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Dancing House

Prague, Czech Republic
4.5 / 107
An interesting and non-standard architectural solution, implemented by F. Gary and V. Milunich. The house is located in the center of Prague, on the ground floor there is a restaurant serving French cuisine. The building is sometimes called the “glass” and “drunk house”. The dancing house is built in the modern style of deconstructivism, which uses asymmetric and in some places promiscuous forms. At first, the townspeople did not accept the innovative construction, but pretty soon it became the "highlight" of Prague.
Address:Jiráskovo náměstí 1981/6, Praha 2



Marin “SayanMk” Kolev
Well, um, if you don't have enough time in Prague, skip this ... place. Probably worth if you take your time to get up there. Just seeing it -no different than the pictures. Actually the pictures are quite better. The place is at a giant crossro.. Read more »
Ralf W.
The view from the dancing house is great. If you want to go outside to the observation platform you are charged with 100 czk per person or you buy a drink or a delicious cake, which is what we did. You can spend as much time as you want up there. The.. Read more »
Martin Miler
A building with a unique shape. Located at the corner of the cross road, you can appreciate the style of this building from different directions of the road. In addition, there is a coffee bar on the roof, and there is a platform overlooking the ci.. Read more »
Steve Butterfield
The dancing house is very unique architecture. Be sure to go upstairs to the bar and have a drink and check out the view. The drinks were reasonably priced. Skip the restaurant. It's far too expensive and they won't let you in without a res.. Read more »
A Disappointing Stay at the Dancing House Hotel I recently had the opportunity to stay at the Dancing House Hotel, and I must say that my experience left much to be desired. While the hotel had its aesthetic appeal, there were several functional asp.. Read more »
Prashant Tiwari
It was a decent place to enjoy for sometime. We architecture of the building is funny and surprised few people. We went on top of the building from where we could see the castle, river and the Prague town. That was the best part. For entering either .. Read more »
Such a unique looking building. So cool to see. Also has a nice cafe underneath. Right next to the river. Stunning building. Definitely worth going up to the top and having a drink at the glass bar and admire the view. Have y98lets and a lift. Also h.. Read more »
Entry into Dancing house is free. Tickets ?️ are available online. Dancing house was a great architecture in Prague. If you are in Czech Republic ?? specially in Prague must visit this building to enjoy the design. There is not much special in this .. Read more »
Gilles G
Cool but a lot of traffic around. The best place to take a picture is probably around the zebra crossing. Tho it is not easy with all the cars and all the wire everywhere. The good thing is that there is a rooftop at the top of the building. So u can.. Read more »
Rand Lee
Giving 5 stars because it’s actually an interesting architecture. Definitely one of a kind. But I don’t think you need to go inside for a tour. It’s worth a visit if you’re staying in Prague for multiple days. But I would pass.. Read more »
WaSalicious Food & Travel
The Dancing Building is the most eye-catching building as it has a very unusual style and is a twisted building. They also have a restaurant on top of the building where visitors are allowed to go up on the rooftop for the beautiful city view. Howeve.. Read more »
Auldrick Brown
Didn't have a lot of time but it was a nice visit. The art gallery on the ground floor has some fun pieces, and there is also a cafe there for a quick snack. The view from the rooftop is beautiful, giving a nice panoramic lookout over the city a.. Read more »
Tom Umbac
The architecture of the building is quite interesting, and it's a hotel, restaurant and a rooftop bar. In order to get to the rooftop, you take the elevator up to the 7th floor, then walk up some stair to the bar. It's to go in but in orde.. Read more »
Deni Zubin
Beautiful place! Not necessarily to see, but because of the view on top. You can freely go in, take the elevator to the top floor and go to a coffee shop there. When you order a drink, you don't have to pay the fee to go outside for the view. Ab.. Read more »
Zuzana Parrette
A fun place to go. There is a cafe on the bottom floor. BUT you wanna go to the top floor! Cafe bar opens at 10am. It is pricey. You have to pay 100kč or buy a drink to go stay up there and enjoy the view. A coffee or drink will run you about 180kč... Read more »
Ryan W
Good service is a rarity in the city. The restaurant is very nice and pleasant. After arriving for a reservation, we discovered we werent hungry and the waiter politely mentioned we can go to the bar upstairs to sit. He was very professional in telli.. Read more »
Sunanda Gupta
So everyone told me its a building which is looking good from a distance other vise there is nothing there.but i still went there and went to the glass roof also. It was almost full but got place still. You can see at least 2 sides of Prague. Good vi.. Read more »
Kristian Curtis
The hotel itself is in an incredible location, and is much closer to the centre than you’d think. The restaurant (at which you can get a free breakfast) has one of the most amazing views over Prague and the river. I would strongly recommend get.. Read more »
Nastja Prodanic
the building is beautiful but the problem is that if you want to see it at its full size and beauty you have to basically on the streets while there is traffic happening. You can climb up the building, have a coffee or something and have a nice view .. Read more »
Omotayo Gbadamosi
This building is one of its kind architecture and would be nice to add to your lists. Honestly did not excite me very much but you can pay to go to the top and view the new side of Prague. There is also a restaurant at the top and you can have a roma.. Read more »
Dancing House's concept was inspired by the dance skills of the famous film couple Fred and Ginger. The stone tower symbolizes Fred Astaire and the glass tower, his partner Ginger Rogers. It contains office premises, a restaurant, a gallery, and.. Read more »
Deniss Bespalovs
It looks fine, but to be honest, nothing special in reality. The building has few bars atop and hotel on lower tiers. View from atop isn't astounding or anything, so don't waste time going upstairs. It is worth visiting just to tell ".. Read more »
A must do while in Prague. The roof top bar is super busy with us tourists. But the staff really hustles to get you served quickly. One of the best sunset views but it’s packed with people.
Neo Matrix
Great place,, go all the way to the top. 50 kc to enter the top view. They have restaurants next to it and down stairs a place with the most well known chef of Prague. Elevator available. The story from outside the building, is a couple dancing.. .. Read more »
Alex L (AlexReis)
Such a cool place. Phototipp: 1. Stand next to the statue and lift your foot. With the right angel it looks like you kick the dent into that house. 2. Try some long Exposure with the trams at night. Looks awesome
Nawal Hosni
Very nice terrace with a great city and river view
If it's on your way you can go there but it's not worth to go there just to see this building.
Gerhard Geldenhuys
Brilliant piece of modern architecture and does not impose on the surrounding historical buildings.
Otari Suarez
One of the coolest modern buildings in old part of Prague must visit at the top of building you have a great rooftop bar with amazing views ?
David Gasper
Prague Pride 5th of August 2020
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
uh yes, looks really like the houses are dancing... good look - free look
A Google User
So nice rooftop for an affordable price. Interesting to see from outside and inside also. well worth a little visit
A Google User
Visited last week of Aug to experience drinks and views on the terrace. Prices were reasonable for this type of venue. Views were not as good as we hoped for as location is fairly far out and nothing of interest nearby. If you only have time to visit.. Read more »
A Google User
Great view from the top of the house! Good cocktails and friendly stuff will complete the charming panorama. Tipp: go there during the day time and in the evening. You won't be disappointed :)
A Google User
Gorgeous place. It’s a very interesting contrast with the rest of the old very old and very gothic city. I really enjoyed seeing this peace of modern and bit crazy art peace next to the river. Is a very nice place to take a good picture of you.. Read more »
A Google User
Buy a drink at the top and enter for free. It's a good place to visit in summer. Expect a lot of crowd. Has best view of the castle and the river. Sometimes wait goes upto an hour. Would suggest to come late evening for best views and some quite.. Read more »
John Peterson
Great views. Very nice room with an amazing price. Parking is a few blocks away in a very seedy looking parking garage. I was a little nervous, but the attendant was cool. The free breakfast was good and the Ginger and Fred restaurant was very nic.. Read more »