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Rome, Italy
4.7 / 137
The main arena of Ancient Rome, a theater for gladiatorial battles, the persecution of prisoners by wild animals and other equally bloody performances of the annual Games of the capital of the Empire. In honor of the opening of the Colosseum in 80 CE Great Games were organized, which lasted more than 3 months. The ancient stones of the Arena still remember the gladiators killed for the fun of the public and torn to pieces for the pleasure of slaves from the captured provinces.
Address:Piazza del Colosseo, 1, Roma
Phone:+39 06 3996 7700



There truly is nothing out there quite like this beautiful piece of engineering. It is amazing they were able to build something of this size at the time, and portion of it still standing like it does! This truly is something that has to be seen with.. Read more »
This was one of my highlights from the trip to Italy. I would go there again, if I am in Rome. Also recommend a guided tour, surely worth it. There’s so much history in this arena that you will only be in awe. We got the floor access pass. If .. Read more »
Just a fantastic building. Truly a wonder of the world. Was awestuck by the grandeur of the place. It was so huge. It was a great experience recalling the days when the gladiators fought in the arena. With 45k people roaring. Just a fantastic place. .. Read more »
What a masterpiece and an equally great work of preserving the historic details and the spirit of the place… a well read traveler would certainly see the arena come to life as you wander through the areas of this masterpiece. The library is a .. Read more »
A must see is essential at least on the exterior grounds. A tour guide is highly recommended unless you are well versed in Roman history and architecture. As it can be a little complicated to understand everything you are experiencing. If you plan o.. Read more »
Buy your tickets in advance! Better yet, book a guided tour. There is so much history here it is worth the extra cost to have a tour guide explain to you all the detailed history of this amazing landmark. Best to visit in the late evening when it is.. Read more »
Came here in July with a tour group. We wanted to to the underground but it sells out very quickly. We chose to do a group tour guide as we wanted to lean as much as we could. Plus there are so many companies that offer audio tours its really afforda.. Read more »
Worth a visit at night time and day time! Buy your tickets in advance using the skip the line option to save waiting. Incredible amount to see on the way around once inside. It’s absolutely amazing! The toilet facilities were not great for ladi.. Read more »
Be sure to book everything in advance otherwise almost impossible to get in. The Colosseum is a stunning testament to Rome's grand past. Its grandeur and well-preserved state transport you back to the era of gladiatorial contests. Despite the c.. Read more »
The pictures speak for themselves. Absolutely incredible historical landmark to visit. The interior is just as impressive as the exterior. I had a wonderful guide and I highly recommend going with a guided tour. There is a water fountain with good wa.. Read more »
The Colosseum is a mesmerizing sight, especially during sunset when the lanterns light up this iconic structure. I had the opportunity to stroll around and witness this captivating scene. The beauty of the Colosseum against the backdrop of the sunset.. Read more »
Underground tour was the best. Highly recommended, only with a tour guide. 3 hour tour included the hill and the forum. Wear comfortable walking shoes, hat, and bring water bottles that can be filled along the way many times for free. Must be booked .. Read more »
This is a world treasure. To see something so old, so well engineered with such a rich history up close and personal is a gift. Not free to go inside, though! You can buy tickets on site to enter and look around there are exhibits with explanation.. Read more »
We did the night tour 3 weeks ago & had Nico as our guide. Full of energy & information. For a great price! 50€ for two. Seeing the low level & upper level. Finding out so much & experiencing such an incredible tour. THANK you 🙏🏼.. Read more »
Amazing experience seeing all the history and artifacts over the years. Queue time to buy a ticket took an hour but we got immediate access with no time slot (15 euro approx). Ignore the tourist trap tour guides, they'll have you think it's.. Read more »
Visiting the Colosseum was one of the highlights of my visit to Italy. The private guide we had was so knowledgeable and made the tour the best possible. We purchased tickets in advance for the entire tour including under the arena. It’s mind b.. Read more »
Colosseum is that kind of building made by human hands that impresses at the first sight. It is amazing to see and those images will never leave my mind. Now, you gotta be ready. Place is unbelievably crowded and the richness of your experience will .. Read more »
The ultimate Roman masterpiece! Well preserved and well presented. Tickets must be booked in advance from official site. Google map location search too will direct you to official site. You can walk along the route mentioned, experience and exit. The.. Read more »
There are several ticket options. You can even buy tickets to get to the arena. The standard ticket allows you to the permanent exhibition on the second floor and first and second floors of the Coliseum. Which was honestly enough to see everything wo.. Read more »
Beautiful place to visit, if you care for historical architecture. We visited the place in Mid August when the temperature was really high. But it was still very enjoyable. The museum/display on the top floor was very informative. And it looks as if .. Read more »
Visited my first 7 wonders of the world with Crown Tours and it was a superb experience ?? Have always loved watching the Roman history shows and this was top of the list when we are planning our Europe trip - definitely worthwhile to get access to .. Read more »
It was much grander than I expected! One of the great marvels in history. I would recommend seeing it both at night and during the day. Looks much more magnificent at night. Must see when in Rome. Buy tickets ahead of time. Super hot so visit early .. Read more »
We went July 18 and the temperature was 39.8 degrees. I recommend coming early in the morning. Our tour was 3 hours long and started at 9:15am. I recommend starting earlier. The Coliseum was great, there are many great things to looks at. Such an.. Read more »
This landmark is the most beautiful and recognizable one in Rome, Italy. Please book you ticket and slot beforehand. very busy but well controlled by the staff. you can reach easily by taking metro. its a symbol of ancient rome. Useful audio guide. .. Read more »
Extremely cool. Took my breath away to just imagine the history of this place. I would recommend going as early as possible. It gets very warm in the afternoon. Also, I would go with a private tour guide as opposed to a large group. Our tour guide w.. Read more »
Beautiful place to visit, if you care for historical architecture. Unfortunately we didn’t get our tickets early enough to get the underground tour. But it was still very enjoyable. The museum/display on the top floor was very informative. And .. Read more »
Awesome place. It seems that you are inside a history book. There is a lot of information behind this monument that it really worth to book a guided tour as they will tell you the whole history behind it and also share details about the architecture,.. Read more »
Very beautiful place with a great history! Unfortunately it is not organized properly. There are many people outside the Colosseum pretending they are guides and help you get the tickets because you can buy them only online, but they are not employed.. Read more »
Obviously a must see when in Rome. In fact, it's hard to avoid. What is the best part of it? Let me rank it with the respective prices: 1. The outside: complete free. Clearly, the Colosseum is most beautiful and impressive when seen from the ou.. Read more »
Fantastic ancient history! I live on Maui, Hawaii, and got the chance to tour Europe with my daughter for 10 days in 2019. Being from a Navy family I had the good fortune to live in Spain for 3 years when my Dad was stationed in Rota in the 60s. I to.. Read more »
The Colosseum is extremely beautiful. Make sure to read some history behind it before your visit. I would recommend to take a guided tour. We were lucky to have an English speaking Italian guide, who was incredible. Also try to visit the Palatine hil.. Read more »
Amazing! Lines are long but worth the wait. This place will make you feel small. Highly recommend booking an experienced tour guide, preferably someone who is familiar with Bible based tours. The history of this place as well as the grandeur is prett.. Read more »
If you're going to go, plan ahead. Go early morning before the crowds or evening. We bought tickets ahead of time however, had to change to 1:45pm. The lines we long...maybe a 45 minutes wait to get in. I highly suggest you get the "skip.. Read more »
Nice place, very cool. The kids will have fun. The outer rings are a lot cooler when it's hot outside. I didn't get a tour, just purchased tickets online. I paid extra to go to the ground floor. Worth it. Awesome place.
This huge amphitheater, the largest of its kind ever built by the Roman Empire & the largest of Roman constructions to exist. It could be the inspiration or a model to build stadiums of our generation. A big wooden floor & two additional und.. Read more »
Such a Historic place. The monument is as colossal as the name and history around it. Its visible from far out. The place is to be seen for the history associated, architecture and the amazing views around the place than 'good looks of the place.. Read more »
This monument defying all ages is impressive Reminder of everything that is in our past and evolving civilization. It stands through centuries. I had good positive feeling about this incredible place. Visited 2019 and I hope I will be able to visit a.. Read more »
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Its an amazing historical place. Worth to visit if you are in Rome. If you want to enjoy this place,try to know the background of the place before you visit it. Beware of local guides, you can avoid them by directly going to ticket counters.Visit bot.. Read more »
An absolutely lovely experience. The inside of the Coliseum is now also a small museum. It is around a lot of other beautiful places to visit. I recommend to get the ticket that includes entrance to the coliseum + Palatine Hills. Definitely worth the.. Read more »
One of the most visited places in Rome.It is crowded,there is always a queue for tickets,but it goes quickly, because there is really nothing to look at for a long time ..Inside, you can walk around the perimeter of the building, see the ruins of the.. Read more »
Insanely atmospheric place. Being here, you immerse yourself in the era of gladiators, plebeians and patricians. Everything is organized at the highest level. The museum in the Coliseum is not bad enough. The possibility of choosing a guide (audio gu.. Read more »
Not crowded at all. Able to walk around calmly without too many people. Must go see. Not ideal ticket packages. You can go into the colosseum and pick the arena or underground not both. It also included tickets to the park which we didn’t use. .. Read more »
The Colosseum or Coliseum , also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre (Latin: Amphitheatrum Flavium; Italian: Anfiteatro Flavio or Colosseo, is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the ci.. Read more »
Colosseum, also called Flavian Amphitheatre, giant amphitheatre built in Rome under the Flavian emperors. Construction of the Colosseum was begun sometime between 70 and 72 CE during the reign of Vespasian.. Read more »
Colosseum is a very special place and definitely worth a visit. Make sure you buy tickets online, and notice that the offer different tickets depending on how big a part of the site you want to visit. Make sure you take the time to see all effects on.. Read more »
Unlike earlier Greek theatres that were built into hillsides, the Colosseum is an entirely free-standing structure. It derives its basic exterior and interior architecture from that of two Roman theatres back to back. It is elliptical in pl.. Read more »