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Empire State Building

New York, USA
4.8 / 81
The tallest building in the city (381 meters), the third tallest in the United States. The skyscraper is a popular monument of New York architecture, here all the guests of the city rush here first of all. The tower is used as an office center for various companies; more than 20 thousand people work here daily. At the top there is a spire-TV tower, which distributes television and radio signals of local channels throughout the city.
Address:20 West 34th Street, New York
Phone:+1 212-736-3100



I went to One World (cannot take pictures due to too much glare), the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock. I liked both the Empire and the Rock (amazing view of the Empire State Building). Since I loved watching "Sleepless in Seattle&q.. Read more »
As you make your way up to the observatory, you learn the history and how this magnificent staple of the NYC skyline was created. You even get to hang out with King Kong! The views are unbeatable and romantic! Fans of the movie “Elf”will .. Read more »
Beautiful scenery! I loved the little exhibit displayed before going up higher. It was nice to go outside and see the city from that view. However, if you wanted to go up to the very top, there was an additional pay that we weren't warned about... Read more »
Went after dark, and glad we did. Seeing NYC @ Christmas time from high up was incredible! While the observation deck was awesome, spend a little more and go all the way up! So worth the little extra. Don't worry about the lines, they move fast.. Read more »
It's still one of the places to be in NYC. What an experience to visit this iconic building in Midtown Manhattan. Prices are very high ( 100 USD for 2 adults), but it is a MUST to go there. We were there at opening 10am , so even without reserva.. Read more »
It's not the tallest building in New York, but it's one of the classiest buildings in New York, and also one of the most well-known buildings. We purchased our ticket to take us all the way to the top (Floor 102 I believe), and it was so w.. Read more »
Amazing experience! Kids friendly and great for making family memories. The staff is very kind. You can buy your tickets online or there. The view on every floor is incredible. I highly recommend the floor 102. Kids under 6 go free.
My best friend and I did the sunrise experience - while we balked at the steep price tag, we quickly discovered it was well worth it. You really feel like VIP as you enter the world-famous Empire State Building at 5am. The staff are friendly, relaxed.. Read more »
The Empire State Building is an absolute marvel. Its iconic silhouette gracing the New York skyline is a sight to behold. The observatory provides breathtaking panoramic views that capture the city's essence. The experience is seamless, from tic.. Read more »
Iconic place to visit! The building brings and amazing city view! It is incredible how many years ago the engineer built this. It is very organized, and with very good service. My first time was 12 years ago, at that time the city did not has the oth.. Read more »
The building is not too far off 100 years old. Approx 8 years to go. It has recently been fully upgraded with significant improvements clearly evident to anyone who works in building services engineering. The building is in top class shape and it p.. Read more »
It is the most famous building for a reason. We visited Top of the Rock and The Edge, but Empire felt like the best of the 3. The edge had the neat glass floor, but it just felt basic. Being ontop of the Empire State building felt..significant. Plus.. Read more »
Iconic building. You can only go in 30mins before your booking time. There's nothing much to see/do except for going to level 86 for the view. I recommend going around sunset time to get both day and night views. It's not easy to get a goo.. Read more »
It was a fantastic experience on Empire State. The 360-degree view was breathtaking, especially during the sunset in September when it was pretty full. If you're also a photographer, you have to be quick to find a good spot during summer sunsets.. Read more »
It was a great experience. One of the perks of using the City Pass was that I was able to get into the building both in the morning and in the evening. I highly recommend visiting at night as the view from the top is truly breathtaking. The city ligh.. Read more »
Amazing place, worth to visit,in my opinion better than the top of the rock. We did both and I would recommend this one. Amazing experience and lovely staff, who making sure everyone is enjoying their time there. Was very windy on the 86th floor outs.. Read more »
Amazing art deco building absolutely loved it inside and out. The building is so beautiful and has been respectfully modernised so that you can barely notice. The journey to the observatory has a wealth of historical information on the construction a.. Read more »
Just an amazing experience. I loved the way they captured the history of the building. The workers were extremely polite and helpful and welcoming. Then you have the views. Ya gotta plan for a clear day otherwise your just gonna be disappointed. We g.. Read more »
Best experience ever!!! So I got gifted a chance to go to the 80, 86, and 102 floors at sunset. Best gift ever!!! The best experience ever. It was beautiful and stunning. The photos and the museum were great. I had a blast. I highly recommend it if.. Read more »
It exceeded my expectations. It’s always been my dream to travel to NYC and go to the top of the ESB. We booked 7pm reservations which was a great choice. We were able to view the city just before the sun set and then at sundown. It takes your .. Read more »
This is a must visit when visiting NYC. Going inside is very organized. The staff are friendly and helpful. I liked how they are organized directing the flow of the visitors. Place is super clean. The view of NYC is spectacular especially during suns.. Read more »
would say that this is not a busy place right now. We did not have to wait in line at all. There was ample opportunity to see the views on every side, and had almost no wait time to get an elevator. I felt comfortable the whole time I was up there, w.. Read more »
I know it may seem like just another building. A view that is going to cost ya. But I have to say the while visit was awesome. From the entry where one of the staff members appeared to know how to say hello in every language, to super sweet staff he.. Read more »
Good to visit but expensive (56$). I recommend to come arround 4:30pm, then you'll enjoy day time, sunset, and night time. You can stay as much as you want in the viewpoint. I think 1 hour / 1 hour thirty minutes is good enough. You can visit 2 .. Read more »
This is one of the most iconic and famous buildings in the world. I highly recommend if you are visiting NYC that you come to check out the observatory deck. You can go for a sunrise view as well as a sunset trip view (they have all times of the day).. Read more »
An amazing building with an amazing history. I have been here before and the experience is as spectacular as always. Everything is clearly marked and it's easy to get in and to the top. It's a bit cold in the winter months, so remember to .. Read more »
Getting tickets was easy. You can go to their website and purchase or find a 3rd party vendor like we did through Big Bus Tours. Once there, the staff is dressed in adorable uniforms like bellhops, and you go through security before beginning a maze-.. Read more »
I visit every time I’m entertaining out of town guests. This was my first time visiting with my son. The employees are amazing!! They go out of their way to make children happy. They allowed my son to work as a greeter and assist in operating t.. Read more »
Great views of the city! We went right before sunset and the light was amazing for pictures. The museum was really interesting as they had the history of the construction but also fun things like being able to experience looking up and down an ".. Read more »
Great attraction from entrance to exist with a great journey full of learning and exciting activations. My personal favorite is the King Kong one, it will stun you with how far we've gotten in the entertainment world and art! The view from the .. Read more »
I purchased the city pass and came here as one of my choices. I would recommend advanced ticket purchase and reserved times for quick and easy entry. The travel up to the observatory is slightly confusing at times with little to no direction. At time.. Read more »
Do me a favor. Stand right in front of the Empire State, and look up. You can close that mouth now!! This place is INCREDIBLE! When we entered, absolute immediate elegance and beauty. Then ever floor and step of the way was just better. That one plac.. Read more »
Fantastic experience! This is not the tour I remembered from years ago. Completely redone in 2019 with modern facilities and state of the art exhibits. Very clean and safe. Staff is very pleasant and friendly. Awesome gift shop. If you haven&rs.. Read more »
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Empire State Building, lots of stuff to see and amazing views. I made great memories there that I will have for the rest of my life. The gift shop is addicting so be careful! You want to buy everything, I got some .. Read more »
Although we go back to New York for business and leisure, we finally made it to the Empire State Building. The ticket line for the tour is typically about 45 minute wait. I would recommend purchasing them online ahead of time in order to avoid wait.. Read more »
I know... you're probably like, "is it worth it?" Yes it is! The whole experience is first-class. Similar to Disney, the Empire State Building's experience starts the moment you get into the line. They have tons of micro-experienc.. Read more »
Aside from specific museums and personal hot spots, I'd say the Empire State building is a far but well earned number two in terms of New York Monuments, right next to Lady Liberty itself. It's a big building, from the inside and outside yo.. Read more »
Whether you are a tourist or a New Yorker you must see this iconic site! The view is amazing! Along the way the little performance is brilliantly curated together. The history of this place and how it was built is a miracle in itself! The staff w.. Read more »
Very high. The view is fantastic. I happen to be motion sensitive. I swear I could feel the building sway in the wind. Made me sick to my stomach. But don't let that remark stop you from seeing New York City's splendor. It is well worth t.. Read more »
The Empire State building is an iconic landmark of the Big Apple. It was built from scratch in about one year—a record—and was the tallest building in the city. It may have been the tallest building in the world. Of course it’s not .. Read more »
Simply beautiful. I also can't speak highly enough of the amazing people who work there. Manager Angelo was very courteous and friendly when assisting me with a ticketing issue. And I can't say enough great things bout Renita up on the obse.. Read more »
Despite being to New York several times, This was our first time ever to Empire State Building. It was a great tour we recommend to anyone. You have some amazing views from the top observatory area and great picture settings big you want to make some.. Read more »
I grew up in the area, work in this building and love art deco architecture, yet never did the tour. Finally made it to the top and it was such a great experience! We went on a Sunday afternoon and with travel restrictions in place, there were virtua.. Read more »
Sleepless In Seattle, An Affair To Remember, King Kong and Love Affair are some small examples of Hollywood using this iconic building as one of their set location. I highly recommend anyone whenever they visit NYC to pay a visit to the Empire State .. Read more »
Classic building from the city of NY. It is a skyscraper located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street. The name derives from the nickname of the State of New York. It was the tallest building in the world for forty years, from its.. Read more »
Sleepless In Seattle, An Affair To Remember, King Kong and Love Affair are some small examples of Hollywood using this iconic building as one of their set location. I highly recommend anyone whenever they visit NYC to pay a visit to the Empire State .. Read more »
Visited 08-26-20. Simply put, a wonderful experience. Visited the main deck on 86th floor. Almost no one there due to COVID. Arrived as sun setting, watched the lights of NYC turn on, with our kids, as it became dark. Amazing. Facilities are immac.. Read more »
$42 basic price is the ticket I bought and it gets you to the spots you need to see. Great views looking all around. Make sure you follow all the signs because of Covid. I went during the day and it was good then I went during the sunset and waited f.. Read more »
Midtown was desolate, but that’s something to experience now. We stood in a line on 34th street and we were the only thing happening. We got tickets to the 82nd and 102nd decks. You pass through the 80th floor on the way to 82, which is cool - .. Read more »
Whether you’re a tourist or a New Yorker you have to check this iconic site out! The view is amazing!! The little exhibit along the way up is wonderfully curated together. The history of this place and how it was built is a marvel in itself!.. Read more »
One of the most iconic points of New York! The views were stunning and staff was friendly. We went there in May 2019, and it was one of our highlights when we visited the beautiful Big Apple that is New York! I really respect the architecture and des.. Read more »