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Duomo di Milano

Milan, Italy
4.9 / 112
The magnificent cathedral of Milan, a vivid representative of the elegant architectural direction of flaming Gothic. The temple began to be erected in the XIV century, the decoration of some elements of the facade was completed only by 1965. Milan Cathedral is completely built of white marble, it is one of the most beautiful temples not only in Italy, but throughout Europe. Inside is a golden statue of the Madonna - the patroness of Milan.



Maria Rangelova
I have visited Milano twice and I am in love with the city and especially with this cathedral. It's impressive inside and outside, definitely worth the money. If you are lucky the queue is not very long and you won't need ticket in advance.. Read more »
Frank Walz
Impressive - impressive - impressive !!! Once you are in Milano it’s a must do 👍🏽 Check the tickets online, it’s very easy or over there. The lift is totally overrated, it’s only 6 floors and it’s fun to get up there. Terrace .. Read more »
Sophie Velixon
Very nice view and definitely worth the money. It is the main attraction in Milan and by buying a ticket to enter you also get free access to the museum. Try to arrive early, because they have different time slots with a limited amount of people allo.. Read more »
Thuha Ng
One of the most famous landmarks in Milan and Italy as a whole, the cathedral is a magnificent Gothic-style church that took nearly 6 centuries to finish. This place is renowned for its elaborate exterior adorned with countless spires, statues and in.. Read more »
Nola Dolan
The Duomo really is as incredible as the pictures make it out to be, maybe more so. The detail is really striking, and it is beautifully maintained. We bought our tickets to the ramparts in advance. This is definitely worth doing, it’s the best.. Read more »
Ju Yau Kwan
You can access the roof and have a good view around. There a re some steps to take if you climb up, else pay extra to take the lift, but walking down is still the stairs. Enter the cathedral to see whats inside. Even if you don't enter, the arch.. Read more »
Vindya Samarasinghe
A beautiful place that reminds you of history and the work behind it. However a few things to keep in mind. Make sure to cover your shoulders and go there with an appropriate attire. Wear lighter clothes as you might feel hotter if you make a visit t.. Read more »
Nattawan S
Absolutely stunning! One of the most beautiful Church I have visited the highlight part that you shouldn’t missed is the terrace on the rooftop! So amazing you can enjoy the beautiful view and the beautiful architecture of Duomo di Milano! and .. Read more »
Roshan Robert Fernandes
Your visit to Milano cannot be considered complete without a visit to this very special very magnificent building + Beautiful Sculpted statues all over the building, both inside and outside. They tower over the city watching us + Mass celebration was.. Read more »
Maya Leis
This was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I came on a rainy day in December. Tickets were online and cost 16 regular 8 reduced. While this is a little steep, you can really spend 1-2 hours here. It is a lot of stairs but can be.. Read more »
Ritesh Sharan
Fabulous experience to visit the Duomo in Milan. We took the Skip the like tickets for the full tour (Rooftops, Cathedral and Museum), although that was a mistake. While we were able to go to the rooftops, the cathedral closed in the afternoon and op.. Read more »
David Hong
Definitely a must see. Get the rooftop ticket access and book the earlier ones. I bought the full access and it was well worth it for me. I read that going to the rooftop by foot might be faster than waiting in line for the lift access. As of Sept 2.. Read more »
Faisal Imdad
Such a beautiful and eventful place. It is a Piazza (square) and cathedral well worth a visit. If you are planning to visit the cathedral and go inside do buy your tickets online for best price. Amazing cathedral and roof worth a visit but undergroun.. Read more »
Adam Turňa
Great and beautiful place, if you have the opportunity to go to the roof definitely use it! It is euros for the stairs option and 15 for the lift option, best to buy online. The stairs option is definitely manageable with basic fitness, takes no more.. Read more »
Julieta Ho
Simple beautiful! We got the private tour with the official guide from Duomo and she really knows lots of history fact and everything that happened. The glasses, And sun line to tell the time, the underground discovered church, the old and modern scu.. Read more »
Piotr Szarzyński
For sure the architecture of the Cathedral is incredible taking account that it took over six hundred years to finish. All the spikes, sculptures were breath taking. It's the real object of religious culture. Worth seeing. Maybe not sleeping ben.. Read more »
Naveed Syed
Enjoyed a quick visit to this iconic attraction. Really loved the ability to venture in the rooftop which was surprising and awesome (despite the ongoing restoration work). Views from the top are fantastic. The inside is grand too. Staff were helpful.. Read more »
Kai Klann
What must amazed me was being walking on the top of the roof, which is not common. The Duomo is big, the architecture of the outside is very impressive and beautiful. The church inside, based on the other churches I have seen before, this one didn&rs.. Read more »
Kevin Algoet
A very nice cathedral that you have to visit with the rooftop experience! We took the lifts up and everything went great. Be aware that you will have to take the stairs back down. Up top you have some great views of the piazza. The interior is certa.. Read more »
Mirela Ilieva
Extremely beautiful, spectacular and impressive cathedral! I was truly amazed to see it from the inside. It totally worth visiting! You can purchase tickets from the building across the street on the right side. There is normal tickets or with climbi.. Read more »
Mara DeNardis
Milan is beautiful and also the fashion capital of the world!! Lots of unique clothes and shoes!! The Duomo is one of the most memorable experience in Milan. The ticket costs 15 euros (access to the church, the archeological museum from the baseme.. Read more »
It's a symbol of Milan and one of the largest cathedrals in Italy and Europe. Shopping is what draws most crowds to this area. Head to the rooftop of the flagship La Rinascente to enjoy the view of the animated square with a panorama of the Du.. Read more »
Roberta Signorelli
Milan's Duomo is the largest, most interesting, most beautiful & definitely most unique Gothic church in Italy, and it is a MUST SEE! I promise it will take your breath away, and it’s worth going to see in the morning (when it’s .. Read more »
Louann Nadalini
Milan's Duomo is the largest, most interesting, most beautiful & definitely most unique Gothic church in Italy, and it is a MUST SEE! I promise it will take your breath away, and it’s worth going to see in the morning (when it’s .. Read more »
jaydev dev
One of the most beautiful and lively places to be visited in one's life. This is an one time experience. Duomo di Milano not only gives the eyes a picturesque treat, but also a wonderful shopping experience. Yes, the world's famous and the .. Read more »
The views from the roof are breathtaking, especially if you manage to go up as the sun is setting. The Duomo itself is stunning and worth the visit. The archaeological dig below is interesting but be aware that the English translation on the inform.. Read more »
Tomer Peretz
An historic and dramatic Gothic legend! We bought tickets to the rooftop and went up by stairs as recommended. The stairs wasn't very difficult to climb and the view through the narrow windows were beautiful. From the you can see the beautiful s.. Read more »
Dagmara Bronik
If you wish to explore the roof my recommendation would be to go there at 10 before the crowd. We only visited the roof by the elevator and I think it’s the perfect solution. You go down by the stairs and walk through the cathedral without the .. Read more »
Eric Ameng
A literal must see attraction if in Milan. The history matched with modern life in the plaza shows the rich past of Milan with the classic Milan style and shops. Rooftop is beautiful. Inside stunning. The stain glass was best I've seen. Absolu.. Read more »
jaydev dev
One of the most beautiful and lively places to be visited in one's life. This is an one time experience. Duomo di Milano not only gives the eyes a picturesque treat, but also a wonderful shopping experience. Yes, the world's famous and the .. Read more »
You never get bored admiring it. The most beautiful cathedral in North Italy, the center of Milan, Milan's religious heart and now also the center of Milan's shopping life. 5 euro ticket to enter inside and 10 euro to reach the top. Worth t.. Read more »
Waleed Bin Mohammed
This city is the real capital of fashion country. No one can say anything about the quality and service now days. The food ? is wow ? the clothes r amazing ? cars ? are wonderful. Everything they have they worked on quality. Can’t stop loving t.. Read more »
Lex Universe
Well, probably the most iconic and well known building in the whole city is the Milano Cathedral, also known Il Duomo, the Dome. It is the largest church in Italy and the third largest in the world. It is also the largest Gothic cathedral in the worl.. Read more »
Toan Vo
A very stunning architecture. This church is so impressively beautiful. I got to see this masterpiece because I has been hunting my mind since I once was watching a Champion League (C1) football match and it suddenly appeared in the music before the .. Read more »
Navneet Sidhu
Wonderful place to visit, very live and busy. Great art work. Huge lineups though to go inside the cathedral. Area around cathedral is also very nice. Really enjoyed tons of pigeons in front of the cathedral. Lots of shopping stores, big brands. Rest.. Read more »
William Rose
Very nice chapel some body have mention it is 3 euro but it's is 5 euro other than that the chapel is awesome when u are going there try to bring some bread with u can feed the pigeons with ur hand and u can take photos with the bird
Ştefan-Vlad Ionescu
Surreal. My holiday HQ was Rome but I did a one day turnaround to Milan and it was simply gorgeous. Fashion, style, refinement and grace are above those found in the capital city. On top of it all (no pun intended) sit the terraces of the Duomo Di Mi.. Read more »
Lukáš Fürst
If you come here, prepare for a stunning view! Also prepare to share it with milion of people. But at these days, it is not so heavy occupied. So perfect time to come here :-)
Priya Indian Vlogger in G
This is the most beautiful artistic monumental church in the center of Milan with probably the best artwork and sculptures that I have seen. The place is full of so much artistic grandeur and splendid monuments that it shows a glimpse of the architec.. Read more »
Leipzig Englisch
If you are in or near Milan, then please take some time to go and visit this magnificent cathedral right in the city centre of Milan. Take the time to walk around outside and look at the thousands of intricate carvings and statues and see just how mu.. Read more »
shahin sharifzad
Beautiful cathedral with lovely glass windows. Be sure to visit the area down below. Remember, it is still a "practicing" cathedral so they hold mass, etc. Look for the "dinosaur" located near the front door entrance. A unique and.. Read more »
Kimberley Harris
Super good day to go, no lines, not many people around at all. Lots of stairs, hot day, beautiful views! Masks are necassary and temperature was taken. Cannot have short skirts / shorts or shoulders showing inside the cathedral. Asked to cover up - s.. Read more »
It is indeed a very beautiful architecture. After corona, if anyone can travel this is a perfect time. Not so many people and you can have the whole cathedral and the terrace of the cathedral for yourself. Well I would recommend everyone who is in M.. Read more »