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Varna, Bulgaria
3 / 94
Varna, like almost any resort town on the seashore, has its own dolphinarium. All six days a week, when performances are held here, the stands are filled to capacity, as the funny marine mammals leave no one indifferent. Animals dance during the show and “sing” Bulgarian songs, which lead the audience into an indescribable delight.



Margo Bain
I'm torn between enjoying the show and also being very sad that such places still exist:( The dolphins were amazing and so so smart but it's difficult to think about the training process etc. I hope the money goes towards their food and goo.. Read more »
Ivan Tomić
Pool needs renovation and there should be more than two ticket spots, que was long. It's posible to by tickets with credit cards and place has nice café with glass wall so you can see dolphins while drinking coffe.
Diana Oskov
Good show, short and sweet. 30min full of entertainment from the dolphins is quite an achievement. The sound system is quite loud and it is hard to understand the trainer presenting the show, but the dolphins did a great job. They deserve to have a f.. Read more »
Noel Nugteren
Great place, but took 1 star for slow terrace service and took 1 star for no parking spots near dolphinarium (10+ min. walking nearest spots). Bit pricey also for 30 min. show (30 leva per person, 42 for VIP). Took one more star down for disgusting.. Read more »
Elana Kalpokaitė
The dolphinarium itself is quite old, to my opinion the pool could be bigger for the dolphins :( The dolphins are nice and showed a few good tricks, however the trainer was busier telling outdated jokes than actually doing the tricks 👎 - the bigger p.. Read more »
Spencer Hawken
Enjoyable show, incredibly cheap 40 lev for two adults which translates to about £15-£18 , we visited off season in April and during that time shows were at 12pm only. It was quite busy, but plenty I’d seats the show lasted about 4.. Read more »
Maria Adamsky
very touching show, well trained dolphins that are great in contact with people. given that this is one of the last places to have an animal show, I wish the kids were with us to see it too.
Veronika Cettl Batlova (B
This place has already had the best time. Comments from keeper lady were hard to understand due to very bad micro set up,tricks were not repeated,except footbal performance,which was really nice. Swimming with doplhins due to covid restrictions not a.. Read more »
Kalina le Blond
The show (30 min) was wonderful - entertaining and funny, our 6 yr old enjoyed it a lot! It is amazing what tricks dolphins could learn. Absolutely recommend it!
Szilágyi István
Lovely dolphin show. ? Speech mainly in Bulgarian, but the important parts also in English, with a strong Slavic accent. It's recommended to buy the tickets online or at least one hour before. The price for a 4 person family was a bit high - app.. Read more »
Bart W.
Didn’t take pictures of the show as I was watching it and enjoying it unlike most people with their smartphones on video so they can watch it at home 😂 Positive: - very spacious seating area - snacks and bar/restaurant available - toilets avai.. Read more »
Mira Wisplinghoff
The show lasted only 28 (!) minutes and this for 108 lv for 2 adults and 2 children. Only two years ago the show was double the length and cheaper. You can barely understand a word because of the old sound system. The tricks are the same like 20 year.. Read more »
Momchil Tomov
Amazing place. Incredible touch with this sea creatures, very well trained. If you want to see it in close you can sit in coffee bar in same building and enjoy this beautiful animals.
Magda Rozbicka
Dolphins are very smart, amazing animals. Our son was charmed. Minus are: -acoustic or accent of the lady who led the show, because little could be understood -size of the pools in which 6 or 5 dolphins were kept.
Delyanka Sirakova
The dolphins live in an incredibly small area! The pool you see from the pictures - this is it! Its debts are a bit over 3 meters. For 5 dolphins this is INSANELY small! Also - the bottom of the pool is rusty.! The municipality is using the dolphins.. Read more »
Nora Pesheva
Such a fun family activity. In 2022 they still don't have swim with dolphins due to Covid but I'm definitely going back for this. The talk is in Bulgarian and English. The kids loved it almost as much as the adults and the dolphins were rea.. Read more »
Elia Nurieli
Such an aweful place. I went there with my kids. They didn't enjoy it at all. It was too short with no big tricks which is in a way a good thing because i read they feed the poor dolphins only during shows. It's hard to understand the broke.. Read more »
Wonderful for kids. You can't help but think if this is the best place for these super intelligent creatures - but the show was good and interactive with the audience. My 10 month old was super interested for the whole 30 minutes and I thought t.. Read more »
Blaze Balcerek
DO NOT PURCHASE ONLINE TO TAKE PHOTOS!!! ANYONE can use his own camera or mobile phone without being checked or charged! We thought that the 2 photos which we paid for are with the dolphins with our children! That is not the case, so a total waste of.. Read more »
Wiktor Pacierpnik
Nice place to go to. With children or without:) the show was nice and they told some info about dolphins. 4 stars just because the show was "spoken" to much.
Ales Baranek
Nice show, but poor dolphins. The pool is really small for them and very old, I guess from 1980s. Its making the overall feeling from the show just bad. I wish the owner invests the money earned on the tickets to some renovation soon, it really needs.. Read more »
pros: the show is ok, the dolphins do a lot of tricks, the prices are not that high, there is a cafe where you can see the dolphins underwater. the show is about 30min long. cons: you gotta be pretty "lost" not to have a parking lot in th.. Read more »
Masha Petrova
The dolphins performed great and the kids loved them. However, the show was a little short for the price. I am disappointed that the website doesn’t provide how long the show lasts and I purchased taking photos but nothing is happened. I though.. Read more »
Vasil Draganov
The dolphins performed great and the kinds loved them. However, the show was a little short for the price and somehow fast paced. The air was stuffy. The мain drawback is that we were not allowed to park near the building and had to walk for 1.1 km i.. Read more »
Mario Stoilov
Dolphins show is great. Kids love it. I am not a kid , but I love it too :D
Delyan Kostadinov
Unique place! Amazing dolphin training, great show. A wonderful pastry shop from which you can see the aquarium and the dolphins in it through a glass wall!
Katerina Karadzhova
The show is amazing! It includes 5 dolphins and lasts about 30 minutes. It was super fun yet the music was a bit too loud for my taste. You can pay an extra fee of 5 lv if you want to take photos. We did not visit the cafe though. Restrooms were cle.. Read more »
Vessislava Tancheva
Don't like imprisoned animals. Though these are cute.
Silvian P
A must have activity for kids.
Meri Costea
It feels like they are stretching, talking and talking, to have less tricks.
Ion Buzoianu
Very expensive for a mediocre show. Social distance is not maintained and most spectators do not wear a mask!
Pavel Urbánek
For children good.
I don't have much impressions from the Dolphinarium itself, but the show with dolphins was very cool. It was organized well and the dolphins' tricks were entertaining. The only think I didn't like was the show's duration, about 30.. Read more »
Branko Petrovic
Need some investment in maintenance, but cool place for kids.
Georgi Chompalov
Hosts many dolphin shows. Great attraction for the kids.
Urist McGeorge
it's okay, except the members of the public part
Shauli Assayag
Don't do the air conditioning, hot and not comfortable
Ivan Kralchev
Dolphins are amazing and very smart! The show was great. But thinking about them, it would be better to live in freedom.
Marius B
Interesting dolphins show(1h). It's a bit expensive, 25 leva/adult; 20 leva/children, that mean, it's a West european price for an Eastern European country. Kinda worthy to go if you haven't seen an dolphin show.
Andy Ghiuta
Very interesting show. You can see that they love dolphins. They are treated well