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Eaton Centre

Toronto, Canada
4.6 / 60
A shopping and office center located in the heart of Toronto. In fact, it was invented by Timothy Eaton, who in the 19th century founded the largest trading network in Canada. At first it was a small family store, which gradually grew into a large mall. There are boutiques and showrooms of many Canadian and American brands in the Eaton Center.



CF Toronto Eaton Centre is a big shopping mall right in the centre of downtown of city Toronto. It has many entrance and exits. There's Younge Dundas Square and Nathan Phillips square around this mall. This is an old beautiful mall where constru.. Read more »
This is the greatest place & I had a positive experience at the mall. That Malls are very popular destinations for shopping, entertainment, and dining in downtown Toronto. They offer a lot of range of products and services, making it convenient .. Read more »
I'm thrilled to hear that you had such a wonderful time at the Toronto Eaton Center! With its wide array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, the Eaton Center offers a fantastic experience for visitors like yourself. Whether you ind.. Read more »
no joke, I spent 7 hours at this mall and I don’t think I covered nearly everything. the mall is HUGE stretching from Queen to Dundas with three floors and an additional food level just below. they’ve just about got everything, from conv.. Read more »
A huge shopping mall in Downtown Toronto. It's easily accessible via subways. The mall holds a variety of services, stores, n restaurants. I bought a pair of sandals from Sketchers. I was delighted to see the book store....Indigo Books Cafe. The.. Read more »
Very good place for shopping n food ,This is one of the biggest malls in Toronto , it has more than 200+ stores must visit , if you want to explore the area by walking its good idea.
It's great to hear that you had a positive experience at the mall! Malls are popular destinations for shopping, entertainment, and dining. They offer a wide range of products and services, making it convenient for shoppers to find everything the.. Read more »
It's got mostly every store. It is quite big and things are under construction inside. So it can seem confusing/crowded. Prime location, great connectivity to things nearby. Subway station is underground direct. There is a eatery underground l.. Read more »
Some of doors were unlocked, some weren't. Bathrooms were disgusting. We went in one door (closet to our hotel) and walked through to cross the block (google directions!) One set of doors was open, but the door going outside to the block we wer.. Read more »
By itself it kind of has everything shopping to offer - large selections of brands and stores from all over the map. I like the diversity vibe here when staffers are ethnically vibrant! Great place to take a walk and watch people even if not really .. Read more »
Christine at Sketchers at the Eaton Center is amazing... She was friendly and approachable when I entered the store, listened to my request and understood immediately what I was shopping for. She took the time to check stock and present alternatives.. Read more »
Once you figure out the map, it's easy to navigate and stores are clearly marked with signage. I miss the really nice food court that is under construction now on level 1 at the Queen St entrance!!! Those tacos from the little taco van are delic.. Read more »
Heart of Toronto best shopping mall in Ontario state in downtown of Toronto superb ambiance of mall and all brands available at this precious place so if you tired and chill out with friends and family must visit here.
This is the most popular shopping mall in Toronto. You should visit the mall if you travel Toronto. It’s located next to Dundas square, and so convenient to get around Toronto from this mall. I love walking around the mall with my friends to se.. Read more »
One of the best place to hang out and for shopping and Foods. I love this place. Time slips faster when you are at this place. It is always crowded specially during weekends. A large Food court with variety of foods also available to fulfill your hun.. Read more »
It’s a very decent place right in the heart of Downtown Toronto. You will have a good variety of shops and brands and a very good food court for when you need to fuel up! Very much accessible and big car park with affordable prices despite of t.. Read more »
It doesn't matter when you visit, this mall is always very crowded as it is considered a tourist attraction. The only exception was when they were forced to shutdown due to the Provincial COVID-19 restrictions. They have many stores here. Howeve.. Read more »
What else is there to say about this amazing entertainment and shopping centre? I will always be amazed by the beautiful architecture of its glass ceiling which allows plenty of natural light come through during the day, something that many other mal.. Read more »
It was really nice. They had lovely decorations and lights on. I went with my family for before Christmas. Most of the stores were closed but the mall was open. So, we enjoyed there and we also some took pictures. Thank you:)
Great mall in the heart of downtown. It has so many new stores those are recently opened and more are on its way. Also features a large dining area consisting of a lot of restaurants. Christmas decoration is always fun to watch every year. This year .. Read more »
This is a very good mall. It's always very clean and there are always guards/staff around for questions. There is a good cross-section of stores, including some high-end and some low-end places. The public seating is plentiful. They always do a .. Read more »
It was nice to go back to the Eaton Center after 20 years. Wasn't impressed as i though i was going to be but with COVID-19 protocols, i was able to take it all in. NO Real Complaints other than maybe the food court kind of sucked in real select.. Read more »
It is a place that I have gone to for years it in the heart of the city of Toronto with all the high end shops, but you can find something to buy from any of the many stores there. It also as a church where the memorial of the homeless is .. Read more »
This well known shopping gallery has been around a very long time, and its seen its share of lean times, down time, and has weathered those.times well. You have to give it to them....they recreate themselves regularly, expertly, and effectively. It&#.. Read more »
It's a good mall for window shopping. I usually go there just to kill time. It's packed and is hard to move around between floors as you have to walk a bit to get to the stairs. Which is why I'm giving it 4 stars. If you're new to.. Read more »
This was my first outing to a public place. The stores are taking great measures to stay safe. Unliqlo has by far been the most diligent. Its impressive. I'm still scared to go out but it was reassuring to see.
Nice stores, good selection. Food court has good food selection. This mall can be very busy at times. Very enjoyable experience every time we come here!
One of the best malls that I have ever visited. You'll find most of the big brands here and place is well maintained and clean. It has a huge food court with wide variety of options. Promotions are also good. This place is the heart of GTA.
So many people over there. But you can buy everything you want at there.
Very beautiful mall but really really busy at lunch in the food court
There are deals to be had at TEC. Do your price research before visiting...
mall is huge and always super busy but nice overall
Definitely recommend coming here, eaton centre is huge! All the well known shops are here. I visited on a thursay and it was not crowded. All stores are following covid 19 precautions and the staff is very kind and helpful.
Located at the busy intersection of Yonge and Queen Streets, the CF Toronto Eaton Centre Bridge is a dramatic public landmark that replaces the previous, inaccessible bridge completed in 1978. The design challenge involved carefully considering the c.. Read more »