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Contemporary Art Museum of Alicante

Alicante, Spain
4.5 / 60
A gallery with an impressive collection of true "mastodons" of contemporary art. There are works by Miro, Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky, Varaseli and Gonzalez. The museum is located in an old building of the 17th century. Its history began in 1978, when the local abstract artist E. Sempere donated his collection of paintings to the city. Works by Sempre himself occupy a separate floor of the museum.
Address:Plaza Santa María, 3, Alicante (Alacant)
Phone:+34 965 21 31 56



Magdolna Dora Toth
No tickets, it's free. With wide collections of contemporary art. Great experience in the old town.
Ethan Evans
Absolutely perfect experience. The museum is free and very quiet, so we roamed around the 4 floors of art without feeling under pressure. Beautiful pieces of artwork. The location is convenient: it’s next to the Basilica, and close to the Prome.. Read more »
Lauren P.
Free entry. Small museum that’s a bit sparse on two of the three floors. Still worth a stop by.
tornadoku tornadoku
Nice interesting museum. I especially liked the torn bag from McDonald's.Admission is free in the building 3 floors up. There are also exhibits on the ground floor, an auditorium and toilets on the -1 floor.
Jessica Wilson (sheaf_foo
Nice free gallery. Some nice hanging pieces, many questionable or uninteresting pieces. Wasn't overly impressed with content of gallery but I don't think we were pretentious enough for this place and got scowled at by the staff 😂 I'm s.. Read more »
David Peacock
A very interesting display of modern art in the Alicante old town. I'm no art expert but found it fascinating. A lot of exhibits over 4 floors, and free to enter. Well worth a visit.
Nicolai Nielsen
Nice building, but the art was not for me. Since it was free it was ok.
Christopher Ejsmont
Interesting exhibition, for more or less one hour visit.
First of all, it's free entrance. It has 4 levels you can visit. First floor (ground) has historical contemporary pieces explaining a bit about the evolution of art post-WWII era with abstractionism exampled by some exquisite pieces from the er.. Read more »
Hugh Odling-Smee
Visited this gallery whilst on holiday in Alicante, and it was a real revelation. Very interesting exhibition on the first floor exploring Spanish art pre and post WWII, some fascinating work on the second floor and then a specific floor dedicated to.. Read more »
Diversity of works, you will find movies, books, paintings, photos and much more. There's definitely a lot to see. The staff is kind, and depending on the day and hour, there are guided tours. I had fun ?
nikki mcd
Stunning art work in a hidden gem of a museum. Free of charge too.
Super nice exhibition, especially in the second and third floor. The museum is located in the heart of Alicante, so it’s really easy to find. Definitely something you should see.
Jere Ranta
Beautiful place with tasteful mind challenging pieces of modern art. Remember to also check out the changing exhibitions. With free admission, absolutely a no-brainer to visit here!
Laura Fitzgerald
Bruno Munari exhibition is great, gorgeous building. Highly recommend. If it was in Venice people would be queuing up!
Rupert Kaufmann
Great museum, impressive collection, well presented. Currently Bruno Munari exhibit - great artist I hadn't even heard about. Very cool. Open all day, free admission! Absolutely worth a visit!
E Mae
Very friendly nice staff, gorgeous clean place with some cool stuff! Amazingly it’s free too.
Barbara Biscardi
The collection is great and the space is perfect for it. It’s free to visitors and the floor monitors are very nice (There are some moving pieces that are best left to the staff to move for you). Front desk staff seemed very nice too. They coul.. Read more »
Alexandre P.
More modern than contemporary The setup really makes the art shines The variety and quantity of pieces is really worth the (free) visit I feel bad putting 4 stars but it is mainly sculptures and paintings, almost no videos or audios
The museum is free of charge. Some of the art works looked really interesting, but others were simply boring and pedestrian. The museum itself is quite small: I took around 30 minutes here.
Tanja van Loon
Free entrance and long opening hours. Helpful staff and lovely art to discover. You're not allowed to take photo's inside unfortunately
Yaryna Zheldak
A good place to learn about contemporary art of Alicante and Spain overall. The museum is free and has both temporary and permanent exhibitions. The first floor is dedicated to temporary exhibitions, while other three are full of art pieces by Spanis.. Read more »
Antony Pace
So much better than the modern art gallery in Barcelona (MACBA). Interesting and fun. Free entry and 5 minutes walk from the Old Town. Loved the Staring at the Sea piece.
Deedle Dee
Well worth a visit, this free to visit art gallery has some interesting exhibits and insights on the evolution of contemporary art in Spain and the world. We'll known Spanish artists like Miro feature alongside others. Good curation of the work.. Read more »
Rainer Failoni
Lovely modern art museum, with seriously good art. Free for EU citizens
Alistair Guy
Loved the space and design. The Sempere exhibition was wonderful but over attentive staff and no photography which is very strange for a public gallery!
Lily L
The best museum in Alicante, definitely recommend.