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Forum Lviv

Lviv, Ukraine
4.2 / 81
Forum Lviv is a shopping and entertainment center in Lviv, opened on September 25, 2015. Located in the central part of the city.
Address:Pid Dubom Street, 7Б, L'viv



Jordi Hermans
Very Nice shopping mall. Many different shops with international brand stores. Very clean toilets and alsof very helpfull People and security.
Miracle Ukah
Beautiful mall, many stores to shop from. Available parking underground, Clothes stores, shoe, phones and it accessories, fun centers, cinema and the top floor is so yummy as it's filled up with eateries McDonald's etc.
James Muravska
It was a very modern and welcoming mall with good store selection. The whole mall is clean and has sanitizer stations placed at key points. They host a Victoria's secret and many other brands along with adorable
Maretta Ayvazyan
Great shopping mall with interesting design and very convenient location. It has almost every quick fashion shops, great cinema on the third floor and food court. Also there is a vacination point, which was a lifesaver for me!
Stephen Parsons
Lots going on here, it's a nice modern shopping centre. Tons of shops and a good supermarket for food. Some good places to eat too. There's parking too.
Ahmed Alghasra
It’s multiple stories mall have several local and international brands good to short visit
Zack Vargas
Best shopping center with many stores. You can find brand clothing, electronics and movie theaters. It also has a great supermarket
The best shopping mall in Lviv and Odesa. Looks clean and beautiful. Big food court on the top floor, and the outdoor terrace is the best
Nice place for shopping. Shops of good types are structured by floors mainly. Rich food court with plenty of cousin choices. Modern building with historical context behind with large ceilings and spacious corridors. Prices starts from really low like.. Read more »
This mall is located nearby city center.It contains lots of shops like textiles, groceries, electronic devices etc. There is a food court on the top floor with various vendors including a McDonald's.There is also a multiplex which sometimes show.. Read more »
Михайло Литвиненко
It's a European-style shopping center, new building, tastefully decorated interior. There is a huge underground parking lot. Shopping mall Forum has three floors, 2 of which contain shopping galleries, mostly clothing and shoes, there are severa.. Read more »
Mcoc fights
It's a pretty good mall but you can't find many things in it and it's a bit expensive
Emanuel Rea Leunam
For covid a lot Place are close but Is a good Place for shop and restore.
Gyr Falcon
Pay double for everything. The Samsonite store is MAFIA money laundering. Samsung the same. L'Occitane the same. Silpo passable.
Vitalii Sliesarev
Good place for shopping and spending some time with different activities
Denis Foos
Large, modern shopping mall near the Lviv city center with all kind of shops for every budget.
Мар'ян Мурдза
Super shopping mall
Beautiful place, has its drawbacks, but has a great future.
July Summer
A nice shopping mall.
William Horsu
Nice place to shop, many shops to pick from.
Ivan Voitenko
Nice and modern shopping mall. A huge plus is that it is located in the city and not far from the historical center. Well-groomed area nearby, benches, fountains and green grounds. Inside hundreds of shops and boutiques, thousands of guests are scurr.. Read more »
Dr. Ashish Chandrakar
Good place to shop and kind of hangout but quite busy on Weekends. Have a lot of option for food and dining out then one of best place to take children for gaming, it have all top brands including a grocery shopping option (silpo) easily reachable be.. Read more »