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Deutsches Museum

Munich, Germany
4.8 / 96
A unique museum demonstrating the achievements of German technology and science. The expositions are located on six thematic tiers: hydraulic engineering, shipping, mining, trackless transport, oil and gas, power machines. The museum stores unique samples of equipment, the only ones from the surviving (that is, not destroyed at the request of the victorious countries) after two World Wars.
Address:Museumsinsel 1, München
Phone:+49 89 2179333



Samira Holt
The Deutsches Museum in Munich is a captivating place for science and technology enthusiasts. During our visit, we were enchanted by the vast array of exhibits, from aerospace to robotics, and everything in between. It's a place where curiosity .. Read more »
sara crosetti
The best science and technology museum that you can visit. It is very interactive, and you will not feel bored! There are many instruments from the past and nowadays, many experiments to do, big space dedicated to the planes, to astronomy and space, .. Read more »
Joseph Z
This is a really cool museum with plenty to see, also a very big variation. Everything from airplanes to harvest equipment. A very interesting museum, but it is very crowded usually with a lot of school classes visiting it and generally a very long q.. Read more »
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It takes a long time to buy tickets, because many school students go there together. It's better to set aside a day to visit the museum. Personally, I feel that this museum is very suitable for scientific enlightenment. It has a basic and compre.. Read more »
Olga Demidova
One of the most entertaining museums I’ve ever visited. There are numerous exhibits that facilitate learning. I recommend planning to spend the entire day there. It is definitely worth visiting multiple times. There is a special room where only.. Read more »
Leo Horn
It was our first stop in our Munich trip and we liked it immensely. Although the entrance fee was a bit high at first, our minds changed as soon as we entered, it deserves the fee. Also, even though we stayed for about 5 hours, we had to travel twice.. Read more »
Niels Reed
Definitely a museum that deserves 5 stars. It explains very well what civilization is. There are many places to visit in different branches. It's a great place for kids too. There are very nice activities and applications that they can try and d.. Read more »
Andrei Oprescu
The amount of detail that is put into this place is amazing. You can find out anything about technology, from microchips, cameras/photography, to modern stuff like robotics and space shuttles. I would suggest arming yourself with a bag of popcorn, a .. Read more »
One of the best technology museum to visit. You need days to complete all exhibitions. Aviation and space sections are among the best to visit. Plan ahead if you have a limited time, or browse around freely if you have a couples of days.
Derek Mathieson
Really extensive science and technology museum. I was already prepared to not see all of it in one visit after seeing all the other reviews. I spent 4 hours there and was only able to cover half of it. So, I'll be visiting again in the future to.. Read more »
Great museum with variety of exhibitions that you can stay in hour each easily. It's quite big and has different sections with clear pathway between them. Prices are really reasonable especially with student discount. I'd say 5 hours is a g.. Read more »
Ивайло Чаушев
One of most richest museums in Germany. Despite that some of expositions are closed this is very impressive and interesting place. The exponats are separated by thematically such as aviation, space craft, built technology etc. Recommend 4-5 hours an.. Read more »
William Brenner
A very cool museum dedicated to advancements in technology throughout somewhat recent history. 4-5 starts because even after three hours there was probably more than half the museum to see, but it wasn't interesting enough at that point to keep.. Read more »
Alan Czajkowski
Amazing museum full of very interesting exhibits for all interests and all ages. The interactive room at the end of the tour let's you build your own going away gift, we got to solder our own circuit board in the shape and design of the museum l.. Read more »
Bernard Ebel
The most ever interesting museum I ever visited! Amazing rooms hosting great pieces of technology, funny interactive experience, don’t miss the lightning show. A huge place, a complete day is not enough to visit all sections. I didn’t bel.. Read more »
Pamela Meindl
We worked our way through the museum, from the top floor (space) down to the basement (mining), and it is clear where the museum has spent money and where it is in sad need of attention. This is a very big museum where you can spend more than 1 day i.. Read more »
James Saunders
Mining is amazing but not for the unfit Shipping is good. Machines were great. Toys were small but amazing I was disappointed on flight. For a country with a history of aviation they could have done so much better Great Museum. Cheap for what you.. Read more »
Israel Tapia
There is just one word to describe this museum, AMAZING. If you are a person into science or engineering is one of the most pleasant experiences, you have a lot of interaction with the basic principles of physics in this museum, along with a lot of v.. Read more »
Laurie Laberge
There are plenty of great exhibitions, but barely anything is translated in English. I get it, we're in Germany, but a museum is a tourist attraction, which should mean stuff is translated in English. Barely understood anything of the exhibition.. Read more »
Jonathan Fraine
Amazing!! I was so excited. And my kids were so so happy to see everything. They would not stop saying "wow. Look at this. And this and this." This is the best place to bring kids and happy adults for several repeat trips
Albert Ziegler
Technical museum with deep dives into different areas. There's many more than can be explored in one visit, so it's useful to focus on one or two that strike your fancy. My personal favourite is The Mine. Suitable for adults and children a.. Read more »
Ana Mak
It's a great museum especially with physics and computer science department! I loved ships area but there is a better museum for this topic in Hamburg. I really enjoyed my day there. Note that you will require at least 5-6hours to go trough and .. Read more »
Fatma Noureldin
All you need is time. Rich source for knowledge in many aspects. Perfect for curious children. Some of the units displayed are interactive. The only problem is that most of the units displayed are only explained in German! Please make it in English, .. Read more »
Susanna Ng
One of the best museums I’ve been to. Even as an adult there was so much to see and do. The museum is very well thought out and designed and features all fields of science and technology. The entry fee is reasonable. A excellent family activity.. Read more »
Andrei Kovalev
What a singular opportunity! ? The whole museum counted around 10 visitors. No tourists, no wonderers, all for us! All ships, all Planes, the structure of human body, the production lines and the depth of sole mines could be explored in detail, all p.. Read more »
P Knut
Wow! This is a fabulous and vast museum from all facets of science, technology, industry, and manufacturing. There are so many exhibits over multiple floors. We weren’t even able to get to everything. Due to the technical nature of some of it, .. Read more »
kevoroid Kev.O.F
The museum itself is pretty good, many different science and technology sections that are pretty interesting; however almost 30/40% of information was unfortunately in German only, specially the Mining section and physics! The computer section is pre.. Read more »
Giorgio Manzi
Massive place. Easily will take a full day. Download app for fun time. Regular admission costly but great for students. I would also recommend downloading translating by photo app on your phone as lot of the descriptions are in Germany. Regardless hi.. Read more »
Tomás Rasga
Wonderful experience! Rich and overwhelming bursts of culture throughout the rooms
Cristina Dobos
This museum must have been a huge achievement 30 years ago. Unfortunately it really doesn’t keep up with the times, which is ironical for a technology museum. The entry costs 14E which can be explained only by the space covered but not the ente.. Read more »
Koel Ganguly
You can easily spend 3-4 hours on any rainy or cold day here. It’s definitely a great place if you are here with kids but also a nice place for adults. Don’t miss the maritime exhibition, Oceanography and the mining part which is your -1 .. Read more »
Tomas Žvinys
Wonderful big museum. Pretty interactive and has a canteen inside. Good place for whole family, I believe. I'm sure everyone will find something interesting. Most of the exhibits have translations in English (mining industry is a bit of an excep.. Read more »
Igor Drozdov
An incredibly big place. During 3 hours we were able to see boats, mine, coffee exhibitions. But anyone can find something to his liking
Peter Gibbs
The size of the museum and the number of exhibits really make this place shine. You can easily spend 5+ hours here being moderately thorough and still have plenty to see for a return visit. The building itself is quite elegant, and is located on an I.. Read more »