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Fisherman's Bastion

Budapest, Hungary
4.9 / 142
The building is located in the old urban district of Var on Fortress Hill. Until 1905, a fishing market was located at this place. The construction of the bastion was planned to coincide with the celebration of the millennium of the Hungarian state in 1897, but the work was completed only after a few years. The Fisherman's Bastion is an architectural ensemble of white stone with seven towers that symbolize the seven Hungarian tribes.
Address:Budapest, Szentháromság tér
Phone:+36 20 394 9825



The Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest is simply enchanting! The panoramic view from this terrace is breathtaking, especially in the evening when the city lights up. The architecture of the bastion is absolutely stunning, and you feel like you'.. Read more »
Awesome place in Budapest. We went here during sunrise and you can see beautiful sunrise here. There will be less crowd in the early morning. Place is open all the times. Its nice architecture. Place is very near to Mattias church and very relaxing a.. Read more »
Awesome place in Budapest. We went here during sunrise and you can see beautiful sunrise here. There will be less crowd in the early morning. Place is open all the times. Its nice architecture. Place is very near to Mattias church and very relaxing a.. Read more »
If you want to do it during sunset hours, this place will look magical. Unfortunately I didn’t have time so I did it at noon, was super sunny and hot. But the views were just as good and I went into the chapel that was so gorgeous. Sat down for.. Read more »
One of the highly recommended places to visit in Budapest. With its high vintage point, it offers great view of city including some of the attraction areas along Danube River like the Hungarian Parliament and Széchenyi Chain Bridge. We visite.. Read more »
Pretty like a Disney castle, but when we went it was also crowded like one. Away from the bastion, wandering through the quiet streets of Pest, the atmosphere was very different, so I suppose choose your timing well, because mid day in August is def.. Read more »
after the big climb it is really pretty! there are nice view points and places to hide from the sun. entry to the top is cheap, but i didn’t bother as you could see a beautiful view from the middle. recommend!! it is like a not painted disney l.. Read more »
Beautiful architecture and high vantage points for some of the best panoramic views of Budapest and the Danube river. Entry is free but fairly crowded depending on when you go - best views would be during sunrise (with the fewest tourists) or sunset... Read more »
This is a must!! It's a nice walk to get there, it has really good views and you don't need to pay to see the buildings (you can for extra sightseeing)! In front of the Mathias church we were lucky to see Chinese children playing a symphoni.. Read more »
The architecture of this landmark is truly stunning. It takes you back to the monarchic times. It provides probably one of the best views of the city. If you want to avoid the crowd, go there early (before 10 AM), otherwise, you might need to wait f.. Read more »
Best place to visit early morning. Be there by 7am to have it empty to take pictures and enjoy the view. Around 9am it gets very crowded. Loved the view. Before 9am also he top section is free after that you would need a ticket. Must visit!!
Feels like Lord of the Rings stage and Harry Potter are in the dame place. Perfect to go in the evening. If you can take a guide tour (there are a lot of them free) the place is full of history. At night the upper balcony is open free of charge
A very nice place to visit for free. You can take very nice pictures there. There are some shops and coffee places, but they are always full. The best part is Matthias Church with its beautiful roof (this can be accessed by payment only). There are p.. Read more »
This is a really pretty place to visit, it does feel a little like a fairytale as there's quite a number of spires. You can visit the church as well as the bastion itself. There are some great views of the city from here and is quite a romantic .. Read more »
Lovely views from lower and upper terrace. You do have to pay for the upper terrace and I'd say the views are the same from the lower terrace so probably just save your money since it is pricey, but my husband and I got in for free due to our di.. Read more »
One of the best Iconic touristic place in Budapest. Easy accessible by bus. You can go to the church top but you need a ticket. You can get amazing shoots to the city and parliament building. Then you can walk to the castle.
Fisherman's Bastion is in my opinion the most impressive historical monument in Budapest along with the Parliament. The architecture is unique and the views of Budapest (especially Pest part) are really outstanding. Understandably this is also t.. Read more »
This is a popular place in Buda for a reason; great scenery, viewpoint, architecture and even more beautiful when the sun is shining. There is no fee to enjoy most of the views, though if you want to enter the top part there is a small handful of Eu.. Read more »
Absolutely stunning location, the highlight of our visit to Budapest. Most of the site is free, but for a small fee you can walk along the ramparts and take pictures away from the bulk of the crowds, which I would definitely recommend. The view is al.. Read more »
Amazing place, beautiful architecture. Fisherman's Bastion you can visit all for free. No charges. A great view of river Danube and Budapest is given from here. Nearby are good eating joints, places for coffee, you can spend whole day here. You .. Read more »
My goshhhh, you absolutely MUST visit here on your trip to Budapest!!! The place is magical with beautiful views over Budapest. Yes it ca get crowded but we came on a Sunday and it wasn’t too bad. You have to pay to go to the very top but the f.. Read more »
It's like a dream??. Amazing beauty. The best place after Hungarian Parliament is the Fisherman's Bastion. Free. No charges. You can have a great view of Danube & Budapest. Great place to click photos not only of views but also of you.. Read more »
Absolutely stunning piece of architecture with even more stunning views!!! The views of the Pest were absolutely amazing! The place is a huge tourist attraction so it does get crowded during the day. Next time I visit, I will be sure to see it at sun.. Read more »
Fisherman’s Bastion is a magical and wonderful place to visit. It has a beautiful architecture like Harry Potter and medieval buildings. It has beautiful panoramic views. I would highly recommend to go for a beautiful photo at sunrise, lunch .. Read more »
Wow, what can I say. Amazing views and very busy. Make sure you get there before sunset, you will get a magical view of the parliament House. Make sure you try out the local ice-cream and ask a friendly tourist to take a photo of you looking at the p.. Read more »
Love this place! Great views of the city. Do NOT buy the tickets to get to the second level of Fisherman’s Bastion. You can get great views from the first level. Definitely worth the walk up there, and it really showcases the beauty of an under.. Read more »
The most impressive and amazing place to see beautiful night view in Budapest. The way to get there is quite complicated, but using taxi is good option. There are lots of people not to miss incredible view. Come here and experience gorgeous night v.. Read more »
A very beautiful place that should be visited by everyone who comes to Budapest. A wonderful view of the city. Impressive surroundings and Mathias church both from the outside and inside. Where you can go around the whole interior. And if you man.. Read more »
Fisherman's bastion does not require a ticket. It is a really beautiful place with very old monuments from the imperial era. You can enjoy incredible views of the city (Pest) and also you can relax on a small coffee shop and have a drink. A tota.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful places to visit in Budapest; it is totally worth waking up early to visit it when there are less tourists. We were there at about 8 am, and still it was kinda crowded, I can't imagine how it looks like in the afternoon... Read more »
My recommendation is to visit this place before sunset and observe sunset during hot summer days. The place provides beautiful opportunity to see Budapest and sun will paint the sky and makes amazing atmosphere. I don’t know why, but no ticket.. Read more »
This location is absolutely stunning. I made a lot of beautiful photos there and this place keeps surprising. When you think that all the possibilities have been photographed you still find new spots. I recommend to go early in the morning, with the .. Read more »
I spent my birthday in Budapest. In particular, I had dinner in the Fisherman's Bastion. It was stunning. The Bastion is so magic and imposing. The view that offers is incredible during the night. The dinner was very nice and tasty. I tried th.. Read more »
Great, highly recommended! You have an amazing view both by night and by day! You do not need to pay the ticket to get on top of the towers, you can have the same view for free from the balcony. Enjoy!!
Absolutely beautiful, like a Disney castle! Many beautiful photo opportunities and lovely views. There's a Café on one of the balconies and other food and drinks shops right next to it, such as Starbucks for coffee and a restaurant nextdo.. Read more »
This place was stunning! If you are a fan of architecture or Harry Potter this was something magical! If visiting in the winter like we did i would suggest you wear proper shoes as we wore trainers and was icy on some parts! Also it is very worth wak.. Read more »
Probably the best place to visit in Budapest. While on the top of the bastion, you can view the whole city by the river. A tip is to get a taxi or a bus (I'm not sure if there is a bus) to the bastion to avoid the hill climbing. You can walk on .. Read more »
One of my favorite sights to visit in all of Budapest. The fisherman's bastion is really incredibly to see in person, especially with it's great view over the danube, the city and the parliament. If you go there in the afternoon, like I did.. Read more »
Another fabulous building in Budapest. The architecture is amazing here. There is a bit of an incline and a lot of steps to go up, so make sure you have decent footwear and have good puff, otherwise you can take the little buses up. Beautiful views o.. Read more »
Fisherman's have had a great time in this bastion since it's impressive! Amazing architecture and amazing views from the surroundings. It's never too crowded, so you can walk around and enjoy the views.
The place is one of the famous in Budapest. Have a beautiful view to the city and even the architect is amazing. I love to go up there any Time when im around. Too Many tourist go there and just took pictures. 2 coffee place use the Best side from th.. Read more »
This is a wonderful place to go for food and drink. The staff are so well trained and provide exceptional service. We have been twice during our short stay and will go back again before we leave. We wanted to try Hungarian food and wine and thorou.. Read more »
It's nice and go around 6pm and you can see the parliament lights Turing up around 7:15pm. Also few view points which has a fee can be accessed for free after 6:30pm or so. Wall down to Danube River (10mins) and have a nice walk opposite the par.. Read more »
Definitely our favorite place in Budapest!! ❤️ The whole construction with its stunning view over Danube river, Houses of Parliament and the whole city is just breathtaking either during the day or at night time ? It's a perfect spot for picture.. Read more »
Magnificent view over the Budapest with direct lookout too the Parliament building. Really nice and accessible ancient structures are perfect for a photo. There's also a neat restaurant serving good coffee and food.
Our wedding reception took place in this fine establishment and I could not have been more satisfied. The food tasted rich and unique, the combination of modern and classical was absolutely balanced. Tasted delicious, looked amazing and the ambiance .. Read more »
The magnificent square also houses the Matthias church. If you came to the city as a tourist, it would be beneficial not to leave the city without seeing this place. There is also Jamie Oliver's restaurant and a Starbucks. Just be aware that the.. Read more »
I went here on my way towards Buda Castle, however, I spent a whole afternoon here because this place is amazing. The Architecture is beautiful. On the lovely neighborhood, you can find some local stores and some good/cool restaurants. The view from .. Read more »
super! This is first place I bring the guest to my country to see the view and take some photo. Is amazing place for foreign and Hungarian people. If you have the chance to visiting this place I advise to go in evening if in summer time or afternoon .. Read more »
It definitely deserves the name of World Heritage! Very beautiful architecture, from the balconies you can see the fascinating view of Danube river and Hungarian Parliament Building from the other side of the river. This can be also romantic place fo.. Read more »
One the most popular site in Budapest. It provides beautiful panoramic view of the city from the Buda side over the Danube river.
It is one of the most important tourist attractions due to the unique panorama of Budapest from the Neo-Romanesque lookout terraces.
Great view point, when we were here they’d made it free to go roam around which was great! There’s a reasonably priced cafe with panoramic views here as well.
I have been there in winter time.reaching there from city center is very easy.you need to get on a bus(forgot the number) they take you there in a short time. Around and view so amazing and there are good points for taking pictures.
I liked this place. The architecture was very beautiful and surrounding area was well maintained. You can have a good view of river as well. There are some shops to buy souvenir and to eat.
This place is just simply beautiful! When you are there you can really feel like you’re in a fairytale. The architecture of this place is just astonishing and breathtaking! On the other hand it’s a very popular tourist attraction so it te.. Read more »
Nice architecture in a nice quiet area up on a hill. A good place for a walk and a few pictures with a view of the city. Can be reached by public transport
Gorgeous, historic, from a dream. I'm glad I went at sunrise, it's so peaceful and cool. I couldn't explore the inside but I think just sitting outside and breathing it all in was just as effective.
Beautiful view of Budapest while you enjoy the history of Hungary. The first King of Hungary, Stephen (Vajk) on his horse holding a cross. It doesn't get any more Hungarian than that. Area is beautifully restored and protected by police and c.. Read more »
Really nice place due to the breathtaking cathedral and the whole area full of nice little towers and bridges you can walk around. At the moment, everything is free of charge (except visiting the church, I guess) so everybody will be able to enjoy th.. Read more »