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Crypte de Nice

Nice, France
3.9 / 10
The Crypte de Nice is a fascinating historical site located in Paris, highly recommended by both teenagers and adults alike. It offers a unique adventure, surpassing even iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. To visit the Crypte, it is necessary to book tickets online, as tours are only available in French. However, the tour guide does make an effort to explain certain aspects in English. The size of the group is limited to 15 people, providing a more personalized experience. The meeting point is at the crypt elevator area in Square Toja, where someone will guide you down at the designated time. It is advised to arrive on time, but being early is not necessary. In terms of clothing, shorts and short sleeves were comfortable during a 45-minute visit in May, but pants and long-sleeved shirts are also suitable. It is important to note that high heels should be avoided due to the metal grate walkway. The main attraction of the Crypte de Nice lies in its historical significance rather than its physical ruins. The tour guide provides valuable insights and knowledge about the site, making it an interesting experience for those with a keen interest in history. It is important to have a basic understanding of French to fully appreciate the tour, although the guide does offer English summaries along the way. While the tour may not be as engaging for younger children, especially if they don't speak French, it is highly recommended for adults seeking a deeper understanding of medieval and ancient history. Overall, the Crypte de Nice offers an informative and enjoyable experience for those interested in delving into the rich historical past of Paris.
Address:1 Place Jacques Toja, Nice
Phone:+33 4 92 00 41 90



Our teenagers both agreed this was their favorite adventure in Paris - even better than summiting the Eiffel Tower and exploring the Louvre. Highly recommend.
Would've been better with no guide. Reviews said there'd be info in other languages but not the case. Crypt is cool but the hour long lecture was not required or welcome. Would've preferred no guide and to be allowed to leave once seen.. Read more »
Must book tickets online, tours are only in French which is not note when booking. At least the tour guide was trying to explaine some things in english.
To visit, you must book tickets (you can do so on their website). The group size is up to 15, but we only had 6 in our group. At your designated time, meet at the crypt elevator area in Square Toja. Close to the time, someone will come up the elevat.. Read more »
Interesting tour. There are layers from middle ages, back to 11 hundreds, and further back all there. The guide was very good, and seemed to know a lot. Tour is in french, but the guide kindly gave us an English summary at each step in the tour. N.. Read more »