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Cube Houses

Rotterdam, Netherlands
4.6 / 79
A unique and innovative project by the Danish architect P. Blom, which is a whole street of houses turned upside down and placed on one corner. Living in such structures is considered prestigious, so they are occupied by wealthy citizens. One of the houses is adapted for a museum, where tourists can see what is happening inside. Some residents also offer guided tours of their quirky apartments.
Address:Overblaak 70, Rotterdam
Phone:+31 10 414 2285



Phil Coates
These iconic buildings are an architectural must see. We stayed three nights in the Stayokay studio which is the luxury end of a friendly hostel, breakfast and Wi-Fi included. FOR : A fascinating and fun thing to do. right in the middle of a great ci.. Read more »
Marko Jovic
I am not sure why is this an attraction at all. Interesting shape of houses and thats it. They made it an attraction and even charging for entrance.
Niroshan Pathberiya
It is interesting to observe the houses, but in my opinion, it is not really a surprise how the houses work. However the interior is nice. You are charged €3 for visiting a house. Some housea are private houses or offices that are not open for t.. Read more »
Anna Levitska
This place is one of my favorites: I have been there three times. It's really interesting to feel how is it: to live in a cube. Moreover, at the first floor you have a short FAQ with the answers to the most popular questions. How do people wash .. Read more »
Ra W
Nice place to take pictures. Can pay 2€ (3€ for normal) to see the inside of the cube (not a definitely to go in but cool to check out as well). Also a hostel as well!
I had the opportunity to visit Cube House in Rotterdam, and even though I didn't explore the interior, the exterior alone left a lasting impression with its remarkably unique architecture. I highly recommend taking the time to visit the area and.. Read more »
Nicholas Delkeskamp
Super cute place with the architecture!!! Would definitely recommend to visit when in Rotterdam. Get a coffee or some food down at the little cute old harbour or visit the one open example cube apartment to see how people actually live in those cube .. Read more »
Jamie Wojciechowski
What a fun experience to walk through the Cube House area and explore those interesting houses. The area is quite the tourist site, but also an open area to walk through the lower level of these Cube Homes are the soar high above. Very cool structu.. Read more »
Mateusz Wozniak
It’s rather a lifetime opportunity to see one from inside, to not be disappointed do not expect too much, as it’s not a museum. It seems the owner lives there, so the experience is more like visiting a friend’s house for the first t.. Read more »
Lis T. C.
Great learning experience, beautiful views of the city, a wonderful time when you are discovering a new city with the family. A wonderful concept to explore new ways to use small places as homes! Clean, very nice and the host is so nice that she offe.. Read more »
Nico Thurman
undoubtedly one of the most unique housing developments you will ever see, in the Netherlands and in the world. it’s free to wander around at your leisure, €3 to enter one of the houses and take a little tour. well worth the small price. g.. Read more »
richandjulie A
An iconic location in Rotterdam. One of those things you probably have to see, but only once! It's just 3 euros for adults to go inside one of the cubes (there is a lot of stair climbing and it can be quite crowded), but it's fascinating.. Read more »
Emanuele vito Sciacca (EV
Rotterdam is for me one of the most pleasant and surprising cities. i love taking pictures and this place is full of different points of view. the nearby square with the splendid shopping center is also worth visiting. and if you don't have a ca.. Read more »
16 Sofie
I liked it, didn’t stay so long, but once to go and see it is worth. But there is not much information can be found. But to look around is a must. If you are fancy, one of the house is been working as a hostel, check in booking. com.
Ralf Tschinke
Cube houses in Rotterdam attraction near the market hall - worth a visit! We have been in Rotterdam for a day trip and done the usual tourist sightseeing tour. The cube houses and the nearby market hall are next to each other. Inside the cube houses .. Read more »
Irwin Mier
Unique experience! The houses are cool to look at. Also a nice modern experience. The city as a whole is very walkable and modern, and these houses are a product of this modern aesthetic. It’s a great place to explore but I wouldn’t be w.. Read more »
Dr.Pragathi Amruthavalli
Went there as a tourist from Berlin, amazed by the architecture....blown away by sheer beauty n color... Very close to city central station Easily accessible by metro or daily pass No entry fees Very close to marketplace of Rotterdam Cons : Actually .. Read more »
Deovrat phal
Unique attraction of Holland. These cube houses in Rotterdam are probably some of the most famous buildings in the Netherlands. Advisable to book tickets in advance. Built back in the 1970s, bright yellow houses are attracting people from all over th.. Read more »
Really astonishing architecture! Definitely great photos taking location! I live near by it and it's always a great walk around the place to appreciate one of the iconic locations with amazing design in Rotterdam!
Anja Dunn
Very pleasant, and unusual place in Rotterdam. Around the unique building you can find an antique harbour, lots of restaurants to hang out and plenty places to shop, including the beautiful market hall. A perfect place to spend an afternoon.
Really amazing architecture! Definitely great photo op! Went there just to take pictures, but apparently I didn’t do enough research to know that you can actually go inside the one of them, so yeah don’t make my mistake.
Shra More
It's great fun and had wonderful time to see that cubic structure. You can look inside also. Infrastructure is so good and creative. There is restaurant inside,shops,chess museum. You can spend good time there when you are in Rotterdam.
Ishanka Hasaranga
The famous cube houses in Rotterdam. It's very unusual shape for a housing and it's very hard to believe how someone cab actually live in these spaces. There's one house which is now converted to a museum where you can learn so much ab.. Read more »
Garreth Koslowski
Never seen anything like these before. Intriguing architecture running over a street next to a quaint little harbor. One of my favourite things I've seen in Rotterdam to date!
S TheHamburger
I loved it! Was vey playful and nice to see! I was impressed of how big they actually are and it’s like a neighborhood not only 2-3 houses! We visited the “museum” which for 3€ you can see inside how a cube house is and it&rsqu.. Read more »
Julie Holm
Very cool architecture. We went inside for 3€ each. Took is less than 5 minutes to walk around the house and back out. It’s enough to just see it from the outside.
Tamer Bahamish
Interesting building style. What was surprising that those houses are used as personal accommodations. I thought that they are shops and restaurants. The concept of small houses is interesting. Moreover, the place is fun to have a walk by and take so.. Read more »
Patrick Hanna
Beautiful architecture. Centrally located, with some cafes and restaurants within / nearby. Worth the visit. Plan for about 30 minutes. In addition, it is possible to enter one of these houses for €3.
Nindya Kurnia
Beautiful. I can't describe it properly. It was a very nice museum with so many business inside like coffeeshop and all. So close to the harbour and it has a very unique architecture design. The color combination make it more alive and location .. Read more »
Jamie B
A very interesting form of domestic construction. I couldn't help but wonder how occupants' belongings didn't fall out into the street. There is a cube house open to the public, but they want three Euros to enter! Perhaps a recommendat.. Read more »
Marco van de Sande
Nice to see how these cubes are build and used. Outside looks small but on the inside you'll find lots of space. Entrance was 3euro and you can walk freely in the cube on all floors.
Eva Sáve
When was the last time you cleaned the house? The architecture is cool, but unfortunately it looks old, dirty and like nobody is taking care of it… quite a shame for its uniqueness.
hashley s
Its actually an architectural marvel, its so beautiful both on the inside and outside that its a very brilliant construction. Its 3€ for the tour inside one of the house (if you are claustrophobic or are afraid of steep heights not suggested) wh.. Read more »
Erdinç Taşel
Strange architecture. İt is good. There are hotels and souvenir shops inside. People live in there so after 18:00, you can go but be quiet.
George Papadopoulos
A must-see in Rotterdam! A jewel of the daring Architecture that this beautiful City boasts! There is a stay okay hotel and a museum where you can actually see one of the houses. Just down the stairs there are cafes on the water at the old port to.. Read more »