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Fort York

Toronto, Canada
4.8 / 111
The historic city fort, on the territory of which buildings from the beginning of the 19th century are preserved, are witnesses of the battles between the British Empire and the colonies longing for independence. Here are military parades dedicated to the national holidays of Canada. Also, a beer festival is held annually at Fort York. The former military barracks houses a historical exposition.



Tony Ngo
Visited Fort York today. Had a amazing time. Staff were friendly and welcoming. Will be back for another visit before the end of summer. Today was a speed run. Whole experience was overwhelmingly positive. There is plenty to do around that area as we.. Read more »
Stef Cobelens
I really enjoyed my visit. Entrance was free and there was almost nobody there so I got to explore the site and history in peace. Which is actually a really interesting glimpse in the history of Toronto. With the old buildings and walls still in tact.. Read more »
Nicole Clinton
Love this place and all the green on the land. Lots to do here for festivals. Or just come and sit for a picnic.
Hanzhang Li
I recently had the opportunity to visit Fort York, located at 250 Fort York Blvd in downtown Toronto, and it was an experience I won't soon forget! I was amazed to discover that there's a heritage site right in the heart of the city. I was.. Read more »
Dee Toronto
A beautiful historical site to visit. The entry is free and you learn a lot. A must visit! Fort York constituted the primary defensive position in early York (Toronto). The present buildings erected between 1813 and 1815 to replace those destroyed du.. Read more »
Adam Wendling
Pleasant, informative, well-preserved/restored. Free guided tour with a well-informed historian every hour. Free activity. From an American perspective, it presents a slightly different viewpoint of the War of 1812 and the other immigration and borde.. Read more »
Wilhem Lim
I recently visited Fort York and it was such an incredible experience. The historical significance of the place is truly remarkable. It was fascinating to learn about the role it played in defending Toronto during the War of 1812. The staff were so k.. Read more »
Burl Crone
Went to Fort York with Family between xmas and NYE. We were all surprised how much fun it was - the historic buildings and displays are great for all ages - in our case, from 76 to 9. Was not crowded at all, like a surprise oasis right downtown. Fres.. Read more »
Kat V
Interesting historical site, glad they've preserved some original buildings! Be sure to visit the small visitor center as well. I spent about 2hrs here as I read most of the exhibits fully. Can't beat a museum site with free admission :)
Jesse Graham
Good way to spend some time absorbing local history. Modern museum adds nice element to the site. Lots of artifacts, there are video displays, interactive exhibits, good way to see history and get your step count in. The fort itself is well kept, the.. Read more »
Arif Rahman
We loved it. It's a walk through the olden days and history. Each fort houses there's something to check out for. The welcome center has the hidden gem. It has an interactive walk through of what happened when the Americans attacked the for.. Read more »
Carole Diana Tavares
Our visit was very pleasant and informative. Fort York is a FREE to visit historic site near downtown Toronto. The free guided tour about the role of the Fort in defending the fledgling city of Toronto then York, in 1813, was well done and very worth.. Read more »
Henry Galka
The new visitor and interpretive centre adds a lot to the historic site. As of June the museum is free and definitely worth seeing. Do check the website before going as sometimes the visitor centre is closed for events, or the outdoor fort has fest.. Read more »
Col Mackay
Very interesting! Highly recommended! Great tour. Friendly staff. Easy to get to on the streetcar and a short walk under the Gardiner. Visiting Toronto on holidays? You must take a few hours to visit Fort York. And its free.
Darren Govan
Didn't get to see much of the historic site, although there was a barracks open for an art gallery. Cool venue for the field trip festival and looks like there's a lot to learn about our military history. Great spot to watch a show though!
Laura Clement
Well laid out and very informative. Nice little gift shop with something for everyone with varying price ranges. Best of all admission is free!
Su R c
This is a national historic site.Many written and interactive displays. There are guided tours in the premises every hour starting 11 am and last one is at 4 pm that will give you a glimpse of the York Regiment life and details on US - British war.. Read more »
Stephanie M
A nice trip for an afternoon. The visitors centre was nice and the experiential war of 1812 exhibit was well done. Informative tour guides, plus free lemonade. Low ceilings in a lot of the historic buildings though!
Dylan JC
I went when it was free (May 2022), and for a free outing it was very fun. I am not sure if I would pay for the experience which you can go through quite quickly without a tour (only 5 or 6 buildings) but it was nice. We tagged along with a tour grou.. Read more »
Holly J
Fascinating historical site and great tour. Tour is optional if you just want to wander around and look at the displays in the buildings
Vinicius Mareze
Very nice tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and made the experience much more interesting. I recommend a visit to this important historical site. With the tour guide, it will be a plus plus.
Michale Orellana
Gorgeous visitor centre is free to the public. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. This is a hidden gem of our nation’s history in a beautiful city. Tour was interesting and worth the price. Gorgeous visitor centre is free to the public. Friendl.. Read more »
Alanna Yamasaki
Gorgeous visitor centre is free to the public. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. This is a hidden gem of our nation’s history in a beautiful city. Tour was interesting and worth the price.
James Hart
Offers a good insight into the war of 1812. Could be good fun with children. Overall I preferred my time downtown in the city, as I have seen many forts like this one in the past.
Stefan Curcic
I am always amazed how in North America, with the little history (the colonial one) there is, they always make an enjoyable experience out of it. We did a guided tour and our guide, Sam, was very informative, friendly and nice. Too bad we did not kno.. Read more »
J. B.
Very nice to see historical places like this being preserved for future generations to see. Gives you good insight as to what life was like back then.
Bria Mitchell
Great place to host a festival! Have been for Vegandale a few years now, even in the rain it wasn't too bad (mud and dirt wise!)
Laura Sheridan
Great festival Space in the heart of downtown!! I visit every year for Vegandale Festival and there's tons of fresh, open space! The festival boasts a stage w tons of space to dance and room for a wide variety of amazing vendors. There are no ba.. Read more »
Mizenoth 4545
What a lovely place to visit. You can just walk around and enjoy the view, workout in nature, or have a picnic in the middle of the city. Not to mention that this historic site holds many stories of times gone by which can be recounted by taking a .. Read more »
Fito H
Beautiful, scenic area with good tasks for walking and cycling, proximity to Lake, green P parking under Gardner for $12 overnight.
Donovan Luff
A walking tour with guide and several buildings were open. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and knew her history of the Fort and the time period. The music and musket demonstration was great!
Fort York is an impressive experience. The walking tour is educational, cultural and informative. Part of Canada's history is on full display with live firing drills and marching bands. You can see blockhouses, officers quarters and much more. A.. Read more »
Ken Fraser
Tour was great but no buildings were open.
Isabella J
Nice place in the middle of downtown. Historic and beautiful
Barry Hills
Walking tour only with advanced booking band and musket Demonstations
Thicc Daddy
This is a nice National Historic Site. I went here while I was in Toronto and was satisfied with my experience. I walked into this fort and went on a tour, which was pretty good. It went through the barracks, officer’s quarters, armory, and for.. Read more »
Shivkumar Nistala
Beautiful place no matter the time of the year. Lots of open space; so you can maintain social distancing in all scenarios. Right next to The Bentley. The historical site itself tells a story of its own. Definitely worth a visit.
Chris Jones
Always something going on. The cannon is a little loud during the summer though
Ģerrit Van Dyk
Very cool to revisit well preserve Canadian history.
Ed Leist
Haven't been here in a few years, and can't go now because of Covid and the border. But this was a well restored site, with excellent staff who provided lots of information. Well worth a visit if you are in Toronto and are at all interest.. Read more »
Agatha Grant
Beautiful venue! Super clean washrooms. This was a great spot for an outdoor movie
Bosmat Kamchaji
Nice urban spot close to the lake. Has space for picnic and a park just walking around :) the kids enjoyed also watching the train and playing some ball
Scott B.
If you love history, Toronto history, Canadian history or just a good historical - tour then check it out. This place is in amazing condition and is worth a visit. There is a ton of green space outside of the site, so make sure to bring a lunch and e.. Read more »
This is a beautiful park that was recently renovated. There’s loads of people hanging out in the green spaces. There’s a bridge with stairs and a ramp from Wellington. There’s also an access point on Strachan and Fork York Blvd so i.. Read more »
Really like this place. We frequent it quite often during the summer esp when there's something going on. I've never witnessed the firing of the canon's but friends have told me it's really cool. The ground are big and lots of spa.. Read more »
Virginia Marshall
This is a great place to take kids. My son really enjoyed it. The re-enactments were fantastic, some of the best I have seen. The staff were very friendly, even to kids. It was fairly quiet when we went so we didn't feel rushed at all. The .. Read more »