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Eggenberg Palace

Graz, Austria
4.8 / 87
Magnificent 17th century palace, one of the main attractions of Graz and the surrounding area. The castle was erected for Prince Eggenberg, an advisor to Emperor Ferdinand II, who had a huge influence at court. The aristocrat was seriously interested in astrology, therefore the architect D.P. de Pomis designed the castle in the style of "Renaissance harmony". The building has four towers - symbols of the seasons, 52 rooms - the number of weeks in a year, 24 common halls, which corresponds to the number of hours in a day.



Ben Hauser
Great art museum for anyone interested in medieval history. Beautiful garden and pathways in the park grounds for only 2euro
Nives Matijaković Mlinari
Do not only visiti the park. You should go for the tour with the guide, the inside of the castle is magnificent and they talk about the history of the castle for one hour, because the castle is so big and you walk through a lot of rooms which are ori.. Read more »
Daniel Kudrik
A very pleasant park and nice gardens around. The castle is several centuries old but still in very good condition. Historian lovers will be delighted.
Tahira Endean
Take the guided tour of the state rooms as the stories and paintings are MIND BLOWING. The gardens are incredible. PLUS there are many things clustered here including a wonderful and eaay to navigate archeological museum.
Alma Bonacic
I definitely recommend taking the guided tour which shows you the second floor rooms. Our guide was amazing! Everything was perfectly presented, interesting and concise! The gardens are magnificent too!
Michael Skurka
Nice historical monument. Although you can find more interesting historical building throughout Europe this place is worthy to see. Nice architecture and good tourguide will help you to get no know more about the history of Graz and its region.
Csongor Varga
It was the end of October, but a sunny warm day, lots of people visiting the castle. Getting into the garden took a few minutes, but we only got ticket for the 2pm guided tour. The park is splendid, kids played in the playground in the corner and we .. Read more »
Mariam Naoui
The visit of the state rooms was very interesting. Our guide was very friendly and explained the history of the castle very clearly while keeping it fun. The rest of the castle is very beautiful, the Alte Gallery is undoubtedly full of wonders for th.. Read more »
Szymon Gaca
Nice castle and garden but nothing special so the price to get in is right. Interiors on the 3rd floor are available at an additional cost, but it's really worth seeing. There is a cafe in the park and you can admire the peacocks.
Gordon Walker
A gorgeous building and calm, peaceful and interesting gardens to walk around. The history is fascinating and well worth researching. Shaded seats on a 36° day were welcome!
Karol Kwapich
Great palace, the staff is super friendly and helpful. Guided tour in palace apartments is perfect - interesting, not too long and concentrating on most important facts and stories about the place. Museums are nice as well a lot of medieval art, as w.. Read more »
I went there in an afternoon with colleagues during our trip. We got a guided tour. There was a very good guide for just the 3 of us. It was like a private tour. I highly recommend this. The rooms on the second floor is open only for tours. It is the.. Read more »
Kauri Nordström
The guides tour was excellent! Unfortunately we couldn't see the planetary hall because there was a concert in there but the place was well worth a visit!
Matthias Heher
We visited the Schlosspark Eggenberg at a very beautiful Sunday afternoon. There is a small admission to pay (2 €) for entering the park. It was definitely worth a visit, we strolled around and had a break at the coffeehouse (turning right afte.. Read more »
2€ for park entry and 16 € for inside the palace. Quite impressive and historic building. I performed 30 min yoga here. Was amazing all in together.
It costs two euros to go in, see the gardens and the inside of the palace that is free including the gothic chapel on the third floor. I'd say I got my money's worth and I'm happy with that. There are four museums here, on the small s.. Read more »
Igor Fabjan
Attractive palace and gardens - probably the best in Graz. There are some exhibitions in the upper floors, but it is worth to go around even if you are not interested in museums or art. There is separate entrance fee for the park.
Mike Brown
This is a great place to visit. The park surrounding the house is nicely kept and you can enter for Euro 2. The tour of the very grand house is worth the hour it takes and costs an additional Euro 14. We had a light lunch at the Pavilion cafe whic.. Read more »
Sanjay Mistry
Beautiful Palace with gorgeous gardens housing some lovely peacock's! Great tour guide in English too! Great visit.
Although during winter the place is not as beautiful as in summer, it is also a very nice place to spend the afternoon and walk through the Park. It is definitely a place to always go!
Marina Bilus
Beautiful garden, you can enjoy your walk any time of the year.
Norbert Lackenbauer
What an unexpected Styrian jewel! We chose the 3 o'clock tour in English, our guide was Dominik. He was brilliant!!! Also one could spend days at the exhibitions!
Iren Oliinik
A gorgeous palace in the outskirts of Graz. With private rooms of Stiriya rulers on the top floor, old masters museum on the second, and coin museum on the first. One can visit private rooms with a guided tour in German or English. Definitely worth v.. Read more »
Zofia Reid
Very nicely preserved. Excellent guided tour through the palace interiors. Beautiful grounds.
Jesús Pestana Puerta
The gardens are very nice, it costs only 2 EUR to visit them. There peacocks and squirrels in the gardens. The castle visit shows off a few rooms that are impressive - interestingly this castle can sometimes be visited at night, illuminated with cand.. Read more »
Mohammadali Akbarzadeh
Great area for visit. Has a good cafe inside and huge green fields / garden
Christopher Anciaux
Beautiful and peacefully park with lot of place on where we can have a picnic!
Ivan Zemljak
Nice castle near Graz. Guide tour lasted for one hour and explained about the history of this place and Eggenberger family. Reccomend to visit when in Graz.
Veronica Chuang
The tour was worth it! You need to see what’s inside this palace, full of history of the Eggenberg family and beautiful paintings. Fun fact: there are a lot of peacocks in the garden.
Candy Zimmermann
Location: although you have a tram station with the same name, you still have to walk like 3 minutes to get to the entrance. Garden: beautiful, wide, and there's a spot for everyone to relax and enjoy nature. They have peacocks walking around! .. Read more »
Such a wonderful and beautiful place!
Deepakraj Srinivas
Garden is very nice to spend time, but castle is just okay
Simona Macovei Ilie
Great courtyard, silence, fresh air, nice park for walk and relax, the Palace can be visited on the inside only by booking a guided tour, nice and interesting history and interiors very well preserved.
Karl Mayrhofer
Beautiful home to a rich family and meeting place of many famous royals. We enjoyed the guided tour, it wasn't too crowded fortunately and the park has its own charm. The free roaming peacocks we're the stars! TOP ATTRACTION - WELL WORTH A .. Read more »
A nice place. A big garden but mainly sunny. The palace can be visited only with a guided tour that in the day we visited was only in German.
Sven Celin
Peacocks are really fun :D
Marcin Szekiel
In order to escspe the crowds in Graz, visit its most beautiful attraction. Palace and park are wonderful. A must see when in Graz.
Lorena Russell
I was surprised how much I enjoyed this Baroque palace and grounds. It's an easy tram ride from town (walk about 1.5 blocks along wall to entrance). It has a small but nice museum (Bruegel), and the tour includes most of the exterior rooms of th.. Read more »
Shurouq Abdelaal
It is like stepping into a different Era. The palace is well preserved and in a very good condition. There are many signs to help you understand what you see written in both German and English. If you like art then you can enjoy the art gallery there.. Read more »