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Emirates Park Zoo

Abu Dhabi, UAE
4.4 / 127
Emirates Park Zoo is a family-friendly destination located near Deerfields Mall. With affordable entrance fees, visitors can explore the zoo and get up close to over 1,000 animals from around the world. The animal enclosures are spacious and well-maintained, providing a comfortable environment for the animals. Guests can enjoy exciting experiences like goat milk feeding and elephant feeding, which create unforgettable memories. The zoo also offers entertaining shows, including a sea lion show and a mixed animal show, which are sure to delight visitors of all ages. The friendly and knowledgeable staff ensure that families have a fantastic time, making it a must-visit place for everyone. While the zoo lacks clear signage for directions, the overall experience is highly recommended. It's important to keep in mind that the summer heat can be intense, especially in the afternoon, so it's advisable to plan accordingly if visiting with children. Don't miss the sea lion show, which starts at 6:30 PM and costs AED 30 per person. The zoo is particularly enjoyable for children between the ages of 2 and 12, with opportunities to feed the animals and interact with them. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of the resort swimming pool after exploring the zoo. Overall, Emirates Park Zoo provides a unique and enriching wildlife experience, allowing visitors to connect with nature and learn about the fascinating world of animals. The zoo is well-maintained, and the animals appear happy and content. It's an excellent choice for families looking for a fun and educational outing.
Address:12th Street - Abu Dhabi
Phone:+971 2 501 0000



I really enjoyed this Zoo, there’s lots of opportunities to feed the animals which makes it very interactive. I would highly recommend the Elephant Experience where you learn more about these amazing creatures and then get to feed them too. In .. Read more »
Diverse collection of animals for kids to see in real life. Better opt for the packages, rather than the only entry ticket. The packages are a good value for money
A fun experience on seeing different types of animals and got the chance to feed and pet them myself. Employees were helpful and aware of the animal education. It was great to have knowledge about different creatures, I would highly recommend this t.. Read more »
Nice place, different and various animal species. The map is helpful and the staff was kind. A nice time walk, some places are shaded, we were not bothered by the heat. We almost enjoyed everything, cafes and restrooms are available all over the zoo,.. Read more »
If you can ignore the smell of the goats, this park is absolutely fantastic! What we love is that everything is fairly close together and does not involve endless walking to get from one place to another. Feeding the animals so up close is a great ex.. Read more »
It was an unplanned trip here. The place is nearby Deerfields Mall. We just saw the sign along the road and we dropped by here. Entrance fee is affordable. Animal cages were next to each other so you wont get tired of walking. The best part for me w.. Read more »
We had a fantastic family visit to Emirates Park Zoo. The zoo is home to over 1,000 animals worldwide, and the enclosures are spacious and well-maintained. We especially enjoyed the Sea lion show, the elephant encounter, and the mixed animal show. Th.. Read more »
Amazing experience and quite a good set up. The only reason I am giving it a 4 star is becuase it needs more signs to indicate directions more clearly. We had to ask for directions to exit the Zoo. Otherwise, highly recommended and the staff are frie.. Read more »
It's a must visit place for every family, Keep in mind that during summer it's very hot in the afternoon so have a plan if you're with kids. Don't miss the sea lion show which starts at 6.30pm (tickets AED. 30 per person). The .. Read more »
we love to visit and play with our favorite animals, my kids very happy and want to come back to visit this zoo. after going around the zoo we can also swim in the resort swimming pool. Best ever day for my kids 🥳🥰😍
Kids enjoyed a lot. Very well maintained. Had water sprays during June end made it bit easier in sun. Seeing different animals and the shows recommended
Overall, I had a fantastic time at the Emirates Park Zoo. It offers a unique and enriching wildlife experience for visitors of all ages. From the diverse animal collection to the interactive experiences and tranquil gardens, the zoo has something for.. Read more »
Visited the zoo two days back. Variety of animals seen in the zoo. Zoo is kept clean and tidy. What I found unique in this zoo is that the animals looked super happy whether it was the goats, cows or giraffes.. We saw tigers playfully running around.. Read more »
Good zoo.. A wide range of amphibians and various animals, such as monkeys, fish, birds. The animals were stunning and you could see them very close and feed them. There was also the possibility to ride some animals, which gave a bit of variety. 1 st.. Read more »
It's always a pleasure to visit the zoo. We were as amazed as if it was the first time. She staff is very welcoming and the shows are good. I was glad to see that they add some of the sdgs goals in their speech. It will for sure help the kids to.. Read more »
I did enjoy my visit to Emirates Zoo. The Birds Park and the Birds of Prey are both awesome. Colorful birds are really lovely to look at. Feeding some land animals like the Giraffes, donkeys, camel and horses were real fun. The camels and giraffes ar.. Read more »
We enjoyed this place very much although we went here during Summer, which is quite hot. We got all sweaty going around the open areas. There are a lot of animals to see, shows to watch & a pool to enjoy. Rooms are quite nice with its own kitchen.. Read more »
This private zoo is excellent place at any time of the year. When you walk zoo In winter, there are shaded alleys, and in summer there are glass galleries to observe the animals. On relatively small territory the manage to have the great selection of.. Read more »
We went to feed the elephants and see the sea lion but the sea lion show is not available. I enjoyed feeding the elephants though. The best feature of the Zoo is on how they kept the animals’ area clean and well kept. The animals are very neat .. Read more »
Lovely zoo with a wide variety of animals, very well maintained and air conditioned. Highlights: I loved the air conditioned zoo experience, in this hot weather you can still enjoy seeing all the wildlife and spending whole day at zoo without getting.. Read more »
A great experience by all means! We had Breakfast with giraffes ? and we learn a bit of African drumming techs! Was an amazing to disconnect from the world and interact with animals! Great short vacation! Highly recommend for adults and kids too!
This zoo has different species of animals which are not that easily seen in other zoos. Its a wonderful place for kids as well as for adults. There are sooooo many unique reptile species which were spectacular to watch! Loved every bit of the park.
Well maintained zoo. Most of the walkways are air conditioned or shaded. Feeding animals are great fun activity for kids. Animal feed (green stems) can be purchased. It will be very hot during summers even though some of the portions are air conditi.. Read more »
Charming place if you have kids. We took experience of hotel + zoo itself. Hotel room was fine, though all metal finishing in washroom was rusty. But service provided by staff was excellent. Zoo itself not big and I would say the price for entrance i.. Read more »
I really liked the zoo! It's not very big but has a lot to see. And you can feed the animals if you like. Be careful. The camels are aggressive with the food ???. The children that I saw there looked like they were having a great time. Excellent.. Read more »
Beautiful place, with different shows.. sea lion shows was superb, tropical bird show have to develop more. Elephant encounter was enjoyable. You can buy the tickets from the entry area itself and will get additional offers on ticket backside printed.. Read more »
good place to spend sometime with the family. Very informative too. The animal show is not that of your typical "circus-like" show but an educational one in which both the adult and the kids will benefit. Kudos Emirates Park Zoo.
The best thing about the Emirates Park zoo is it's convenientcy, every location seems to be too close and most of the facilities are available nearby. Excellent customer service and presentation. The ticket price also just right! Highly recomm.. Read more »
The kids loved it.. Well maintained place with lots of lovely animals, birds and reptiles.. Time your trip carefully as it can get really hot as most part is outdoors ... also during our visit most animals were sleeping.... there are several small ea.. Read more »
The zoo has a versatile collection of various species of animals from around the world. My 2 year old daughter was very excited to see them. The reason am giving 3 stars is the glasses for viewing the animals were not at all clean and was impossible .. Read more »
For the most part the zoo was very nice. Feeding the animals was an amazing experience. I do feel bad for many of the animals as they looked very bored and hot. I do wish some of the bigger animals had more room to roam like camels and elephants. Al.. Read more »
A nice place with some beautiful animals. Educational, recreational and stay-cational place. Good for kids and adults both. With hotel just beside zoo where you can view animals right in front of your room door. Book before you go and a perfect place.. Read more »
The perfect family day out! So much to see and do, plenty of parking. The range of animals here is incredible. Definitely keep your whole day free when planning to visit. How gorgeous are these cockatiels! ?
A Good place to take the kids , ideally use the smiles app to get a 50% discount, however be aware it's Hot as hell, even the animals are panting and some of them are just lying in the water pan given to them , Facility is Huge with a lot of pot.. Read more »
First time back since revamp. Its a nice place to spend time now, and presented really nicely. Always sad to see animals in captivity but most are rescue animals so having a better quality of life than previously. We did the leopard lunch experience .. Read more »
I visited the Zoo with my 3 years old boy. It so children- oriented place, I liked the fact that cages are close to each other, all information are available in Arabic and English. Most waking passages are covered, I wish all of them were shaded. Pr.. Read more »
Very good experience❤..for adults and kids..many options are available to choose from when it comes to offers/shows.. better go early so you can enjoy most of the shows as they have specific timings.. huge parking available at the backside if the mai.. Read more »
extraordinary zoo with plenty to see and virtually really worth a visit, particularly if you are new to the vicinity - coming from North the usa and Asia, the animals here are quite different. not a tremendous big zoo, specially as some reveals are .. Read more »
Nice Park Zoo!!! Kids can enjoy a lot. During the weekend, easily can spend the time family and kids. From Giraffe, White lion, Elephant, crocodile etc can see. Enjoyed a lot with my daughter. ???
The staff were nice. The rooms weren't bad. Although I was expecting a bit more for the price. But they've given free access to the zoo, so that's cool. The rooms aren't soundproof though. I could hear the guy snoring in the room .. Read more »
Despite vast improvements over the past several years, the conditions these animals are kept in still leaves a lot to be desired. Almost every enclosure I saw last Friday lacked food of any sort. Large cats are kept in sad looking enclosures from whe.. Read more »
I cannot believe in what conditions the animals are staying here. How can you bring animals which are living in cold condition in this very hot zone? The birds are tied to the foot, wild animals have very small cage, water animals have a very small a.. Read more »
My experience is amazing @emirates park zoo... the place is so clean, good ambience, a perfect place to relax... and the hotel is so nice and the room is so big... two thumbs up!!! thank you
We stayed in the resort for a night. You get free access to the zoo with the booking. If you are an animal lover, this will be your heaven then! The rooms have been renovated, lovely interiors makes you feel you are in one of Kenya’s resorts. .. Read more »
It’s a great family place but very busy on weekends. Best time to go is in the afternoon from 1400. You can even feed some of the animals. The zoo takes extra efforts to ensure that humans don’t touch the animals, so if you visit please r.. Read more »
Excellent place with plenty of animals inlcuding elephant, hippos lion, tigers and many more. Also have unseen birds like owls, vultures, and eagles. Kids love the ducks and feeding goat. Last but not the least many shows including elephant, sea lion.. Read more »
A great place to take the family. We missed the elephant encounter, but still able to feed them during their feeding times. We were also able to feed the giraffes. Family friendly place with great customer service from everyone we encountered.
The zoo was an amazing experience. I went last week with friends. I had a really good time here. It’s best to go during winter months so you can go early in the afternoon. You can pet some of the animals and feed them at a cost. Cafes and rest.. Read more »
I have been a frequent visitor to Emirates Park Zoo and love watching all sorts of animals. I recently visited during National Day Holidays and loved it again. Pros: Staff reminding visitors to maintain social distance and the food at "The Hide.. Read more »
The zoo is very compact you can finish everything within 2 hours. A great plus for this zoo is that they have air conditioned walk way for guests to enjoy watching animal while the animal are in an open area outside. This is allow us to visit the zoo.. Read more »
It is a great zoo, it has many spectacular animals. As in any zoo they are in captivity, but in some cases it is a matter of simulating their natural space. It gives the opportunity to meet great diversity
This zoo is wonderful so much air conditioning and many majestic creatures! My siblings enjoyed feeding apples to the large elephants. Meals are so tasty!
Definitely a great up close and personal experience with the wildlife. Stayed at the resort which was also very nice and convenient for the weekend to explore the zoo and relax. Great opportunities to see and interact with the animals. Educated and f.. Read more »
One of my favourite places I visit frequently! All family members will enjoy, definitely you will see animals you never seen before. Snaks prices inside are very sensible.
Awesome place for a weekend getaway. If you are a couple, go for a pool view room. If you're traveling with kids, zoo view rooms are great. The zoo is nice, includes various shows, animal feeding and much more.
This zoo is very convenient to go if your in Abu Dhabi. Half of the place is indoor air-conditioning for us and rest is out side. You can have a very clear view of the animals from the glass ??? You have birds show. You have many more shows like sea .. Read more »
Good place to visit for family. Animals are very active even on hot weather days and not bad to walk around even during 3 to 5pm. Of course, better timing after 6pm. Selection of activities available. Must visit once or twice. There were not many peo.. Read more »
Good for one visit. You can enjoy there more if you have kids. There are giraffe, elephant, tiger, lion, leopard, peacock, variety of birds, camels, cows, snakes, zebra, ostrich, monkeys, and many other wildlife species.