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Erasmus University Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands
3.7 / 72
A real corner of old Rotterdam, lined with canals and lined with charming Dutch houses. This area managed to survive during the Second World War and retain its historical appearance. There is an old brewery, a real windmill, many nice shops and cafes. In this place you can have a very pleasant time and enjoy the spirit of the past.
Address:Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
Phone:+31 10 408 1111



Hey guys, I have an acoustic guitar evening in Skateland Rotterdam on September 23. Come and have a nice time in the cafe while I play rock covers! More info on the website
Joost Francien Verbaan
The campus of the EUR is beautiful. Lots of students bars restaurants facilities groceries as well as faculties this campus is really nice to spend time.
dimitris tountas
State of the art facilities. Welcoming environment and excellent professors this is a place to evolve.
Alexandre c
definetly a ok university if your dutch, in all other cases look for something else.
Teemu Puskala
Nice school and campus. Id like study here. A bit too much concrete
Dan Hart
Awful, terrible, most disorganised organisation to exist. Would not recommend any students to study here after the most arduous and stressful experience of my adult life. Being an international student, you'd think the student service centre wou.. Read more »
Roy E
The prices for "Master Governance of Migration and Diversity, Tuition fees (2022-2023)": "€2,209 (Statutory fee: Dutch / EEA students) €12,400 (Institutional fee: Dutch / EEA students) €15,700 (Institutional fee: non-EE.. Read more »
Keizer Neptune
This review is for Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) The university’s academic reputation is unmatched to its public image. It dropped out of top 200 in the QS ranking this year, scoring only 35 in “academic reputation” on the late.. Read more »
Timo Mulder
Great education. Got my master in Business Administration. Especially liked the teachers and the research & consultancy assignments in cooperation with companies. Would have loved to have onsite living accommodations at the campus…
Tonny King
Did my masters in Urban management and Development from this prestigious university. It's always a part of me and really love it
David Hsieh
It’s a beautiful school. The environment is absolutely study friendly and the facilities are good. When it’s sunset, try take a walk in the campus and this might release from a tight day or busy work.
telfer ndumba
It’s a good institution
giulia ratti
Great campus facilities
WF Metzelaar
My Alma Mater ?‍? and now the place where we have our office @Erasmus Enterprise.
Léopold Granger
A great place to live and study. Incredible campus and incredible people !
Leiting Gao
The uni looks so different during this pandemic. Stay safe!
Dana Dimitrova
Amazing place that brings people together! It has many places to eat, drink, study and just be on your own.