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Eagle monument

Poltava, Ukraine
4.5 / 17
The Eagle monument is a significant historical landmark in the city, built from 1806 to 1811 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava. It is considered one of the main attractions of the city and showcases the monumental art of the early 19th century. The monument was designed by architect J. Thomas de Thomon and sculptor F. F. Shchedrin. The monument features a tall cast-iron column on a granite pedestal, supported by 18 cannons, with 10 cannons from the Poltava fortress and 8 cannons from Perevolnaya. It is adorned with intricate reliefs depicting Roman military symbols. Located in a beautiful park, the Eagle monument offers a peaceful and enjoyable environment for visitors, especially during the summer when the park is in full bloom. It is a popular spot for leisurely walks and spending free time. From the upper platforms of the monument, visitors can enjoy clear views of the surrounding flower beds. However, the monument itself is in need of repairs, with visible rust stains on the column. There are concerns about the safety of children, as they often play around the monument. Despite its historical significance, the neglect of the monument can leave a negative impression on visitors. Overall, the Eagle monument is a historically important and visually stunning landmark in the city center. It is a place that provides a beautiful and well-maintained environment for visitors to appreciate the city's history and enjoy their time.
Address:Sobornosti Street, 42, Poltava



Built in 1806-1811. in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava. One of the main attractions of the city. The authors of the monument a.. Read more »
The Monument of Glory is a memorial of the monumental art of the early 19th century in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava in 1709.. Read more »
A beautiful place) in the summer, everything blooms, you can walk with pleasure and spend your free time in this park.
Very beautiful .. Heart is torn to pieces ..
City center. Good place for walks
High, you can walk up the stairs. From the upper platforms, flower beds are clearly visible. The monument itself needs to be repaired.
This is the case when modern politics gets in the way of a long history. Before us is a wonderful monument to victory, a monument that is essentially .. Read more »
Nice area, very nice
A very beautiful and well-groomed place. Was in September and liked everything. Beautiful stele and well-groomed flower beds.
Historically significant place. Monument of Glory.
A kind of monument of Glory in the center of the Corps Park, which is a symmetrical circle. There are few such places in the world.
One of the city's parks, but in need of care and cosmetic "repair". There is a coffee shop and a café in the park. There is also a small attraction fo.. Read more »
City center. A very beautiful cultural and historical place. Monument of Glory, erected on the site where, according to legend, on June 28, 1709, resi.. Read more »
Beautiful park. lots of people but not too many vendors. At night there is music and dancing
Nice park to stroll around
Its park to sit Good place for passing time
Nice Eagle monument in the centre of a circular park.