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Dolmabahçe Palace

Istanbul, Turkey
4.7 / 106
Dolmabahçe Palace is a stunning destination that offers a unique blend of European and Ottoman influences. Situated by the sea in Ístanbul, the location itself is picturesque, providing a breathtaking view of the southern side of the city. The palace's interior is truly awe-inspiring, with intricate details that showcase its grandeur. Despite the entry fee, the experience is well worth it. To make the most of your visit, it is advisable to arrive early in the day, as it can get quite crowded during lunch and afternoon hours. Additionally, please note that photography is strictly prohibited inside the palace, so it is important to adhere to this rule. While the palace is a beautiful place to explore, it may not be the best choice during the summer months. The lack of air conditioning can make it uncomfortably hot inside, and some areas may still be undergoing renovations. However, it is still a worthwhile destination, being the largest palace in Turkey. The availability of interpretation headphones in multiple languages makes it easy to navigate the palace without a guide. Visiting Dolmabahçe Palace was an unforgettable experience for me. The architecture is a masterpiece, seamlessly blending European and Ottoman styles. The opulent furnishings, chandeliers, and grand halls left me in awe. The palace also offers a mesmerizing view of the Bosphorus, creating a captivating backdrop for exploration. The meticulously maintained gardens and courtyards provide a tranquil sanctuary amidst the bustling city. The guided tour is informative and offers insight into Turkey's rich history and the lives of its rulers. The passion and knowledge of the guides are evident, enhancing the overall experience. Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply appreciate architectural beauty, a visit to Dolmabahçe Palace is a must. It offers a glimpse into the splendor of the Ottoman Empire, leaving a lasting impression. For those interested in Ottoman history, Dolmabahçe Palace is a fantastic place to visit. Buying tickets online can help you avoid long lines, and it is recommended to be patient with the crowds. Arriving early in the morning is advised to beat the rush and allow for ample time to explore the palace and the painting museum, which typically takes 2-3 hours. Remember that taking photos inside the buildings is not permitted. Dolmabahçe Palace is a unique building that is well worth a visit. The various rooms are incredibly interesting, and the exterior is simply stunning, with beautiful gardens and impressive gates. Inside, you can explore the history of the Sultan and his family and even see the room where Atatürk lived and passed away. While photography is not allowed, some rooms are truly astonishing and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. In my opinion, Dolmabahçe Palace is the most beautiful museum I have ever visited. Some people complain about long wait times, but if you arrive early in the morning when they open, you won't encounter any issues. The staff and security are incredibly helpful, and the weather and scenery are breathtaking. Just remember not to take any photos or videos inside the palace to avoid getting reprimanded. When visiting Dolmabahçe Palace, it is essential to buy your ticket in advance to avoid long queues. While I didn't have the chance to go inside due to the lengthy wait, the exterior of the palace and its gardens were still impressive. I recommend planning your visit during the summer months, but be sure to wear a hat to protect yourself from the hot and sunny weather in the area. It's also a great spot for capturing Instagram-worthy photos. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit Dolmabahçe Palace due to the long queues. Both the ticket line and the entry line were excessively long, making it impractical to spend time inside the museum. However, from the outside, the palace appeared well-maintained, and the gardens were beautiful with lovely flowers and trees. I suggest purchasing your tickets in advance to avoid this inconvenience. Dolmabahçe Palace is a must-see attraction in Istanbul. Although I didn't have the opportunity to go inside due to the long queues, just walking around the exterior was an amazing experience. I plan on returning to explore the interior and spend the entire day there. If you visit during the summer, be prepared for the heat and sun by wearing a hat. In July 2023, I finally got the chance to go inside the palace, and it was well worth the wait. The palace is filled with antiquities and exudes luxury and regency. Located on the European coast of the Bosporus strait, Dolmabahçe Palace is an impressive example of Ottoman architecture and interior design. It served as the main administrative center of the Ottoman Empire for several years. To fully appreciate the palace's beauty, allocate approximately two hours for exploration and consider purchasing tickets in advance to avoid long lines. This destination comes highly recommended for its outstanding architecture, beautiful gardens, and historical significance.
Address:Dolmabahçe Caddesi
Phone:+90 212 236 90 00



Beautiful palace, price is 1050 tl for foreigners. Unfortunately inside it s not allowed to take pictures. It s worth to see but usually crowded. Recommend to buy ticket online and come earlier. Cafe was already closed at 5 pm.
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Absolutely amazing Palace and so worth the price! We came around 3:30 on Saturday and found out it in fact was open until 6 do we had a good 2.5 hours there, but could've stayed longer because there's so much to see! Has a cute cafe in the .. Read more »
It’s a tourist destination that you could not miss. The architectures are beautiful but the interior is a little shabby. You have to bring your passport or ID to get a free audio. The ticket price for foreigners is ten times the price for Turki.. Read more »
Great place to visit! Not only is the location itself pretty, next to the see with view on the southern side of Ístanbul, the palace from the inside is just breath taking! The details, amazing. The entry price is totally worth it. I recommend.. Read more »
the place is nice but not recommended to go in summer as there is no ac’s inside and it’s pretty hot. some of the spaces are still under renovations. however, it’s a very nice palace to visit! the biggest in turkey and also has inte.. Read more »
I had the privilege of visiting Dolmabahçe Palace, and it was truly a magnificent experience. This palace is a masterpiece of architecture, seamlessly blending European and Ottoman influences. The grandeur of its halls, chandeliers, and opulen.. Read more »
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This is a must see when you come to Istanbul. We didn't have a chance to go inside because we didn't buy our tickets ahead of time. The line was very very long to wait for tickets. We walked around the outside and just that was amazing to s.. Read more »
A must to see!!! Located on the European coast of the Bosporus strait, Dolmabahce Palace is indeed an impressive example of Ottoman architecture and interior design. Outstanding architecture and impressive gardens. It served as the main administrativ.. Read more »
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Marvelously, extraordinarily, magnificent !! What a lavish place to visit. The sense of history literally pops out of every single detail in this place. Make sure you're wearing comfy clothes and shoes as the tour may take 4 hours at least! Bett.. Read more »
Marvelously, extraordinarily, magnificent !! What a lavish place to visit. The sense of history literally pops out of every single detail in this place. Make sure you're wearing comfy clothes and shoes as the tour may take 4 hours at least! Bett.. Read more »
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Beautiful palace that rivals any of the European palaces. The architecture is impressive. Especially the finally of the Grand Ballroom. The domed ceiling is more impressive than the blue mosque. I would have gave it five stars if the palace was air c.. Read more »
Absolutely stunning!! Would highly recommend anyone visiting Istanbul to go and view this site. Its about a 10min walk from the last tram stop. Everything from the gardens to the beautiful Palace rooms on display are well worth seeing. The coffee sho.. Read more »
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Amazing place, I liked how the y preserved history and walk you through the entire experience. I wish I was allowed to take pictures (or more pictures) and I wish Clicks museum was open. The cafes available inside museums park have very little opti.. Read more »
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Stunning place, gorgeous interiors, beautiful furniture, the palace is a real treat for your eyes. Unfortunately, Photography is not allowed inside. Also the place is very crowded, better to come in the morning cause when we were leaving the palace a.. Read more »
Impressive palace, rich and beautiful inside and outside. Nice park around it. Definitely recommend to visit! It’s not allowed to take pictures there, but I made one for you!
The palace is very wonderful. Every corner in it tells the stories of the Ottoman Sultanate.... I have a small note. It would be better if the tickets were distributed with a plan of the palace and a quick overview of its history.. and the possibilit.. Read more »
What a beautiful sight to behold! The fact that they were able to preserve the integrity of the palace is just astounding. Beautiful doesn’t do this justice.. If you happen to visit Istanbul, this is a must visit. Had lunch at the restaurant by.. Read more »
Stunning place, gorgeous interiors, beautiful furniture, the palace is a real treat for your eyes. Unfortunately, Photography is not allowed inside. Also the place is very crowded, better to come in the morning cause when we were leaving the palace a.. Read more »
I highly recommend visiting the palace! It is beautiful both on the inside and the outside. The gardens are v well looked after and nice to be in. The inside of the palace is well furnished and is in a good condition. I also recommend to take an au.. Read more »
The place was very nice. I was happy with this visit but I didn't choose the right time during the afternoon. I advise you to go in the evening times, there is also a nice street that you can walk around and this will not work if it is very hot
I haven't seen such a beautiful place. I liked it better than Versailles. Amazing rooms and halls. Magnificent decorations. The Sultan's bath made of alabaster is gorgeous. It's a must while in İstanbul.
INCREDIBLE!! This is a MUST. It’s incredible you maybe will not believe what is inside until you visit it, photos are not allowed, but you must visit this beautiful place full of history. Don’t forget to pay for visiting also “Har.. Read more »
If you like history, you will really enjoy this palace. I did enjoy it although I am not a big historian myself. Definitely worth seeing. The Palace is something to see. We enjoyed the morning there.
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This was one of our best visits! The palace is amazing and with a free audio tour you get a lot of information! Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures inside the palace, so you have to trust me on my words, that it really is worth going i.. Read more »
Not worth to visit on my opinion. It is nice outside, but not more than that. First of all it was really bad organized. Most of the places under construction and nobody tells it in advance. Can’t pay with card by the way and there is no informa.. Read more »
Truly Grand palace. Don’t just buy ticket to walk outside. Get the full ticket as interiors of this palace is truly amazing especially the grand hall with a chandelier which is 4,5 tons! Really enjoyed the walk and seeing all the elaborate deco.. Read more »
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Architecture, maintenance, and overall decor gave me the pure historical vibes. I enjoyed being there, but... TBH, it was too much to take and know in one visit and unbelievable at times to know about Sultans' lavish lifestyle. Please note, the .. Read more »
Extravagance, opulence and lots of history. A palace where time has literally stood still (the clocks inside the palace). Six sultans and a president resided there at different times in history. It is one of the biggest and most extravagant Palace wi.. Read more »
Love this place, love this town! The pic that I posted was taken from a U.S. Navy warship, the USS Mahan (DDG 42), as we lay at anchor in the Bosporus River in 1983. The weird part? All of the Soviet-flagged vessels that simply sailed right past us. .. Read more »
Good place to see all the luxury of Turkish sultans lives. You can spend 2-3 hours there and enjoy all the details of palace decoration. Now downsides, hoping that someone from palace will read it: - audio guide sounds incorrect couple of times. For.. Read more »