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Dohány Street Synagogue

Budapest, Hungary
4.6 / 107
One of the largest Jewish temples in Europe, is located in the Jewish quarter of Budapest. The area of the synagogue is 1200 m², capacity - up to 3 thousand people. In the courtyard is the Jewish Museum. The synagogue is built in the Byzantine style with some oriental elements, the interior decoration resembles the interiors of Catholic cathedrals. During the Second World War, the building was looted. Full recovery occurred in the 90s. XX century.
Address:Budapest, Dohány utca 2
Phone:+36 1 413 1515



Donna Cashore
Very much worth the visit. The entry ticket is a bit expensive, but...A. Remember that you are helping to maintain an incredible heritage location. B. It includes a tour. The building and insides are stunning. The included tour is not extensive -- w.. Read more »
Andy Z
Yes, it’s a steep cost to enter but we’re glad we did. Seeing the second biggest synagogue in the world was special. The half hour English tour was great. The memorial highlights were touching. I’d recommend going inside if it fits .. Read more »
Heimdal Odinson
This seems like a really poignant time to post about this fantastic sight . A visit here I found to be a fantastic experience . I have read the bible not necessarily enthusiastically, and it did change my thoughts profoundly . I never believed that .. Read more »
Mike Stoehr
We visited here on a Saturday but the synagogue was closed until Monday. We did get to see the great outside and some of the memorial gardens through the fence. It is quite a place and we would like to tour the inside, when again in Budapest. It i.. Read more »
Andrew Long
Highly recommended a visit to this synagogue. Second biggest in the world. The admission fee is quite pricey compared with the basilica but the synagogue is much better value. You can buy your tickets at the entrance but be mindful of the dress code... Read more »
Derek Booth
Beautiful Synagogue well worth a visit. Before you enter, you have to go through the airport type security . There is also a strict dress code you need to abide by. If you are not dressed in accordance with the dress code, you can buy a blue gown to .. Read more »
Francesco Bruttomesso
Beautiful synagogue with a unique style that has many influences. The guided tour is very interesting and available in numerous languages. Included in the entry ticket is access to a second adjacent synagogue, an exhibition on the history of the Hebr.. Read more »
Leon Anavi
Amazing architecture, beautiful building and quite different from other synagogues, especially at the time of its construction. It was built between 1854 and 1859. There is a 5000-pipe organ. Following some damages during WW2 the synagogue was fully .. Read more »
Estefanía Coronado
The synagogue is nice, and they have guided tours in various languages. Staff are very strict with the dressing code. Worst case, some sort of covers are available for 1 euro. The synagogue is nice to visit, and the history explained by the guide is .. Read more »
Andrea Landi
This place is impressive. There is also a free guided tour done by some volunteers which sheds light on the synagogue and its history. There are several exhibitions about the history of Jewish in Budapest which are really moving. It's really wo.. Read more »
Chaitanya Waikar
The stunning architecture, rich history, and serene atmosphere create an unforgettable experience. The staff's warmth and informative tours make every visit enjoyable. A must-see destination that beautifully encapsulates the city's cultural.. Read more »
Aleksandra Baranska
Never been to a synagogue before, so this was quite an experience. This is the largest synagogue in Europe, and it's impressive. You can also see the cemetery, the memorial, and the museum. It is rather a sad experience as it shows how much pain.. Read more »
Marina Fr
This is one of the most beautiful synagogues that I have visited. An interesting place with a history. Original design. Recommended to visit!
Louis Deramecourt
A really beautiful place to visit but the prices are way too expensive and the experience is not that worth in my opinion. Indeed, our guide was quite boring and there is not much to see inside except the great synagogue itself.
Jamey Fieler
A beautiful, well kept piece of history. I was very impressed with the amount of history that is available in so many languages so you can truly understand the Jewish history in Hungary.
Hannah Casey
Worth the visit. Super beautiful Synagogue, very different to standard. The included guide doesn't take long, but very informative and quite entertaining, Steve was our guide and he gave a delightfully warm intro into his religion and the histor.. Read more »
Lola A
This synagogue was amazing. I've never been to a Jewish synagogue before. It was an educational experience. There is a very deep andrich history behind this synagogue. The tour guide really knew his stuff. I was told that the tour is free but i.. Read more »
Debra Shoopman
Dohány Street Synagogue has done a nice job of memorializing the Jewish victims of the Holocaust in Budapest. The brief description of the Synagogue given by the tour guide was informative and helpful. It was very short, however the wait for .. Read more »
Stephanie Taylor
We spent about an hour and a half here and it was incredible enlightening, as well as a beautiful opportunity to see such a unique space. The tour is a great opportunity that I would recommend taking advantage of while there - it was about 30 minutes.. Read more »
Mick C
Stopped by on a whim after seeing this gorgeous building and deciding we wanted to see the inside too. Tickets were around £16 each, which includes a free guided tour that sets off every half an hour and entrance to the synagogue, gardens, muse.. Read more »
Gorelik Pavel
The amazing architecture, one of the most beautiful synagogues in Europe, a real monument of architecture and my people! In such places I’m proud of my people, the people of Abraham and Moses! Also this place includes a memorial to the victims.. Read more »
Aviad Cohen
More than anything - this place offers visitors a chance to understand the history of the Jewish community who lived in Hungary. For us it was fascinating and interesting. Tours are provided in several languages and the guides were knowledgeable and .. Read more »
Matthias I. Lambrecht
The largest European synagogue, and the magnificent centre of the Budapest Jewish district. Tickets include a guided tour of the synagogue as well as entrance to the museum where you can learn about the history of the Jewish community in Budapest. H.. Read more »
Trishie Shumba
Beautiful synagogue from the inside and out. They have guides in different languages. The ticket will allow you to visit the synagogue, exhibition of photos and also a museum that they have inside. All of these places are worth visiting. I highly rec.. Read more »
Angie Bee
I don't know what I can say that others haven't said. This synagogue is magnificent and you must go there when you're in Budapest. Even if you're not Jewish, this synagogue is breathtaking and moving and will have you under its .. Read more »
Andy Creek
Beautiful synagogue. Built in the style of a cathedral, it's the largest synagogue in Europe. The architecture is incredible, the interior decorations are very detailed. The complex has several things on site too, it's very easy to spend a .. Read more »
Miles Macdonald
No visit to Budapest could be complete without visiting this magnificent Synagogue, it's truly beautiful inside. Completed in 1859 it remains the largest in Europe with a seating capacity of 3000. Start with the 30 minute talk by a guide explain.. Read more »
Toby Paltridge
Definitely worth a visit, although a bit pricy relative to other attractions in Budapest. The entry ticket includes a short guided tour (available in multiple languages) which is well worth attending as it provides lots of interesting information and.. Read more »
Bobby T
Although entrance fee is expensive there is a free great and extremely informative guided tour that gives you an insight into Jewish customs as well as Hungarian Jewish history. Memorial and tree of life can be seen from the outside of you are on a b.. Read more »
Yael K
Beautifully refurbished inside and still doing works behind it. There are tour guides which they offer as part of the price . They leave every half hour or so . Which you sit inside the synagogue and they explain you the history and then let you have.. Read more »
Daniela Pesce
The most beautiful synagogue I have ever seen. Its really amazing. A place surrounded by a very sad history, but it survived and that's very inspiring.
Yue Sun
A very ornate Jewish church. After buying the ticket, there is an English guide tour to explain the history of the Jews and their habits in daily life. It was very interesting. In addition, there are cemeteries, exhibitions, and museums to visit.
Gautier Parfait
A must visit when in Budapest! Free guided tour as well. I learnt so much about the history of this great place of worship and the wider Jewish religion. The Dohány Street Synagogue was built in 1854 and it only took 5 years to build it. It&.. Read more »
Cristian Bostan
We didn't plan to stop here, but it was totally worth it. The tour guide was very friendly and told us many interesting stories about the building and the Jewish community in Budapest. I also had the chance to ask questions and found out about J.. Read more »
Bianca Ogel
Incredible, it was a great visit thanks to our guide ! Really worth seeing. So different and colourful. I enjoyed every second
Mihai Sabadac
An amazing Synagogue full of history and hebrew culture, have to visit at least once in life. Even if the price could seem a little much it definitely worth every cent. The guides are very knowledgeable and helpful.
Nikol Kaufman
One of the biggest synagogues in Europe, which makes it unique. Inside the building it is beautiful. However, the musuem about Hungarian Jews is really below average. A lot of photos and readings on cupboards. The ticket price is 15€ which is d.. Read more »
Amish Agarwal
Amazing autumn vibes outside. Beautiful building. Didn't go inside, as I feel 5000 ft entry just for a religious temple is unjustified. Entry to temples should be solely on the basis of voluntary donations and not exorbitant fees.
Martin Alberts
Enormous inside and very beautyful, so much history there and impactful stories. Was intrigued listening to the guide. Definitely recommendable. But keep in mind you are required to wear a hat as male and cannot show upper legs as a female.
We didn't go inside, although I'm sure it's beautiful and impressive, so we really wanted to go. 5500 ft entrance fee is just utterly ridiculous. In Budapest, I can have a 3 course dinner for that price. For a religious place, shame on.. Read more »
Silvy Constantin
It's one of my highlights in Budapest. We had a super guide for the guided tour with lovely language and people skills. The building itself is beautiful, there is a museum inside as well. The history part will have any human being in tears. Defi.. Read more »
Louisa Weckenbrock
Very interesting! The free tour was great and I learned a lot. Thank you!
Very expensive for Budapest, but also beautiful to see. A 'free' guide is included in the price. The guide was good and friendly. In the museum upstairs guides walk around to explain items and stories.
Victoria Muñoz
Absolutely amazing. Student tickets cost around 15€, but the Synagogue is worth every penny, it’s the second biggest Synagogue in the world. It has an imposing organ and there are free guided tours every 30mins - 1 hour in 5 different lang.. Read more »
Jacob Newcomb
A truly gorgeous building with a breathtaking interior. Tours are offered in several languages with information on Jewish history in Hungary and the Holocaust. Paper kippah/ yarmulke caps are provided for free at the entrance
Beautiful building, unfortunately it is closed for visitors due to COVID-19. It is still worth to see from the outside.
fab dive
Francesco Calogero
Amazing Place, i'd love to come back
Lynette Burlison
Visiting The Synagogue was such a moving experience. The Emmanuel tree is a beautiful tribute to the Hungarian Holocaust victims
Nancy P
Interesting tour and the tree in the garden is very impressive, even though the history is pretty sad and tragic...
Lisa Lahr
Good historical site for both Jewish and non Jewish visitors. Remember security is tight for a reason. Film in the garden and memorial. Pay your quiet respect to Raoul Wallenberg, a man who sacrificed his life to save so many. A memorial to Sir Nich.. Read more »
Andrew Zloy
So thankful ✡️???
diana daza
The breath taking magnitude of this space and beautiful architecture
Ruben Pudor
A very reverent and wonderful place at the same time. Shaped by history and marked by the Holocaust. The tree of life by Imre Varga is an impressiv memorial.
Petra Somosi
Beautiful place!! Unfortunately because of Covid the synagogue wasn't open for visitors
Timea Vegh
The most beautifully decorated Synagogue I have seen and that includes ones in Israel. The history of the place is a gruesome reminder of humanity's mistakes, never to be repeated.
Jayashree Iyer
Absolutely stunning place with great architecture and greater historical significance. Absolute must-visit in the city
Nicolás Navea Fernández
An authentic living museum of judaism history and the tragic events of Holocaust at Budapest. You could spend hours just reading the history and visiting the museum. There are guided tours in different languages many times a day.
Carlos Hof
Incredible place you don't want to miss. Impressive huge synagogue. One of the biggest in the world. Something you've never seen when going in to a synagogue. different vibe going in. Mixture of cultures, with a somehow church lookalike. Bu.. Read more »
Cher Annear
Wow the history and knowledge of The synagogue by tour gentlemen Chris is amazing. And outside tour. Touching and we should never forget. Chris thank you x
Peter Dunn
Gorgeous synagogue thanks apparently to the Lauder family since the Nazi's left it in disgraceful state. What is eerie though about this place is that the congregation is absent and we know why. It now hosts concerts in the summer (perhaps the w.. Read more »
Andrzej Jaworski
Beautiful but most expensive museum type place i have seen during my 5 days stay. In my opinion beauty is not worth the price, especially when most of stuff inside is already available on photos on google maps and as i said seeing it live not worth 5.. Read more »
This is a paid admission place of worship - you cannot enter unless you pay the hefty entry fee. They have guides for each language - which explain that the American Estée Lauder funded restoration. Very interesting holocaust museum downstairs.. Read more »