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Rotterdam, Netherlands
4.8 / 65
The cable-stayed structure, thrown across the Meuse River, connects the northern and southern parts of the city. The bridge was erected in 1996 by the architect B. van Berkel, the opening took place in the presence of the Queen. The bridge was nicknamed "The Swan" because of the unusual curved design of the main support tower. The building was named after Erasmus of Rotterdam, a humanist, philosopher and writer.
Address:Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam



Binte Q
The swan of rotterdam. Beautiful and stylish. An icon of ROTTERDAM in the truest sense. Best way to experience de Maas river. A stroll on the bridge anytime of the day is amazing. Can board water taxi or visit the maritime museum.
Mohammed Sarfarazuddin
A perfect icon for Rotterdam. Erasmus burg nicley connects to the South of Rotterdam from over the New Maas. People can have nice stroll over the bridge but Rotterdam can be windy so always check the wind speed and of course the weather itself befor.. Read more »
Cameron Preston
The best sunset spot in Rotterdam. You can’t go wrong with some snacks and a beer. Walk along the waters edge and take in a little bit of nature inbetween the urban landscape that surrounds you. Truly a magnificent architectural structure to ad.. Read more »
Dima Harba
Beautiful looking bridge over Rotterdam. Looks very modern. Located bear the hospital. Benches are available to sit and nice to have a walk.
Jani O
Enjoyed walks across Erasmusbrug during a visit to Rotterdam in late April 2023. Fantastic spot to enjoy sunrise and sunset. A boat ride is a great way to enjoy views of the bridge.
Tintu Varghese
Beautiful at sunset!!! (around 9.00 - 9.30 PM, check the time beforehand) On my walk along the bridge in the evening, I enjoyed the pleasant breeze and the great views of cruise ships and modern buildings all along the way. Both ends of the bridge ha.. Read more »
Jack Fletcher
An extremely beautiful bridge in the heart of Rotterdam, a sight to really behold. I enjoyed my time walking across it despite the bad weather on the day. The bridge lights up at night and you can get a truly outstanding view of the famous bridge. T.. Read more »
Harbour area where you can enjoy scenic views. Popular place for a stroll and brisk walking. It is close by the city centre. Walking across the bridge should take less than 30mins. There is alot to explore around this area. Bus stops and tram station.. Read more »
Reem Elnady
Nice place for taking photos next to a huge constructed bridge. The most amazing is the view of ships and boats passing through the river. It is one of the largest ports in Europe. Actually it has captured me than Hamburg port in Germany. The skyline.. Read more »
Stjepan Kujadin
Beautiful bride with a diamond pathway. When it’s sunny it looks very trippy from all the sparkles. The view on Rotterdam from the bridge is very nice. There are ways for bikes, cars and pedestrians.
Somebody Anonymous
Beautiful bridge. It looks great in daylight and even better in the night. Must visit if you are in rotterdam! There's multiple restaurants nearby. The best one is N how. It's a restaurant at the top of a skyscraper and gives you a panorami.. Read more »
Ralf Tschinke
The Erasmus Bridge is one of the tourist attractions of Rotterdam and you can walk over it or use a bike or a car to cross it. You have a great view at the skyline of this beautiful city. The charme of Rotterdam is it’s mix of old classic nethe.. Read more »
Alexie Doucet
Erasmus Bridge is a wonderful sight as you approach it. It has the elegance of a swan. While in the area it is well worth taking a water taxi to visit the Rotterdam port, a city in itself.
Christina E.
Beautiful bridge and you can take beautiful pictures of Rotterdam, the river and the cruise ships
Pranesh Dewangan
It's a very beautiful bridge specially at the time of sunset when the sun shines on it from one side. Watch the boats and merchant ships pass under the bridge, watch the giant cruise ship that's parked just near the bridge are some of the a.. Read more »
Wo Meijer
Very good, let's me cross from one side of the water to the other. Fully functional bridge. 5 stars, would use to cross over boat with chicken, dog, and bag of flour any day of the week!
Deovrat phal
Quite crowded during peak hours. Constructed to facilitate the orchestration of traffic flows, the bridge design is inspired by, and in turn reflects, the industrial character of Rotterdam, adding to the narrative of the city. The right side is more .. Read more »
Ishanka Hasaranga
The iconic modern bridge in Rotterdam. Which is also know as the Swan due to its unique shape. So beautiful at night when lights are switched on.
Steve White
Interesting bridge to walk across. Some people obviously use the bridge to show their love and devotion, by putting a padlock on the handrail supports, then throwing the keys into the river.
Carl Cencig
Fantastic architecture! A testament to the ingeniosity of the Dutch especially at the time of their post-war reconstruction of Rotterdam in a more modern style versus a return to the old look. The bridge itself is a work of modern art.
Ruth Kavuza
Real impressive view, especially the area around the river with it's huge and modern skyline. I never expected to see that many high rise buildings in a European city. Also, the floor is sparkly.
Alex Bašić
Magnificent and impressive, the erasmus bridge holds grounds to being one of the most exquisite pieces of artistic architecture in Rotterdam. The bridge connects parts of Rotterdam while allowing boats to pass under. In cases of floods the bridge als.. Read more »
Akash Patra
When the bridge lights up it a breath taking view, with the e-board on KPN tower playing along small windmills and boats passing on the river. A great place to unwind after a long day.
Kozo A
One of Rotterdam's iconic bridges. It is huge. You only see how large it is when you go away from it. Nice pedestrian and cycling paths over it.
Michael Weber
This is a very nice bridge in Rotterdam. And one of the most nice bridges in the Netherlands. it looks real nice in the skyline of Rotterdam if You look from the south of the city. It is also nice to ride with the bike over the Maas on the Erasmusbru.. Read more »
Yánoa Goorden
Beautiful bridge, especially when you don't come here very often. a great view of the city and the water. the bridge looks new so it automatically gives you a safe feeling. It is a high bridge though. so beware if you are afraid of heights.
Afaq Ahmad
Beautiful bridge, however it is not necessary to visit
Mamadou-Diao DIALLO
Awesome bridge and a giant port. A "have to be" place when visit Rotterdam