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Frederic Chopin Museum

Warsaw, Poland
4.7 / 100
Frederic Chopin is a well-known Polish composer whose career was connected with Warsaw. The museum exposition consists of items belonging to the musician. In addition to letters, musical scores, and personal items, you can see the piano here, behind which the master worked. In addition to the traditional exhibition, there is a multimedia exhibition where you can find out about the details of the biography of Chopin.
Address:Pałac Gnińskich, Okólnik 1, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 441 62 51



Sofia Maria GIORDANO
This has got to be THE BEST MUSEUM I have ever visited! It was so moving. Learning about Chopin's life and listening to his music whilst walking in the museum was idyllic. I hope I can go back to Poland soon!!!
I've heard of the name Chopin and listened to some of his masterpieces. Worth the visit:) It'd be enjoyable if you find a song you've heard but don't know its name. Free ticket available on every Wednesday!
Viktorija Kis
A very insightful museum. We also got the opportunity to watch a live piano concert (which was included in our ticket for free!) by Piotr Sołtysik who wonderfully played some of Chopins masterpieces. Hope to come by again in the future :)
Adrian Foong
Housed in an elegantly restored building, easy to reach by foot from the Metro station Nowy Świat-Uniwersytet. Fun interactive exhibits where one can listen to and read about most of Chopin's works, including his lesser known pieces. There were .. Read more »
Shayla Van Hal
Really lovely museum. I was expecting a bit more of a progression past Chopin's early life and most productive years, as his health was quite poor towards the end of his life. A timeline of his life is provided in the basement, but it seemed lik.. Read more »
Bulcsú Kereszti
Very interesting place. The staff is kind, and helpful. Good thing that you can visit the museum for free on Wednesday. It's a beautiful commemoration of Chopin. Elegant, informative, good location in the city centre. 10 minutes walk from the Ol.. Read more »
Well presented museum dedicated to Frederic Chopin and his life. There are lots of manuscripts and relics from the composer’s life that are displayed in the museum. You can learn a lot from here. I also really enjoyed the digital screens that d.. Read more »
Rose Peterson
The museum is well organized, a room dedicated to Warsaw, to all the women in his life, to his music where you can listen to his compositions and understand the movements and virtuoso skills. Free on Wednesday’s. A room for the children to play.. Read more »
Oksana Krasnokutska
Digital museum, lots of information about music creations of Chopin, amazing concert hall and fantastic concert, for viewing everything carefully+concert at least 3 years will be required
Johan Gillgren
Fantastic museum dedicated to Frederick Chopin, located in an old mini castle. This castle was completed destroyed during World War Two and is now rebuilt in its old style. Great acoustics. And many interesting pieces on display. A Must see for music.. Read more »
Karolina Palussek
I knew that at the end of April 2023 the restoration will end, so I came on the Museum Night with my sister 💫🌃 There were beautiful concerts in the Romantic Garden and the staff inside were very willing to talk about Chopin's valuable memorabil.. Read more »
all music lovers, this is a museum for you! immerse yourself in the life and music of one of the greatest Polish composers in history - Fryderyk Chopin. you’ll walk out of here reminded why you love music?
The exhibitions are very interesting and detailed. I particularly enjoyed the room in which you can listen to all Chopin's works. It's just a pity that there isn't a playable piano for tourist around the entrance, that would've be.. Read more »
flora Hsieh
Highly recommend!! Very cosy environment. The perfect integration of classic and high-tech. I enjoyed the piano concert. Many interactive facilities that help me to learn a lot of knowledge about Chopin’s music. Friendly staffs.
Gergely Nagy
The music-playing drawers are superb. Good multimedia guide. The best place if you want to get familiar with Chopin's life and his lovely music.
Home slice bread
An amazing and well-done tribute to the most famous Romantic composer for the piano almost always as a solo instrument! The lady in the gift shop helped select memorable gifts?
natasa tsakiridi
Very informative and big. Nice experience worth to learn about Chopin's life, work, experiences, women, health. Friendly and helpful staff
Rose An
The museum is so well-organised and interesting. It provides lot of knowledge about Chopin’s career and life and some space to enjoy music. Surprising the ticket is unbelievably cheap. We only paid 2 zloty for 2 people and they even gave us 2 C.. Read more »
S Wright
Very interesting museum with many great things to look at and learn from. The service was very friendly and the staff were very helpful. It was Chopin’s birthday week so they gave us some fun party hats as we entered, and a free CD. Highly reco.. Read more »
Excellent museum, the entry is very cheap and it’s very well organised, guiding you through all stages of the life of a Chopin, his artistic career but also his personal life. There plenty of documents and interactive stations and it’s we.. Read more »
Yael Arusi
The vast majority of the items presented were only copies, some of them had no explanation as to their connection to Chopin. There’s something disappointing about physically coming to a museum and seeing things that you can look at in a book or.. Read more »
Anastasia Stefanyshyn
We were lost here for more than 3 hours. 4 floors for such pleasant entrance fee. Recommended for visiting. This building is pure aesthetics from the outside and inside, these walls heard Chopin’s first concert, and this is a place where you c.. Read more »
Even if you aren't Chopin's fan and your knowledge about his art = 0, visit this museum. All conditions for visitors are perfect, they use technologies to explain and describe Chopin's life, you can use touch panels to read information.. Read more »
Angelina Magpie
Admission free day on Wednesday, nice offer that we’ve gladly taken. Great museum with lots of original exhibits. History of Chopin is told meticulously. I especially like the interactive platforms which you can see in every room. Neat little s.. Read more »
Robert Soko
What a beautiful place. Really fascinating. A must for the Chopin's fans; you can see, you can hear and you can feel his presence in this house. Frycek at home!
Jaime Molero Jaén
Nice museum, extremely recommended if you area Chopin fan. If you are not, it might get too specific, but in the free day to visit you can really spend a nice time listening to his pieces and reading some interesting facts.
Margaux Schuler
Very good 1h experience, great interactivity and Chopin's life is really well narrated! I much recommend this museum if you're passing through Warsaw
Daniel Van lierop
It was very interesting experience seeing works of art inspired by Chopin. Very informative of his life and art. Recommend checking it out for music lovers.
Dmitry Lvov
Absolutely must visit while in Warsaw. Beautiful building incredible facts and exhibition.
Ihor Parashchenko
I visited this place where I had extremely great opportunity to learn more information Frederic Chopin's life! This was enormous chance to find out more about one of geniuses that time and who created immortal music! Thanks very intelligent and .. Read more »
César Moreno
A very advanced museum and also very interesting, I enjoyed the whole tour
z z
Most unique place in Warsaw, location and object and museum...not far a way from City center.
Aleksandar Jovanović
Wonderful place with nicely organized exhibits including original items from Chopin's life. Guides are pleasant and very inclined to give you a good and fun learning experience about life of Chopin.
jayesh kawli
It's an amazing place with detailed and comprehensive collection of Chopin life. It houses his piano, his life and how to became the renowned pianist and composer that world knows today. It's meticulously designed and well organized in eve.. Read more »
Esneider Zamudio
The building are amazing but I can't be inside for the pandemic
Marla Theil
You should bring some time with you, it's beautiful
Lajos Kocsis
Very nice museum with a comprehensive exhibition, covering multiple aspects of Chopin’s life as well as the contemporary Polish history. If you like his work you can easily spend here 3-4 hours even. I especially liked the basement where you ca.. Read more »
Sarah Leong
The museum didn't engage me. Lots of reading rather than interactive exhibits. Coronavirus had caused restrictions though.
Very modern museum, lots of interactive touch screens with info text and photos representing Chopin's life. Mandatory for all classical music lovers! You can spend all afternoon reading and listening to the music.
Bernat Ibáñez
Although all the stands with headphones were shut down due to coronavirus, it still was a magical experience. With patience, one gets to know who Chopin really was. Moreover, Chopin's works are always great to listen.
Nisha Dream
This is a must-go when in Warsaw. Free entrance on Wednesdays. Chopin's compositions can be heard upon entrance wich puts you in a great mood.
Abraham Briseño Moreno
I wasn't fully aware of Chopin's life and career so this museum was perfect to get to know more about his life and what inspired his work. It is super interactive so you have a lot of music, videos, stories, touch screens, for sure you won&.. Read more »