to Amalienborg castle. Free entrance.
Allie W
Really big church with lots of seating inside and natural lighting. There are pamphlets in the entryway to learn more about the church as well. Admission: Free entry!
Dee-Aye Acuna
Wow of the nicest church i visited in scandinavia. It is very solemn and peaceful inside. The exterior looks magnificent too.
Kirk Boerner
A beautiful quote place. You can find other churches in this style in Europe - I like it…. Every time a humbling experience.
Kumar Gaurav Singh
Amazing architecture near operah house and Nyhavn. Must visit inside as it has its own vibe with beautiful painting and inner decoration. Mainten silence when inside as it is still church.
Shasha Yu
A stunning church with rococo architecture, one of the largest domes. Exquisite and elaborate style with beautiful ornate and unique design. Free entry. You can see the details and contemplate its perfection and grandeur. A must visit in Copenhagen!
Irina Kravchuk
Very beautiful rococo church near Amalienborg. Its huge dome can bee seen from the waterfront near Amalien Garden. Recommend to go inside the church and see this amazing dome from inside - atmosphere inside really impresses.
Mo Amani
Amazing architecture in and out! We were lucky to arrive when there was a choir on. Really enjoyed this part of our trip!
Christy Lai
A beautiful church near the Amalienborg. It’s free and quite inside. Can take a rest and enjoy the stunning architecture in the church.
Karol Giraldo
Lovely church. You can see the top from many places over the city. It’s even more beautiful on the inside.
Hans-Michael Varbaek
Excellent architecture and a must see if you're in Copenhagen. Inside be quiet as it is a real church too
João Carmo
A beautiful building that you can visit anytime you're wandering about Amalienborg Palace. You can go in and have a sit while contemplating the majesty of it all. Frederick's Church has the largest church dome in Scandinavia and you can def.. Read more »
Matt Royle
Amazing piece of architecture. Stunning. Free entry, beautiful inside. Magnificent.
Bezirk Schlan
A beautiful church, the largest of its kind in all of Scandinavia. Some people say it was inspired by the famous St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Free entry.
Leslie Shoemaker
This is a lovely spot to pause, take in the beautiful surroundings, catch your breath and even plan where to go next. The surrounding area this church is located in is stunning and full of history and is worth a ramble.
Mariah Schimon
This is a spectacular church. I'm glad I decided to go inside and check it out. It was well worth the visit.
Christos Hahopoulos
Spectacular cathedral, with breathtaking roof and architecture. Made of marble. Perfectly combined with Amalienborg which stands in front. Must see when in Copenhagen!
O Everything
Beautiful old church. It’s right next to Amalienborg, so I went to it after the changing of the guards. You must be quiet inside, so it isn’t something you should visit with young kids. From the outside it’s stunning, but from the i.. Read more »
Shai Ghelberg
Well, it's a church, quite beautiful and impressive from the outside, not as impressive from the inside. It was quite crowded when we came. It's located very close to many other attractions so it's worth a visit but I wouldn't m.. Read more »
Elise V. Duijn
Very magical church. Beautifull pictures. People having respect for the church.
Cristina Jael
Beautiful church in Copenhagen, it has the biggest dome in Europe.It was also very solemn. The emerald dome is more beautiful in person.
Frederic VALLUET
Nice monument. It has to be visited for its wonderful painted cupola and its superb old organ. I can just guess its acoustic should sound amazingly.
Amazing Construction church and beautiful christianity simbol
Elias Saad
In the near vicinity of Amalienborg, lies the magnificent Frederik's Church, one of the most beautiful churches of Copenhagen, and one of the city's top attractions. The church was built in in rococo style in the 18th and 19th century, and .. Read more »
A must go when you're in Copenhagen, not just because of the church but for the great location where you can easily visit the queen's castle and have a walk on front of the opera house
Ana Bressan
Beaultiful!! A wonderful Old "Kirke"!
Thomai Stergioti
A nice church. I recommend to visit it.
Bernadett Wágner
One of my fave buildings in Copenhagen
Ali.Chohan 110
Nice place must be visited but right now there's a construction going on.
Simone H.
Wonderful inside,free entrance
Vlad Mozgovoi
Beautiful church
Viviana Rincón Montes
Gorgeous marble church!
Choi Cheung
Beautiful domed ceiling
Frank Deehan
Spectacular church. The architecture is absolutely brilliant
debasish baidya
Having good experience...best view from river opposite site
Eileen Weed
I just finished with seeing Amalienborg Palace and I was heading towards Rosenborg Castle when I saw this church and stepped in. Apparently it was in ruins for 150 years before being finished! It has a beautiful dome area, and when I was there the or.. Read more »
Iben Jørgensen
My favorit church in Europe. The rounded shape gives diversity and just a wonderful welcoming atmospheres. I have chosen not to upload a pic because you have to feel and see this place in real life
Giovanni Balzi
I would say that the whole square is a little hidden Jewel of Copenhagen, maybe a little too much covers by other buildings not only has a style that is not easy to find anywhere else in the city but it also give you the vibe of a throwback in time i.. Read more »
Julia Bogdanovna
A very beautiful place. A church is small but the architecture outside and inside is definitely worth seeing. Outside it is a very beautiful and recognizable building. Inside, it is very beautiful with great vibes place. The church is small and it ta.. Read more »
Elizabeth Best
As far as churches go it isn’t the best I’ve seen but it was really very beautiful. It gave a very calming presence as it should and was beautifully constructed. I felt safe and at ease as one should in the house of god and it was a nice .. Read more »