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Rotterdam, Netherlands
4.5 / 79
The famous observation tower and one of the city's most popular landmarks. It was built in the second half of the 20th century. The building is 180 meters high. The observation deck offers a magnificent view of Rotterdam. Inside there are two restaurants for visitors. For fans of extreme sports, there is an opportunity to go down with the help of climbing equipment.
Address:Parkhaven 20, Rotterdam
Phone:+31 10 436 4811



Great view of Rotterdam from first terrace there is an option to go to the higher terrace for extra money. There is restaurant with soft drinks and cakes .Good location only few tram stops from central train station
Great view from the platform. Also great experience in the euroscoop cabin! And even better, if you wanna go to the restaurant, make sure you go when it's getting dark. The city gets beautiful with all the lights!
I have vertigo but my date REALLY wanted to go up there. If you have vertigo yo *can* go all the way, just make sure to use the elevator from the observation deck by the restaurant to the lift that takes you to the top, the other option is taking the.. Read more »
Great views of Rotterdam and extra can be paid to go all the way to the top of the spire in a sat down spinning section. There's a glass floor option with this that can be toggled on and off at.your feet if you're not a fan. A good experien.. Read more »
We bought the eruoscoop (you get to go all the way to the top in a glass elevator) it was really nice, we could also stop at the halfway point to look and take pictures before going all the way up. The line to go on the lift went fairly fast and when.. Read more »
Nice views but nothing too amazing. Rotterdam's skyline is not something particularly incredible so.. I wouldn't recommend spend money on visiting this tower. However, if you really want to have a look, it's ok!
From a single vantage point, you can take in the entire panoramic view of Rotterdam, and it truly is a sight to behold. Regrettably, when I visited, the Top Deck was closed, but I can only imagine the surreal experience it would offer. This location .. Read more »
Absolutely incredible view of Rotterdam, and spectacular experience. It was my first time in Rotterdam after living 8 years in Netherlands, and this Euromast really added to incredible experience. Next visit will be in an evening for more photo oppor.. Read more »
Pretty cool tower in Rotterdam giving views in all directions. You can see all the city as well as the port. Was good even though it was overcast. Great walk in the park getting there. Nice restaurant as well!
If you want to show the city and its history to a friend or to anyone, then this place is the best place to visit; you can show them all parts of the city of Rotterdam and they can understand how the city is divided naturally by the water 💦💦 They ca.. Read more »
Might have been a little silly to go here on the coldest and rainiest day, but was an excellent way to wrap up our time in Rotterdam. The panoramic elevator is a must see to truly take in all the city has to offer, and I really recommend going at nig.. Read more »
Great view and a great experience overall. I would definitely recommend visiting. If you don't want to spend the whole price paying only the ticket that takes you halfway is still worth it. But I would definitely recommend going to the top as we.. Read more »
Went up at night! Highly recommend the views of the city! We did both the second view point and highest view point. Spinning around slowly at the top was a great way to see all parts of the city. Fun lights and music to go with it!
Great place to go and get an aerial overview of Rotterdam. Definitely spend the 4 euros extra to go to the top. Bear in mind that the restaurant half way might be full so best to reserve seats in advance
Went to see the view of the city. It was great, had a lovely time watching the sun set, my only issue was the music, it slightly took away from the experience as it was not relaxing music. Maybe, something more chilled would be better. Thank you for .. Read more »
Great experience perched in the sky. This tower offers a marvelous view of the city of Rotterdam. for four euros more, you can benefit from an additional experience to climb to the top of this tower which rises to 185 meters high in a rotating platfo.. Read more »
Pretty cool. Panoramic views. Though it is quite expensive and the euro scoop was closed when we went. Then we went to the restaurant sat for 20 minutes no one waited on us so we left. Talked to other people who had high tea there though and they sai.. Read more »
The mast is amazing, stunning view, just keep eyes on windy days cause top floors access is restricted. The restaurant unfortunately only take reservations in advance, even when you clearly see they are 90% empty and you are willing to spend some cas.. Read more »
Wonderful views of Rotterdam, especially on a sunny day. Unfortunately we couldn't go right to the top due to renovation, but still enjoyable. It's interesting to look back to the city centre and also in the opposite direction which is much.. Read more »
The view is magnificent even if you can't go all the way to the top in view of maintenance work. The restaurant staff is very friendly, but that doesn't make up for the food lacking imagination at all (we had the meal sized tuna salad which.. Read more »
From this tower you have a nice view to the city. Unfortunately it is under renovation so I couldn't go to the top and it was very windy when I was there. Not too crowded so you can enjoy the view and take some nice pictures.
Beautiful sight of Rotterdam! And they take some free pictures with very nice backgrounds that you can download from your email! ? There's a souvenir store with many nice things!
Nice. Has been around for decades. They've updated and adjusted to modern times. If you wish to eat something, make sure you reserve a table. Also be mindful of periodic maintenance of the Euroscope. You wouldn't want to miss the opportunit.. Read more »
Great view and very easy to get on top. Unfortunately the upper part of the tower is under renovation so we weren't able to get the full experience. Nevertheless you have a wonderful view, as well as a restaurant, giftshop, little bar etc...
Great views, no queues. Quick and easy to do. Nice park at the bottom. Water taxi stop right beside it. A bit pricey (€12) for a short experience(1 hour) but worth doing.
Euromast is good for a visit once, just to put a tick in the box,very bad setup cos they don't let u even use the rest room or the snack bar without buying the tickets.. And I could feel a good ambience In the restaurant in the top floor , view .. Read more »
A must when you visit Rotterdam. Go up before sunset so you can see the city at day and night! Amazing 360° view. Loved it ❤
One of the best places to see rotterdam from above. The fun fact is that it's pretty windy but the view is stunning. Also, nearby you can have a walk in the park
It's nice, but nothing special. I expected a lot more to see, for the price of 10+ euros. The elevator wasn't working, so we couldn't enjoy it, restaurant was fully booked also so maybe that is why our expectations wasn't met and .. Read more »
If you like going up tall towers this is the place to go in Rotterdam. Good views all over the city. We saw the sunset, which I can recommend. There is a bistro at the top, but it was fully booked at the time we visited on a Friday evening. It would .. Read more »
Nice view, but the service at the restaurant is pure! Some of them are totally unfriendly and the food was nothing special! Also, we ordered gnocchi that was described as a plate that includes blue cheese, however the plate was full of goat cheese in.. Read more »
Came here for a high tea on the first day they reopened. Service was amazing, our servers were absolutely lovely! ❤️ Food and tea selection were great! ? We couldn't access the top tower, but the view was stunning from the lower observation deck.. Read more »
Beautiful experience. Especially after sunset. Must try when you visit Rotterdam to enjoy it’s beautiful aerial views. However, access to the upper level of the tower is restricted if it’s too windy.
A major tourist attraction in Rotterdam. An absolute must especially if you enjoy the tranquil of the surrounding park. Truly beautiful, any time of the year
Breathtaking view from up there, perfect service, staff was nice and kind to us. I highly recommend taking the “spinning” elevator which takes you to the highest point of the tower and gives a brief introduction to the city’s histor.. Read more »
Absolutely amazing! What a view. An amazing experience all around. Sadly due to wind couldn’t enter all levels. But the service and food is absolutely on point.
Great experience, extraordinary view, it's a must if you visit Rotterdam.
Wow. Just wow.
i liked it but also kind of expected more. probably also because it was cloudy when we were there.
I was positively surprised by the tower. You could see the entire skyline from the rotating platform.
The Euromast was very cool! We went with the water taxi and got dropped off right in front of the building. The view is amazing and it gives more overview of the city. You can also see how big the harbor really is! Recommend when going to Rotterdam t.. Read more »
Nice tourist attraction where you can see all of Rotterdam. You can go up to 185 meters and can also have dinner on 110 meters high. Not much choice for diner but all choices are really good. They staff is amazing, they are very professional but also.. Read more »