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Fiumi Fountain

Rome, Italy
4.9 / 75
The Fountain of the Four Rivers is a sculptural group with deep symbolic meaning. In the middle of the composition stands an obelisk symbolizing the power of the Pope. Around the obelisk are sculptures representing the rivers of four continents.



Stefanos Noutsias
Great work of art by Bernini. Full of symbolism about the papic dominion over 4 continents. Each statue a river and a continent. Nile for Africa, Ganges for Asia, Danube for Europe, Rio de la Plata for America. They all bring their riches to Rome...
Marie Kang-Scott
The Fiumi Fountain is another beautiful fountain located in Rome. It was designed by the famous Baroque architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini and was completed in the 17th century. The fountain is located in the Piazza Navona and features a Roman obelisk su.. Read more »
Alex Iacobita
The most impressive fountain of the ones in Piazza Navona, and one of the most beautiful ones in Rome. Definitely worth a stop during your visit!
Ryan Finley
This fountain- and really the entire plaza surrounding it- are beautiful and worth a visit while in Rome. The sculpting on the fountain is very impressive, and the area around it is bustling with tourists, shops, restaurants, and performers. I recomm.. Read more »
Amit Singhal
Excellent Food and drinks. Nice presentation. Great chef with knowledge of global cuisines. Great service with servers taking care of regional interests and care !!
Ahmed Fouda
A worthy fountain to visit on any trip to Rome! In the summer there is little shade and many people so have your sunscreen and water! As a bonus there is one of Romes great water spigots in this square to allow you to fill up your water bottle!!
Muthukumar Thangavelu
A good place to be visited in italy, at anytime in day or in night. most of the time its crowded with tourist and some time people will be performing dance, songs and magics ., the place will be busy always. there is a place for you to sit and relax.. Read more »
Marin “SayanMk” Kolev
You must definitely visit this square and this fountain in particular. It is beautiful and it can't be admired by pictures alone. Also, if the weather permits, there's really good gelato at the edge of the square.
Colleen Paxton
A beautiful moderate sized fountain in a more open and less crowded square in the evening. There are a few restaurants around the square. The fountain looks other worldly lit up at night.
This is one of those site we had seen in the movie Inferno. It's stunning and well kept. Like most places throughout the city it is picturesque.
Chris Cocek
A worthy fountain to visit on any trip to Rome! In the summer there is little shade and many people so have your sunscreen and water! As a bonus there is one of Romes great water spigots in this square to allow you to fill up your water bottle!!
Robert Chomicz
A beautiful, albeit grandiose, baroque fountain in the middle of Piazza Navona. This is one of the most famous fountains in Rome and for a good reason. it is beautifully executed, very large and in a grand setting of one of the most beautiful plazas .. Read more »
Xavier Biancardi
Very cool fountain situated in the middle of the square. Highly recommend learning about it's history/significance when visiting!
Daithí Kilcourse
Nice fountain. Was not that busy. A nice area to relax. Beautiful sculptures on the centre of the fountain.
mario trogrlic
Great experience! Beautiful scenery. Rich history.
Joao Eanes
Perfect location, great traditional Italian food and the service is amazing. Perfect for dinner with family. Totally recommend it!
Mehdi Golzadeh
Amazing peace of art. I believe it is more beautiful at night.
William Ferrier
A must see of course while in Rome. It looks big online or in pictures but it's in a tight place inbetween buildings thus there is a crowd there. Suggest going early in the morning if you want some room.
Muqdad Hasan
Originally the fountain was made to serve as a source of potable water before the age of indoor plumbing. The four rivers are represented by the four marble gods with flowers and wildlife around them that are typical for continents where rivers are l.. Read more »
Γιάννης Μιχελακάκης
This is a peace of art! The meaning of that is the four rivers of the world if you like the four corners of the statue.
Stephanie Reuss
Beautiful fountain, of course! Watch for peddlers who foist thier goods on you. There's many tourists, so a good picture may be hard to capture or have time to wait for the perfect time.
Aaron Ochse
Beautiful fountain with unique and unbelievable sculpture. Truly excellent
Stanislava Slava
Nice fountain in the Piazza Navona ⛲️ Lots of tourists. There are some good restaurants around.
Rose Marie Parsell
This is one of our best sites to visit and have a bite to eat. You can not go wrong selecting either of the restaurants as the food is out of this world! And, watching the world go by while eating and enjoying a wonderful glass of wine is #1 on our .. Read more »
Tiffany Vaughn
This fountain is so incredible to see in real life. Like many works of art here, it is so much bigger in person than I thought it would be.
David Sasinka
Free to visit and the church is open as well. A lot of restaurants around. The tree fountains are always interesting a beautiful to look at during any time the day. I recommend to do a little of Wikipedia/booklet reading to spot interesting details:)
Really cool place to visit but don’t expect anything huge
Hartmut P
Fountain made by the famous baroque artist Bernini , depicting the four great rivers of the World. Also, the stone man tries to protect himself against the risk of a collapsing church tower , which was built by the concurrent of the artist. The scul.. Read more »
Hartmut P
Fountain made by the famous baroque artist Bernini , depicting the four great rivers of the World
Marcos Chavarria Ch
All comments agree in one thing. This is a beautiful square, the 4 rivers fountain is a great sight. The details and the history behind it are just marvelous. You can have a coffee. Lunch or dinner at the surrounding restaurants, have a look at the d.. Read more »
Shelby Elkins
Always a pretty sight to see! Of course, Piazza Navona is free to visit. There are plenty of food options in the square and so much to see. The church is free to visit, and the three fountains are very nice. You can even talk to a psychic and learn y.. Read more »
Ivor Humphries
This is one of many unique architectural fountains that can be found in Rome,nearly every corner you turn there are magnificent buildings fountains & historical ruins it’s one amazing place to visit....This particular Fountain was designed .. Read more »
The coolest back story for a fountain ever! The figures on the fountain are all covering their faces to save their eyes from the sight of a rival Architects Building adjacent. Brilliant! Incredible sculpture also and set an an impressive square.
Александр Бакуменко
A fantastically beautiful fountain.
Michele Formica
The 4 rivers are the Nile, Ganges, Danube and Rio de la Plata. And if you don't know now you know. Thank me laters. Could lead to big sploosh if used correctly so keep this info only for the key moments. If you wish to enchant your guest further.. Read more »
Davide Danti
Beautiful marble statue with awesome obelisk!! Located in the centre of the square is amazing by night!! ???❤️
Filip Sobczak
Beautiful fountain. Busy in the evenings
Ievgenii Omelchenko
Very nice fontain, no comments just look and enjoy the pictures
Mariano D'Amelio
No comment!!!
Massimo Nardelli
An amazing piece of art. I suggest to read its description on wikipedia to interpret its statues and its political meaning. Beside that, it's charming and relaxing.
Koleś z Ulicy
Oh my God that's thing was awesome. Because today was very hot day and I can go closer to fountine and I could cool my head with water from the fountain. It was salvation for my head
A pretty place amd area. Food and drinks is all around possible. Enjoy it!