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Doge's Palace

Venice, Italy
4.8 / 105
An elegant palazzo where Doges lived for centuries - rulers of an independent, rich and influential Venetian republic. The palace was built, completed and decorated for more than 100 years, seeking to give it sufficient grandeur and luxury. That is why the architectural ensemble is a mixture of styles. Here is late European Gothic, and Byzantine classicism, and elements of the Moorish manner. Nowadays, the building houses a museum.
Address:Piazza San Marco, 1, Venezia
Phone:+39 041 271 5911



Really enjoyed this visit I would recommend booking a timed ticket on line or queuing up early for a ticket and going back later in the day. I wouldn’t bother with audio guide. It’s €5 each (cash) but you need to leave your passpo.. Read more »
A wonderful palace full of rich history! You can buy your tickets day of, but you will be stuck in a line to be able to get inside. The palace is wonderful, and the walls have stories of how it all came to be and how the role of the Doge was handled.. Read more »
Beautiful building with a long history. Very interesting and worth a visit. We were there for about 60-90mins and that was enough to take in the beauty, paintings and information. We booked our tickets in advance and I'd say it was worth it to n.. Read more »
Stunning! Doge's Palace is massive with many rooms extremely decorated with art, relics and information. It is organized in a very simple to follow path that takes you through the whole place from the apartments to the jails. The ceiling of the .. Read more »
Would come again any time, great place with lots of great art. We used a tour guide that didn’t offer much time. One hour was barely enough. The museum doesn’t have air conditioning which in summer makes it unbearable to visit it in some .. Read more »
If you can reliably buy tickets in advance it is better than waiting in the lines. Give yourself at least 2 hours to take in all the master paintings and many different sections. It’s best to either have a guide or a guide book to learn about t.. Read more »
Booked tickets in advance which is the most sensible thing I think personally you can do. There was so much to the palace making it great value for money. We arrived at 10am on a Thursday in August so was getting quite hot already, but we spent about.. Read more »
The Palace is a stunning piece of art located right next to the Basilica. When you start the tour you see the amount of effort that they put into making this palace. Words can’t really describe how it looks inside and nor can pictures do justi.. Read more »
If you love history and architecture then it’s worth a visit. It is quite expensive but it’s worth it to learn about the history of Venice. The building is beautiful and there are lots of displays explaining what each room was used for. M.. Read more »
A must-see. It’s worthy buying the ticket in a bundle with other museum passes. Doge’s Palace is a little bit colder and darker than the other museums - during my visit nearing the closing hours in Jenuary it was hard to see the paintings.. Read more »
Beautiful experience of a lifetime. The decorated rooms with awe inspiring paintings on ceilings and walls made it special. It reminded us of Indian palaces or French Versailles beauty. It was crowded but if you get advanced skip line it’s very.. Read more »
A brilliant place to visit! Personally, I enjoyed this more than St Marks Basilica. Outstanding art and architecture, the whole place is steeped in history. Some of the rooms and the scale of them will take your breath away. A must see when visiting .. Read more »
Absolutely must visit this place if you come to Venice! Good English audio guide. But I recommend to book the secret itineraries tour in advance.
See the old palace of the duke of Venice. The museum shows everything about it’s past. See the court chamber, royal court, the weapons, the long sword and cross bows that we only see in the movies. The armours, everything worth checking. Go ch.. Read more »
This is my favorite historical visit we did in Venice, and one of the best in Italy. Very cool to learn about the early politics of the Venetians, and seemingly how far ahead they were compared to most of Europe. The large room that held 2000+ people.. Read more »
Amazing scale and sumptuous style make the Palace a must visit, if you are in Venice. Only marked down from 5 stars as, however awe inspiring, the religiously oriented paintings and decorations left me with a feeling of a heavy grimness rather than l.. Read more »
Another stunning architecture standing on the floating city. I went with a guided tour and it was such a treat to see the interior. The description given by the expert definitely added way more value to what I saw around the palace. If you love histo.. Read more »
The amazing wealth of the Venetian city state is on full display in this museum. Much of it must be seen in person to appreciate the scale and mastery. This is a must see experience if you travel to Venice. There is so much history behind every piece.. Read more »
Genuinely one of the most interesting and beautiful palaces that I have ever visited! It’s got large spaces to spread out from each other, and many displays detailing what each room and item in it was and it’s history (these were in mult.. Read more »
Outstanding beauty, absolutely worth a visit. The path is marked by the ropes so it's easy to go through it without missing anything and getting lost. I'd take at least a couple hours to take it easy and enjoy the beautiful art (in particul.. Read more »
My favorite site to visit inside of Venice. This museum / palace is just an incredible sight to behold. So many things to take in - every room and balcony hold views that are worth your attention. Absolutely worth the price, and your time. The museum.. Read more »
Absolutely gorgeous, can’t be put into words. Highly recommend—this is a must when visiting venice. the architecture is wonderful, the history is extremely interesting and the rooms will put you in awe. Paris has nothing on this, this is .. Read more »
On the pricey side for what you get but it is Venice so everything comes at a premium. Enough things to see and admire to keep you entertained for a couple of hours or longer. Good insight into life when the Palace was fully functioning. I enjoye.. Read more »
It's an epic palace, can't miss visiting this full of Venetian history and interesting stories place. Well worth the time and foot pain! Plus it's really something else to check the bridge of sighs from the inside, and also to visit th.. Read more »
This place is definitely worth buying the ticket. Guided tour is a big plus as you can hear real important parts of the history. Everyone will find a piece that they will think is magnificent. Must go. And also the outside is just amazing, details.. .. Read more »
Amazing place. Extremely well preserved paintings (though some were replaced by copies, the originals taken to the Louvre...), impressive interiors, some interesting collections of Venetian armour, and temporary exhibitions. Also, the prison part of .. Read more »
It’s worth visiting it especially with a guided tour as there is so much history gathered in this stunning Palace! Majestic and numerous chambers, magnificent paintings, including the biggest painting in Europe - ‘Paradise’ located .. Read more »
The palace is nice but I had higher expectations. I think the 25€ price is a bit too much for what you get to see in the palace, I would have more happily paid 10-15€ for it, not more. It has a very nice view from the windows though.
Historic palace in Venice. I strongly recommend the visit, it is an incredible piece of art, full of surprises. The full visit (stopping to read in each room the history of the room) will take 1 h 30, so pay attention to plan carefully your time. I s.. Read more »
One of the most popular tourist attractions in the major central square of Venice, it is a historical and cultural monument that houses some of most sublime classical art in Italy, and is not to be missed. From grand chamber walls and ceilings furnis.. Read more »
Exquisite ceiling work ?!! they’ve preserved the state of the prisons which is incredible…The finesse of the paintings are just? we were lucky to visit during the night hours as it was open till 10pm on this particular day and I feel the.. Read more »
This place hardly needs a review. It’s one of the greatest examples of Venetian grandeur. Room after room you will see stunning architecture, weapons and works of art. With the added bonus of crossing over the bridge of sighs and touring the pr.. Read more »
Pictures and videos can't even begin to capture the essence of this building. Amazing experience. It actually helped me get a better sense of how powerful Venice must have been during most of it's 1100 year history as a Republic, in the mid.. Read more »
Amazing place but also very busy. Definitely recommend to get your tickets upfront or through the Venice pass. We were standing in line for about 15 minutes on a Thursday. Was mainly because of the safety and security measures. Was definitely worth i.. Read more »
If you come to Venice you must see this place. It helps you to understand the long history of this city-state. The Doges ruled Venice for over 1,000 years. Venice was a powerful and very wealthy city. The public rooms you walk through on the self gui.. Read more »
You are forced to visit ALL 4 museums at one single day. That is definitely too much!! And you only have the option to buy for all museum at the same time. Really really bad, please change this! It must be possible to visit them on different days...e.. Read more »
A true wonder of a historical building. A testament to the extreme wealth and capability of the Venetians. Level of ornate detail and craftsmanship, particularly for the time, is unbelievable. Also some important precursors to modern government were .. Read more »
Don' miss the chance to visit this place while being in Venice. The whole history of the city and the most glorious times of the republic unfold in front of you. The city has been a dominant European power for several centuries and all of this h.. Read more »
WOW! We have been all over the world in terms particularly of seeing royal sights and buildings etc… This is the quarters of the old Venetian government and courts, it’s politicians and or royalty. It’s pretty beautiful, spectacula.. Read more »
The visit was very fun. To walk around the palace and see the places where doge was walking and planning all the attacks was very interesting. The whole tour of the palace took us around 2 hours. I nicely recommend you to visit the palace if you are.. Read more »
If you are a tourist to the historic and beautiful city of Venice, then you must visit the Doge's Palace (when open). The Doge's Palace was built in Venetian Gothic style, and one of the main landmarks of the city. The palace was the reside.. Read more »
Of the many museums we visited in paris this was my favourite and the one I would recommend most. Beautiful fine art, views of the palace, views of Venice from high up, and you get to walk across the bridge of sighs and see the it from the opposite p.. Read more »
Beautiful palace with lots of stunningly painted roofs. The prison section connected by the bridge of sighs (?) was a unique experience. Due to prebooking the ticket online we didn't have to wait in line and could directly enter the palace. Als.. Read more »
The interior of this palace is well worth the entry fee (book a timed entry online to skip cue). The outside, while quite large and grand, gives absolutely no hint to the stunning painted roofs and vast halls inside!
U just keep staring at the beautiful palace and surrounding architectural marvels. Fabulous ?
Extremely crowded with so many people! But honestly so worth it. OUT OF THIS WORLD, the plaza is incredible! The architecture, the style, the waterfront, the boats... it’s magical! A living museum... it was sunny although cold when I went there.. Read more »
It is so awesome to explore Doge's palace . All the rooms are opened for visitors and have a description about every room in Italian/English and German language too.A good Venitia Gothic palace with a combination of History, Art and culture. A f.. Read more »
I enjoyed it very much. Had to wait 10 minutes to get it even though I booked a prepaid time slot online. The security and covid temp checkers were very friendly and polite, not something I'd usually mention. The scale of the art is incredible s.. Read more »
Palace with great historical value. Walking in those great halls gives you sense of how it was in Venice during their greatest moments
Very impressive and interesting building, another must thing to do in Venice. Doge's Palace ( in Italian, Pallazo Ducale), is a beautiful palace in Venice, the former seat of the Doge and the highest authorities of the Republic, today is a museu.. Read more »
In my opinion the MOST beautiful Palace in the world! ? ?? The craftsmanship is second to none and you could stay a whole day and still wish to spend more time, so you can properly admire this eternal beauty! ? And with its location near the Campanil.. Read more »
A little too expensive, as we were two students, but absolutely worth every penny. Gorgeous architecture accompanied by interesting notes about (almost) every room. I was slightly disappointed with the Bridge of sighs, I expected it to be a more open.. Read more »
Even though the city itself is much over-hyped due to its shamefully degraded condition (visually as well as gastronomically) we can wholeheartedly recommend the Doge's Palace. It is in and of itself already a sight to behold, but the carefully .. Read more »