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Disneyland Park

Los Angeles, USA
4.6 / 77
Disneyland Park is an iconic destination that truly lives up to the hype. From the moment you step foot inside, you're transported to a magical world that captivates both kids and adults alike. The park is well-organized, although it can get crowded, and the prices for food, drinks, and souvenirs are on the higher side. One of the highlights of Disneyland Park is the abundance of thrilling rides that cater to all ages. From classic attractions to cutting-edge experiences, there's something for everyone. The waiting times for rides are clearly displayed and often include special entertainment to keep you entertained during the wait. Meeting beloved Disney characters, witnessing the evening parade, and experiencing the breathtaking fireworks show are all unforgettable moments that add to the park's charm. With so much to see and do, it's difficult to cover everything in a single visit. Many visitors recommend purchasing the Genie passes to mitigate long wait times and make the most of your time. The food options are varied, offering both healthy and indulgent choices to satisfy any craving. While Disneyland Park may not match the scale of Walt Disney World in Florida, it still offers an enjoyable experience that shouldn't be missed. Whether you're a Disney enthusiast or new to the magic, Disneyland Park is a clean, tidy, and friendly destination that guarantees a memorable vacation.
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It's been a while since I visited Disneyland, but I had to describe it! Something you hear about, watch and wait to experience live has come true! It not only left an impression on my older daughter, but also on us who are a little older :) Not .. Read more »
Spent 4 days here and loved every minute. Even with 4 days still didn't have a chance to see everything so will just have to come back again. I recommend getting the genie passes as the waits for the rides can get really long but the food choice.. Read more »
You cannot visit California without stopping to visit the original Disney park. As a native Floridian, I grew up with Walt Disney World, but had to see the original on a trip to California. While it does pale in comparison to Walt Disney World, in a .. Read more »
What a great park! What it separates it from other theme parks from all over the world is that it feels like you are really in a Disneyland because even the sky is not real because it’s kind of built up to a certain point… Mountains with.. Read more »
This was a great experience. It was very fun but also crowded. Disney’s genie plus is a great deal and I highly recommend it. With it, you are able to get on many rides very quickly. Also, the friendly staff will take pictures for you for free .. Read more »
Amazing experience every time we go. The new Star Wars was better than expected. It felt so real! There’s always a crowd but well worth it! Loved the Star Wars Rise of the Resistance ride, it really felt like entering the Empire’s ship. T.. Read more »
Crazy as it may seem. Disneyland wasn’t as packed as we expected. The wait times was less than we thought. Most of time waiting for a ride was less than a half hour. Of course the newer rides had longer lines. The earlier you get there the bett.. Read more »
It is a great experience. Buying tickets in advance is a must. There is no buying tickets boutiques open anymore, everything is done online now. When you enter, you just scan your tickets. It’s a little pricey, but find some discounts. 😉 We wen.. Read more »
I like this park better than the California park. If you've never been to Disneyland, prepare for big crowds. All attractions are extremely well done and fun. Even attractions intended for kids are entertaining for adults. Most attractions follo.. Read more »
It is a great experience. Buying tickets in advance is a must. There is no buying tickets boutiques open anymore, everything is done online now. When you enter, you just scan your tickets. It’s a little pricey, but find some discounts. 😉 We wen.. Read more »
🎢Avoid Weekends if possible, we went on a Friday, each ride took more than 30 minutes we had a Genie+. 📱 Download the Disneyland App, there’s map on the app. And list of attractions, restaurants, rides etc. 🎟️ Genie+ is a must. Otherwise each.. Read more »
We got to visit Disneyland for a recent family Vacation. While our single-day Disneyland Park visit itself was pricey, incredibly packed, and loosely planned, the park itself was fun. Was fortunate to ride Space Mountain but sadly the genie+ did no.. Read more »
Fantastic! Still the great Disneyland that I remember since I was a kid. Great rides and attractions plus the crowd control seems to be a little better (didn’t feel like I had to wait hours for rides). The app was helpful though could definitel.. Read more »
We went for one day and tickets cost $164 each. Parking was $30, in which we also purchased ahead of time. Definitely plan ahead. We purchased a week and a half before our trip and although it wasn't the day we originally planned, everything wor.. Read more »
We went for one day and tickets cost $164 each. Parking was $30, in which we also purchased ahead of time. Definitely plan ahead. We purchased a week and a half before our trip and although it wasn't the day we originally planned, everything wor.. Read more »
I loved this place! I went with my friend and we had a absolute blast! I liked how the fast pass worked. And that the new Star Wars ride was totally epic! Although I do wish they had a bit more “intense” rides. But overall it’s real.. Read more »
Undeniably magical place. I came here last when I was 11 and I still to this day remember how great it was. Very very busy during the height of summer which is to be expected. The shows are amazing as are the attractions and rides. Fun for the whole .. Read more »
What a beautiful place to have fun. If you go on a weekday, you will still be able to take a lot of good photos. If you go on weekends there will be more fun activities. In terms of buying tickets, you should buy tickets in advance to enjoy special o.. Read more »
I was here 3 years ago and it was great. I even got a chance to see Star wars at the theme park. It has awesome parades, which I would like to enjoy. Plus, the rides in Disney are adventurous. Would recommend 100% if you are going on a vacation.
This was an awesome experience. Rise of the Resistance defines a new level of theme ride enjoyment. The size is vast. Preconditions are extensive. You are immersed in the action. The main event last a satisfying amount of time. This will be my most d.. Read more »
It's the happiest place on Earth so what's not to love? Well, let me see, the lines are just too long. We all know this. And, yes, if you have the money the better passes are worth it, but that still doesn't seem like a fair option. T.. Read more »
Love this place. I’ve been coming here since I had my first child in 1999. Now all my kids are Disney kids and love just spending family time here. Of course this comes with a price tag but are a very willing to pay. In the 18 years I’ve .. Read more »
This place is truly magical! Put on your walking shoes and be prepared to have the time of your life. Everything about this place is amazing. My all time favorite thing about this park is the fireworks and the projector show at night. The music is TH.. Read more »
There's an undeniable magic to Disneyland. I mean, they literally infuse the smell of homemade cookies on Main Street. There's an atmosphere and vibe that is difficult to replicate anywhere else, especially if you are a fan of Disney's.. Read more »
Just got back...we thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been over 10 yrs since our last visit. Genie+ is the way to go! A few reasons why I didn't give 5 stars. Some of the rides, the most popular ones, require an extra fee if you want to use the L.. Read more »
Our experience was far from what we expected during our Disney trip this time around. We loved going to the parks and had many, many times but this time around we were quite disappointed. As several had mentioned, the Genie pass/ Lightning lane is a.. Read more »
I can see why so many people find this place to be the happiest place on earth. It is way better than Disney World. Come at me bro! The late January visit with two kids was beyond magical. The experience as an adult was way more pleasant than I thoug.. Read more »
Wonderful Experience. Super fun California Adventure is great too only reason for 4 stars is the prices on things has gotten a little bit too high and we didn't feel like we got the same value out of the Genie pass that we did on the previous f.. Read more »
Disneyland lives up to its hype, thanks to everyone working there! They make Disneyland magical. Considering how busy it is, our tables, walkways, bathrooms were always clean, crew members were always courteous. Attractions and rides were wonderful a.. Read more »
It’s best place to enjoy the memories of childhood.. best experience so far.. the adventure rides are just so amazingly designed. I really loved the space mountain and Star Wars : rise of resistance. Another one that completely shook me was a b.. Read more »
This was an amazing experience that we enjoyed in the rain and cold weather, we got the genie app and lightning lanes which helped out immensely. With the app we were able to see real time waits for ride lines couple days before, and schedule accordi.. Read more »
Disneyland is such a happy and magical? place. Growing up in California and having the opportunity to visit several times a year was always a treat. Even as adults we all still get together for an awesome time. It appeals to all of us at every age.? .. Read more »
I love Disney! I know this is suppose to be a kids place but one must admit it is truly the happiest place on earth. I have been to Disney several times yet each time seems like the first. My daughters love all the parks but the Incredible ride is th.. Read more »
Amazing experience every time we go. The new Star Wars was better than expected. It felt so real! There’s always a crowd but well worth it! Loved the Star Wars Rise of the Resistance ride, it really felt like entering the Empire’s ship. T.. Read more »
I dearly love Dinseyland. Remember to pack bottled water, sunscreen, and, if you want to save money, your own snacks. Gluten-free peeps! Disney still had very few selections for us, keep this in mind when planning your visit. If you can spring for a .. Read more »
This review is a couple years overdue . It really is the happiest place on earth! My kids had a fantastic time here and were so excited seeing all the Disney characters walking around and taking photos. So much to do , so much to see. Will definitely.. Read more »
Its amazing Edit: that comment was from 5 years ago I'd like to update it. The rides are fun, and it is definitely a good place to go for a visit. I went for years and seen it all. It's pretty cool. I don't support Disney as a corporat.. Read more »
We had a great time celebrating my birthday! The entire Disney team was great and everyone wished me birthday wishes! The service was great and what a magical experience. We enjoyed the California adventure side of the park more than the traditional .. Read more »
Disneyland Park, originally Disneyland, is the first of two theme parks built at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, opened on July 17, 1955. It is the only theme park designed and built to completion under the direct supervision of Walt Di.. Read more »
Guardians, Indiana Jones, Star-Wars, Pirates, Haunted Mansion and so much more. The Disneyland Park is built around a very imersive experience. Each area really feels authentic and the rides are pretty incredible. We got to ride the new rise of the r.. Read more »
An American icon, there is no place on earth like Disneyland. It is a wonderful place to take families with much to do and see including attractions, shows, music, parades, exhibits, gardens, and restaurants. In the past decade or so they have allow.. Read more »
I've been going to Disneyland since I was 4 and a 1/2 and never had anything to complain about outside of the heat during the summer and difficulty finding shade. Within the limits of what can be controlled however, Disney has never let me down... Read more »
My two son's and I had a great family vacation at Walt Disney World. Now that both of my two sons’ are older, I would love for our next Disney family vacation would be at Disneyland. We are praying to get a great deal on ticket to Disneyla.. Read more »
Have been wanting to go here for years and finally was able to, late at night! Such an awesome little setup and even relaxing to look at. I went around midnight so it wasn't crowded at all. So I was able to enjoy it, snap some pictures, and soak.. Read more »
The rides were fantastic. The employees were wonderful. However having a good time was difficult. I feel they should have fast passes for kids with special needs. Ours had alot of trouble waiting in line. They only service they could offer us was a s.. Read more »
If you don't like this place then there is something wrong with you. I love everything about it!! From the rides to the food to the characters walking down the street!! Go there during Halloween because its awesome!!! Don't listen to bad re.. Read more »
The most magical place in the world. They treat their handicapped guests with dignity and respect. The ride are amazing. They have something for everyone. Food is excellent. Fantastic for family vacation.
Amazing place! Love the attention the staff gives to the animals and how friendly they are with the guests. Love all the remodeling it looks great and more spacious for the animals. Definitely recommend going here with kids and adults.
Like everybody says, Disneyland is the best park and truly the happiest place on Earth. What do you expect? It's Disneyland! AWESOME food, fun rides, the best service. Recommend you go here and buy annual passes!
Disneyland is my childhood and love this place no matter what day in CA that we visit it will always be the first happiest place on earth
(Visited March 2019, pre COVID) There is so much to do at the park and you will not get everything done in one visit! This park has something for people of all ages to enjoy. My favorite restaurant that I ate at here is “French Market Restauran.. Read more »
What's not to love is Disney one of the greatest places on Earth but really pricey even on a budget can still set you back about $6,000 for a family of four
Disneyland is the happiest place on earth for a reason. Good food. Good rides, but what you can't replicate is the atmosphere. I could sit hours on main street soaking up the vibes. This is truly a magical place. I only wish that my wife and I c.. Read more »
Great energy of the Disneyland band! The characters were very responsive to the children and guests. The rides were fabulous. The fast pass is highly recommended as you can plan your day around targeted times. Food was excellent.
It's Disneyland. You either love it or you really love it. There's something to do for everyone and that is what makes it the happiest place on Earth. Sure, prices are constantly skyrocketing, but the older I get and the more frequently I v.. Read more »
I used to come here very often with my friends during the summer but with the recent closure I am glad they opened Downtown Disney with safety precaution and they are taking a lot of care before opening fully. I have not had a chance to visit the reo.. Read more »