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Ford's Theatre

Washington, USA
4.7 / 95
The theater where the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was killed. This happened in 1865, when Lincoln was in his VIP box to watch the play. A native of the slaveholding South of the USA and a fanatic of the old order D.W. Booth secretly entered the box and shot the president. Now the theater functions as a museum. The building is included in the register of national historical places of the USA.
Address:511 10th Street Northwest, Washington
Phone:+1 202-347-4833



John Spillman
My first time here to Fords theater. The tickets are free and you get to see the presidential booth, the theater, and the Peterson house across the street where President Lincoln passed. It's an amazing exhibit and part of our American history... Read more »
Kevin Doerksen
Abraham Lincoln rates as one of the greatest Presidents in American history. Yet, at the pinnacle of success, at the age if 56, Lincoln was gunned down by John Wilkes Booth. To fully understand this event and its context, you need to visit this museu.. Read more »
Paul leclercq
Incredible Museum for such an important moment in the American history. You can see the location where Lincoln was shot and the Gun. There is an interesting Museum below the Theatre which explains a lot of the context. The Free ticket then gets you a.. Read more »
Anthony R
Ford's theater where President Abraham Lincoln was shot. He died the next morning at the Petersen House, which is right across the street, and also a must visit museum. Seeing where all this happened from the box Lincoln was sitting in that nigh.. Read more »
Bill Oas
Very fortunate to have been able to spend time in both the theatre and where Abe died across the street. Museum was primarily story boards which is not a museum to me, sorry. Don’t get me wrong they has many reproduction props and what they cal.. Read more »
SuJin Choi
Ford's Theatre is a beautiful historic site. It is infamous for being the site of the assassination of United States President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865. There is a self-guided tour of the Ford's Theatre museum in the basement, and .. Read more »
Ondřej Huvar
Really amazing experience. You have a chance to walk right next to the spot where president Lincoln was assassinated. The theatre looked amazing, even though it was being partially renovated. The museum is also beautifully done. We were unable to bo.. Read more »
Kelli Nachbar
Ford's theater is definitely worth the (short) trip from the national mall. We sat in the seats where the audience would have been on the fateful night that changed American history. A ranger held us in rapt attention as he skilfully wove the st.. Read more »
John M
A phenomenal piece of history! It was a great experience. The park rangers were super knowledgeable and the presentation in the theatre was very impressive. The artifacts on display were incredible including the gun that Booth used to murder Lincol.. Read more »
Robert F
This theater is both an active theater and a museum about Abraham Lincoln. There is no charge but free tickets from the box office in the theater are required for entrance as a crowd control mechanism. The museum is small -it takes about half an hour.. Read more »
Clyde Frog
Fascinating piece of history. You do have to get tickets but they're free and work on donations only. Its about a 20 minute presentation in the theater and then you take a walk across the street to the Peterson house. Highly recommend. Plus ther.. Read more »
Victoria O'Tool
This is a fantastic museum/theater, and I’m so happy I was able to visit a few days ago! This is owned by the National Parks Service meaning there is a NPS Passport Stamp here! Yay! The line was super long but went by fast. The museum downsta.. Read more »
Cameron Campbell
The theatre is run by the park service, so it is well maintained. Pretty standard exhibits, but informative. If you can go to the play, I highly recommend it. It is a vehicle to show the events of Lincoln's assassination in a creative manner. 2.. Read more »
Stephen R Roderick (Thae)
I can say I did this now. It was nice but there were way too many tourists and felt more like a highway side stop than a historic site. The rangers were excellent and the site itself were great- just the Overall effect was not what I was expecting. I.. Read more »
Max Wood
This is a must see if you value our American history. The Park Service now owns the theater and the Peterson house ( Where Abe died). Still an active theater. Nice museum in the basement. Beautiful building. Staff was helpful and friendly.
Coach Aundre Blasingame
Historical site. It has aged and been restored well. SAW A GREAT MUSICAL CALLED GRACE! I recommended you reading this review go see it. Had an incredible time.
Betty Entzminger
I am the Co-Director of a Senior Program called ARTS (Active Retired Talented Seniors) in Prince George's County and wee were at the matinee show today!!! Nolan Williams, I/We/Metropolitan Baptist Church are SO proud of ALL of your Incredible A.. Read more »
Kelsea Meredith
Super fun little museum with a ton of fantastic American artifacts that you can learn a lot from. Very well taken care of theatre that is actually in use. I was with a tour group but it would have been awesome to see a show here!
Andy Stobie
Amazing feeling being there and seeing the theater. The tour was not organized well I thought, no group leader. More you just wander and read the captions. Some captions are not lighted well enough to read. We got the audio system, which provided goo.. Read more »
Alexandra B
Great museum describing the history behind the theater as well as its significance in President Lincoln's life and death. The theater hosts performances too. Because it's a smaller, older theater, the setting is more intimate, and I don.. Read more »
Erica Seegrist
A beautiful venue filled with history. The place is gorgeous and you get to see a lot of items of Abraham Lincoln's. Good idea to reserve ahead of the time and don't forget to check out the house across the street where Lincoln actually die.. Read more »
Henry Whelchel
The inside of Ford's Theater has been modernized, but the facade remains pretty much as it was back in the day. We found it a great place to brush up on the history of the war and the presidential life of Abraham Lincoln. There is much more than.. Read more »
Matt W
Great little theater in the heart of downtown DC. Very historical with a neat, FREE little museum on Lincoln. Saw "A Christmas Carol" on their Christmas run and it was very well done. Staff were nice Seats were a little narrow Small theat.. Read more »
Sharon Youngdahl
The theatre is beautiful, intimate. A Christmas Carol was perfect for my 11 year old granddaughter. Seats in dress circle were perfect, center stage. She was disappointed that no children were in the show-no small Tiny Tim. But it was wonderful. .. Read more »
Noureen Lehto
The manager helped my family tonight by allowing us change our seats when my kids couldn’t see because the people sitting in front of them were tall. She was making I didn’t get her name she was wearing a red shirt and she have accent. Th.. Read more »
Jodi Hari
Ford's Theater was spectacular and a moving experience. The history, the beauty mixed with the sadness of the fate of our dear Mr. President Lincoln. The production of Dickens "A Christmas Carol" was well done and a refreshing pres.. Read more »
Emile Gittens
This was H.I.S.T.O.R.Y plain and simple.... from the war to Boothe's background and his associates, to re-telling of the day itself and artist depiction captured on the said night.... the staff here is very friendly and informative, don't b.. Read more »
Brian Hagan
We really enjoyed the self-guided tour! Spent about 45 minutes here, although I'm sure if you read everything in the little museum downstairs and asked questions to the staff, you could easily spend double that. Surreal to see the spot where it .. Read more »
Karen Johnson
The staff are helpful and knowledgeable. The theater is very impressive. The lower level has dim lighting, probably to help preserve the writings and artifacts from Lincoln's life. Well worth a visit if you like history. Clean and well-maintaine.. Read more »
Amy Fritz
Our family loved this tour. To get the most out of it, make sure to get an audio guide to listen to at different stations in the museum. It was worth the cost. You'll learn a lot about Lincoln and the details surrounding his death.
Stephen Lohrmann
Ford's Theater is a must see for anyone remotely interested in Abraham Lincoln. I give this place 5 stars because it's loaded with history, the staff are friendly and very helpful, plus it's FREE! Well worth the time.
Pauline W
A great historic place to see. The rangers are friendly and super knowledgeable about the place. If you are able to talk with them, they will tell you the insights on what really happened such as during the event of the Booth encounter where they h.. Read more »
Amber Berringer
The museum and theater were great with lots of info. I would rate it a 5 star, but we were rushed through. Guests are only given one hour for the museum AND theater. That just is not enough time! I could have spend 3 hours or more there. At least the.. Read more »
Jamie Calvert
Tour guide was absolutely fantastic! So much great information and well laid out museum. Amazing artifacts. Well worth the time.
mario morales
Great info and interesting to see. A bit pricey but worth it. museum is great and gift shop was cool. Will bring my son once he’s a little older.
Georgia Hensley
Fords is finally open! What an interesting and educational place to see. So much history packed into this theatre! The staff was really helpful and nice. See the actual gun Boothe used to shoot Lincoln. All the facts and mystery is there to see!
Elizabeth Miller
Ford’s Theatre has a very cool small museum. It is well put together but does have a lot of information and can be a bit overwhelming. Plan to spend about 1.5 hours there. Only self guided tours are currently offered.
Galen Johnson
How can anyone go and not want to weep? Fantastic park rangers.
Ryan Calvin
We have visited Ford’s theatre a few times now and I always find something new to see there. Each of the park rangers give a fun and unique talk in the theater, try and catch that if you can. It is also geared with stuff for kids and adults.
Chelsea Coleman
LOVELY! The staff and park rangers are so friendly and informative. This is one of the more lesser known things to do in DC and I highly recommend. They have awesome artifacts and the theater is a great visit. I recommend buying your tickets ahead .. Read more »
Neil Noland
For $3, it's a very fair bargain. The museum below the theater has nice exhibits and it's interesting to see the theater. You should know, though, that almost everything (and possibly everything) you see in the theater is a reproduction, ma.. Read more »
Jefferson Washburn
Great museum and historic site. The staff was very helpful and they took lots of COVID precautions. They only let people in with advanced tickets on the hour and they only let you in 45 min.! That was not enough time to go through I thought. They sho.. Read more »
Zach Melder
The museum and inside was closed, but still interesting seeing the outside and the house across the street where President Lincoln died.
Kavyun Parker
Had a great time watching "My American Cousin", really great play. During the showing some lady screamed from a booth above me, and I heard a gunshot sound, but didn't see a prop on stage. Just saying the backstage workers shouldn.. Read more »
Frederick J Vicens
amazing sad it was close
Raymond Reynolds
Been there twice every time I go to Washington I’ll probably visit
Keegan M
Neat museum
Danny Cole
I feel sorry for Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theatre of 1865.
Gary Clarke
Well preserved piece of history. Sad day in time, but such a well explained historical account. Covers history before, during, and after the assassination. If you have time, do the audio tour. Much, much more information, will narrated.
Our Haunted Travels - PAN
If you are into history involving Abraham Lincoln, this location has to be on your bucket list. We were not there for a performance; however, we did go for the tour and just loved the information and history that was presented. Be prepared to spe.. Read more »
Greg Kahl
Cool historic site! Good museum, not very large, but still a good time. Exhibits walk you through the entirety of Lincoln's presidency including the civil war and his assassination. There were quite a few historic items too. I also got the audio.. Read more »